How to Start a Book Business (2023 Guide)

Are you looking to make money from something you’re passionate about? For many of us, making a living related to books is truly the dream life.  Too many people have a disconnect between the things they care about most and how they make enough money to get by. When you stop and think about how much of our limited time in this world is spent...

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Best Self-Publishing Companies [2023 Update]

Know the best self-publishing companies of 2023 to stay ahead of the curve as an aspiring author. No two self-publishing companies are the same, so don't rely on trial and error when it comes to working with publishing companies as an author. In a world of scammy vanity companies eager to take an author's money, you have every reason to be...

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How Do Authors Get Paid? (Income Rates)

If you’re thinking of becoming an author you might be wondering how authors get paid.  While not everyone is primarily in the book-writing world to make money, the income is rarely unwelcome! But what kind of financial compensation is available to authors? What are the different forms it takes? And how do self-published writers get paid in...

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3 Proven Ways to Write a Book Faster

One of the key things holding many potential authors back from publishing a book is the worry that it will take a long time.  This fear is partly justified. The traditionally published world moves at a slow pace and this can be very frustrating for authors. However, self-publishing allows authors total freedom to work at the pace that is...

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How to Self-Publish a Top-Quality Book

One of the biggest hurdles for people new to the concept of self-publishing is a feeling that is somehow an inferior option to going the traditional route.  Part of this is down to prestige and status. It’s true that, for the time being, signing a major book deal is likely to go down better with your family and friends than opting for the...

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How to Make Money Self-Publishing (6 Proven Ways)

Some authors are happy to write and release books without giving much thought to financial return. These authors are happy just to engage in the creative pursuit of writing books for their own sake. Any money made is a happy side-effect. But what if you’re serious about generating revenue by self-publishing? It’s arguable the best ever time to...

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Why Writing Books Lets You Make a Powerful Impact

Writing books is not only enjoyable - it’s also one of the most impactful and meaningful ways you can spend your time. In fact, the entire reason exists is due to our core belief. We believe that books change lives.  In our view, books change lives not only for you as an author but for many others around you.  By...

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