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15 Best Book Writing Software Options in 2024

On the hunt for the top book writing software? Writing software can be hard to come by, especially since what might work best for someone else won't work best for you. So what software should you use? Some might argue that the medium is not the issue - they'll tell you not to worry about fancy writing software and just start writing. And while...

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How to Quickly Create & Publish Low-Content Books on Amazon

Low-content books are a wonderfully viable way to create a passive income stream—and you don't have to spend months writing them like you would with a novel. If you are a writer, chances are high that you’ve stared at your blinking cursor or a blank sheet of paper and wondered where to start. Thankfully, low-content books are a fast and easy...

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How to Write a Novel: 14 Steps to Become a Bestseller

Wondering how to write a novel?  Learning how to write a novel is a dream for many people. But only a handful of could-be-published-authors succeed in writing, publishing, and selling a book.The compulsion to write is powerful, and for most serious authors, they must get those stories out and into the hands of readers who need them. This is...

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The 10 Best Free Plagiarism Checkers in 2024

If you're looking for the best free plagiarism checker, you've come to the right place. At, we've helped hundreds of writers to successfully (and safely) launch their books on the market. And safety is key here, because even if you try to write an original work, NO ONE wants to run into legal issues. Part of the fun of writing...

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