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Scott Allan is a bestselling author who has a passion for teaching, building life skills, and inspiring others to take charge of their lives. Scott’s mission is to give people the strategies needed to design the life they want through choice.
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How to Write a Novel in 15 Simple Steps

Wondering how to write a novel?  Learning how to write a novel is a dream for many people. But only a handful of could-be-published-authors succeed in writing, publishing, and selling a book.The compulsion to write is powerful, and for most serious authors, they...

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Helium 10—Cerebro Review

The landscape for publishing books has changed significantly over the years. As we are moving closer to using AI in all of our business, They need to understand how I data-driven algorithm is really at the heart are being able to do good business. For this reason, We...

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The “Fussy Librarian” Review

The Rise of Book Promotions for Authors A book promotion side is a website service that allows you to promote your book at a discounted rate or for free when the book launches, Or, You just want to promote it for a weekend. Book promotion sites use email lists, Social...

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