Online Book Club – Pros & Cons Included

If you are a writer or have authored a book, you probably know the importance of book clubs, especially online ones. Clubs are a great place for avid readers to share their favorite titles, what they most love about them, and interact with others who are as deeply invested. In fact, some celebrities have gone so far as to create their own online...

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Supplemental Income for Writers: 8 Easy Ideas

If you're looking for supplemental income for writers, you've come to the right place. The truth is, there are a ton of ways to make money as a writer and as an author. But the road to get to a full-time living is not instantaneous. It takes work. If you want to make a living as a writer, you'll often need to start by making extra money outside...

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Trade Reviews: Your Top 6 Options

If you self-publish a book without having a proactive plan in place to secure reviews around the time of its launch, you doom it to failure.  Book reviews, especially on digital bookstores, serve two important functions in your book’s initial performance. First, reviews act as a form of social proof that encourages people browsing a...

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A Guide to the Best Author Conferences

If you're on the hunt for the best author conference, you've come to the right place. Attending events is a great idea for networking as an author, but finding the right one isn't always easy. While there are a lot of events for writers across the world, author-focused events can help you accelerate your career. This article will walk you through...

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6 of the Best Android Apps For Writers

If you're looking for the best Android apps for writers, we've hunted far and wide to find the best ones so you can capture your ideas on the go. As most writers know, you never know when inspiration is going to strike and you need to have something by your side to capture those ideas before they leave your mind. That's where writing apps can...

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How to Sell Your Novel: Learn Essential Steps Here

Writing a book is hard work. The crying, frustration, and stress of getting all those words down on paper (and it is fun!) but let’s be honest: Writing is work. Knowing how to sell your novel is even more work. But what about selling your book once it’s published? Marketing Your Novel This is—for every author—when the real work begins. You...

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The 5 Best Book Summary Websites to Quickly Boost Your Knowledge

There’s a lot of reasons you might need a book summary. Maybe you don’t have the time to get through the books on your “want to read” list. Maybe you need to write some book notes for an article you’re working on. Maybe you just want to figure out if you want to read a full book. Either way, it can be incredibly time-consuming to read through a...

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