Trade Reviews: Your Top 6 Options

If you self-publish a book without having a proactive plan in place to secure reviews around the time of its launch, you doom it to failure.  Book reviews, especially on digital bookstores, serve two important functions in your book’s initial performance. First, reviews act as a form of social proof that encourages people browsing a...

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How to Publish a Book: 14 Steps for Self-Publishers

Don’t know how to self-publish a book successfully? That’s a good problem to have! If you’re trying to figure out how to publish a book on your own, it means you’re a small part of the population that has actually written a book. That’s incredible! Related: How To Write A Book Now it’s time to take the next step in your writing career and learn...

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How to Write A Foreword for A Book

If you've been wondering how to write a foreword for a book, we have the exact guide you need. What is a book foreword? A book foreword introduces the reader to the author of the book and is written by someone other than the author or editor. This makes it different than a preface, which is written by the author as an introduction to the book. A...

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Amazon KDP: Your 7 Step Guide to Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon KDP has taken the publishing world by storm. For the first time in history, authors can self-publish a book with the click of the button - and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made the process more accessible than ever. In fact, it's pretty easy to publish your book on KDP, which is why it's caught on so rapidly, especially for those...

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I Wrote A Book! Now What?

Writing a book is a tremendous first step toward publication. It shows you have the perseverance necessary to carry a dream from the first stage to the final product. Writing a book shows you have something to say and believe in it enough to devote hours, weeks, and even months to share it.  But now that you’ve written a book, what’s next?...

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9 Essential Tips for KDP Authors

There are countless advantages to self publishing over traditional publishing, but being an indie author is hard work! Self publishing requires you to become an expert in every aspect of the publishing process, from writing to formatting to marketing. While tools like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing make self publishing accessible, they can feel...

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