66 Creative Memoir Ideas to Beat Writer’s Block

Few things beat a gripping memoir that pulls in the reader and tells a fascinating story. However, it can be hard to come up with ideas for a memoir or to think about what to include. This guide will walk you through some memoir ideas so you can beat past writer's block and start to tell your stories. What Are The Main Parts of A Memoir? While a...

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Gratitude Journal For Writers

Writing is an art form that creatives enjoy participating in, but it can also be a career that sometimes becomes tiring. In moments when book deadlines loom, marketing plans feel overwhelming, or the book launch is coming up and there are so many details to prepare, a simple gratitude journal can be a great help to get your mind in the right...

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​​Bibliography Style Guide – No Headaches Included

Following the proper bibliography style guide for the specific book you write is a crucial aspect of your writing process. If you went to university, you might have been the student who loved finding sources and appropriately formatting their attributions to your work. However, if you were the student who wanted to focus on the content of your...

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How to Write a Memoir Outline: 7 Essential Steps

How do you write a memoir outline that not only results in a really captivating book about your life, but also saves you hundreds of hours?  You know that you have a story to tell, but you don’t know how to get started with writing it.  Hint: It starts with a memoir outline.  But what should you include in a memoir outline? How do...

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