Booktube: An Author’s Guide to Building a Booktube Channel

Remember the days when people would become worldwide internet sensations just through posting up some videos on YouTube? (We’re looking at you, Bieber.) YouTube is most definitely the place to find anything and it continues to rule the social scene – and the book world is no exception.  Booklovers and authors everywhere are using the power...

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A Guide to the Best Author Conferences

If you're on the hunt for the best author conference, you've come to the right place. Attending events is a great idea for networking as an author, but finding the right one isn't always easy. While there are a lot of events for writers across the world, author-focused events can help you accelerate your career. This article will walk you through...

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Run a Book Giveaway: 9 Steps to Boost Book Sales & More

Running a book giveaway is a great way to promote your book, build your author platform, and connect with readers. In the ever growing world of books and authors, it can be difficult to break out of the noise and be seen. Free stuff? That’s almost always seen. Not only can book giveaways be used to create excitement around your book, but they...

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Book Trailers In 6 Easy Steps: Complete Guide For Authors 

If you are close to launching your book or brainstorming ways to market it well, you may have come across the term book trailers. While trailers are commonly associated with the film industry, they are sometimes used for books as well. Book trailers are a great way to create hype and drop hints about what your book will be about. But what exactly...

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What Is Hybrid Publishing: 4 Great Ways To Assess This Option

It's crucial to understand all forms of publishing, including hybrid publishing. Why? Millions of new titles are published every year, millions of copies are sold, and new authors join the writing industry left and right. Researching the general forms writers can use to publish not only helps you decide which method is best for you, but also...

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How to Relaunch A Book: 5 Important Steps

Are you an author wondering how to relaunch a book? Worried if it's too late? Or if there's something you are forgetting to do before you launch it again? Don't worry, we have you covered. There are plenty of reasons that an author would want to take their book and republish it once again. Maybe you need to include some updated information. Maybe...

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Author Book Signings And Appearances: Our Top 7 Tips 

Author book signings are great events not just for the fans they draw in, but for the authors themselves. There’s nothing quite like standing in a line of people who are all excited about the same book, same characters, and same story.  At author book signings there’s a kind of magic in the air and it’s not just about buzz. While author book...

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How to Create an Author Network (Benefits & Tips)

Establishing an author network is one of the most beneficial things you can do as an author. However, if you’re like a lot of writers, the concept of proactively building a mutually supportive social group may feel unnatural at first. It might even be uncomfortable.  If you stop and think about it, the practice of author networking is about...

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