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Learn from bestselling authors leading the industry in all things book related: writing, publishing, marketing, business growth, and more. Guests include Hal Elrod, Susie Moore, Robert Kiyosaki and many others. Learn what you need to succeed, right from our podcast!

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What People Are Saying About the Podcast

Super helpful to learn the basics of self-publishing

I have learned a lot from this podcast! I’ve even listened to some episodes twice and have started implementing and planning based on their suggestions. For example, I’ve started preparing nicer art gifts for networking & connecting, based on the author of Giftology whose episode I listened to multiple times. It was eye opening. I am still super early in my self publishing journey so my perspective is limited but I feel like I have gotten a lot of useful info to help me lay the foundation. I’ve taken sooooo many notes!

Pure gold!! Detailed behind-the-scenes launch strategies

Chandler is an industry expert who asks exactly the right questions to elicit specific tips and strategies from his guests. As I prepare to launch my third book, I’ve been happily bingeing his archives with two episodes every morning. Chandler curates interviews with entrepreneurial authors who are generous enough to share what works, what doesn’t, and what they would do differently in their next launch. I also love the nuanced, ongoing discussions about traditional publishing versus hybrid or self publishing. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned one, this show is a must-listen!

The best resource for self-publishing

This podcast, in my opinion, is the single best resource for learning how to self-publishing. I have to laugh at the review that complained that the podcast is nothing but an infomercial for Dawson's self-publishing courses. Yes, Dawsom promotes the courses on the podcast - but that is a tiny, tiny fraction of the show's airtime; the rest is stuffed with helpful interviews, tried-and-tested advice, and reviews of indispensible resources ... all for free. If you're interested in self-publishing, you'll learn a ton from listening to this podcast.

I’m addicted!

Seriously—I’m a SPS podcast junkie! Haha! I love listening to these podcasts (sometimes more than once) and learning from masters in the writing community. Becoming a member of SPS has given me the tools and confidence to write my first book, which is finally coming to fruition—woohoo!—and it will be published next week! Super EXCITED to listen to more podcasts, Chandler Bolt. You rock!!!! 😃⭐️
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Self-Publishing School Podcast

200+ Episodes of Industry Leading Expert Insights

The Self-Publishing School podcast was created in 2017 for one reason only: to bring you the best insights from industry experts when it comes to all things writing, marketing, and publishing books—for free. Listen to hundreds of hours of tips, tricks, and never-before-heard strategies from entrepreneurs, authors, and experts. Take and implement what you learn on your own books, business, or practice.


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