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The Six-Word Memoir: An Exercise on Short, Powerful Stories

Have you heard of the Six-Word Memoir? Exactly what it sounds like, it’s six words that sum up your life, a phrase that was officially coined by Larry Smith in 2006 and has become a global phenomenon. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?  Smith, editor of SMITH magazine, asked his readers to describe their life in six words, and the idea stuck....

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Memoir vs Biography: Spotting the Genre Differences

Identifying the differences in memoir vs biography can feel nuanced. To be clear, it is. Both genres are about an individual’s life, but the focus you take depends on which you choose to write: biography vs memoir.  Neither is better or worse than the other. What matters is determining what you want to accomplish with your manuscript. Memoir...

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What Is A Memoir? Definition & Purpose Of This Genre

Answering the question, what is a memoir, can set you on an inspiring trajectory. Are you wondering how to write a book based on a true story? The characteristics of a memoir equip you to tell your story, encourage your readers, and share your legacy.  In fact, memoirs are a unique genre within nonfiction, and not just because they are about...

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Are Memoirs Nonfiction? Clearing Up The Confusion

Are memoirs nonfiction? This is a valid question, especially because memoirs are written about real events, but can include elements of fiction. Memoirs are stories, and stories are fiction, right? So what’s the difference between memoirs and nonfiction? This can be confusing, particularly when it comes to marketing.  These questions likely...

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75+ Memoir Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Book

Are you learning how to write a memoir and looking for some inspiration? Memoir writing prompts are a great writing aid and can be a creativity boost when you need it most. Not only can prompts open your mind to new memoir ideas you might not have considered otherwise, but you can even mix and match prompts for a unique twist. Today, we're...

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20 Memoir Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone has a unique story because no two lives are the same. Whether we’ve been an underdog, a crusader for just causes, or something altogether different, sharing our adventures and misadventures links us to others. It’s the human-to-human connection that makes writing a memoir worth the effort.  Memoir writing is a memory experiment that...

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40 Best Celebrity Memoirs That You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Ah, celebrities. We watch their lives play out in tabloids, on social media and between the pages of magazines. Yet despite the steady drip of content they provide, we often want to know more. What goes on behind the flashy façade of makeup artists, publicist-approved statements and more? The best celebrity memoirs are here to tell you. ...

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