Sarah Rexford
Sarah Rexford is a Content Specialist and writer. She helps companies around the nation connect with their audiences through branding and copywriting. A communicator at heart, Sarah speaks on personal branding, mentors creatives, and through her website (, shares behind-the-scenes tips on the publishing industry, including interviews with successful creatives. Sarah is represented by the C.Y.L.E Young Agency.
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Awards For Authors – 5 Genres

Entering contests with the potential for gaining awards is a great way for authors to garner feedback. In fact, sometimes the best part of getting an award isn’t the award itself, but the feedback from the judges.There are many types of awards for authors out there,...

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Gratitude Journal For Writers

Writing is an art form that creatives enjoy participating in, but it can also be a career that sometimes becomes tiring. In moments when book deadlines loom, marketing plans feel overwhelming, or the book launch is coming up and there are so many details to prepare, a...

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Chirp Audiobooks Review

Listening to a great audiobook is a fantastic way to fill time on the way to work, as you head to your next meeting, or on your next road trip. Writers are readers, but sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day to read all the books we hope to. This is where...

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BookTok Guide for Authors

For some writers, BookTok is an extremely important part of their books’ success. According to a recent post by the New York Times, BookTok “has gone from being a novelty to becoming an anchor in the publishing industry and a dominant driver of fiction sales.” So, for...

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Low-Content Books: A New Breed

If you are a writer, chances are high that you’ve stared at your blinking cursor or a blank sheet of paper and wondered where to start. There are so many ways to begin a story and sometimes, the options seem to make the choice that much more complicated. Thankfully,...

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