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Punchy Books Accelerator Course Review – 2023 Guide

Living in the world today increasingly feels like one big competition. All around us we see various tv shows, podcasts and videos online talking about how to gain a competitive edge, maximize our potential and make the most of our abilities. On top of that, the cost of living seems to always be increasing, placing even more emphasis on...

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AuthorHouse Review – 2023 Pros and Cons

The world of publishing can be a minefield for aspiring writers when seeking to have their work published.  Whilst the widespread uptake of the internet and freedom of information as a result has of course been a net positive, it has resulted in an astonishing amount of options available which can be difficult for writers to wade through in...

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Atmosphere Press Review – 2023 Guide For Authors

The history of publishing models has evolved over time, adapting to technological advancements and changing market demands.  Traditional publishing involved authors submitting manuscripts to established publishing houses for consideration. Publishers handled editing, printing, distribution and marketing, while authors received royalties. The...

read more Review – The Right Option For Your Book?

What once would have only been possible in science fiction movies, is now becoming reality for humanity all around the world. Even things we now take for granted, such as cell phones, airplanes and television would have once seemed like magic to generations gone by. But in recent years, there has seemingly been a further acceleration of new...

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Does Writing Pay?: The Average Author Salary in 2023

If you are an author, or are considering becoming an author, your probably wondering about the average author salary. Is an author salary enough to get by in 2023? Do you need another gig? Are you getting paid enough for your work? How much do authors make anyway? Those are common questions (and good ones to ask if you're thinking about becoming...

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