Fictionary Review: Is This Writing Software Worth It?

Anyone who says you have to purchase writing software if you want to be a ‘real’ or ‘serious’ writer is lying. It’s perfectly legitimate and fine to draft in Google Docs or Microsoft Word or even a notebook if that’s what you have access to. That being said, writing software can be a huge help. Finding the right software can offload a lot of the...

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The “Fussy Librarian” Review

The Rise of Book Promotions for Authors A book promotion side is a website service that allows you to promote your book at a discounted rate or for free when the book launches, Or, You just want to promote it for a weekend. Book promotion sites use email lists, Social media, or press releases. Most of these sites charge a standard one-time fee to...

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Online Book Club – Pros & Cons Included

If you are a writer or have authored a book, you probably know the importance of book clubs, especially online ones. Clubs are a great place for avid readers to share their favorite titles, what they most love about them, and interact with others who are as deeply invested. In fact, some celebrities have gone so far as to create their own online...

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Best Mind Mapping Software for Authors (Top 11)

For many authors, mind mapping is an important step in the writing process. It is a convenient way to visually lay out your ideas and see the big picture—how everything connects. If you're old school, then mind mapping on paper will work great. However, there are also excellent digital options available. In this article, we've done the heavy...

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Chirp Audiobooks Review

Listening to a great audiobook is a fantastic way to fill time on the way to work, as you head to your next meeting, or on your next road trip. Writers are readers, but sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day to read all the books we hope to. This is where audiobooks are a great supplement to daily reading. Not only do they provide the...

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Scrivener Review: The Best Software for Writers?

Long before there was any great writing software, most authors found themselves writing on anything they could: Pads of paper, napkins, scraps of paper, or multiple Word docs that you'd later sort through and organize to see what you’ve really got. But these days, there are tons of writing software on the market. In this Scrivener review post, we...

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Wordtune Review (2023) – Examples Included

If you've been looking for a way to spice up your writing, you might have stumbled upon the tool Wordtune. In this Wordtune review, we'll show you some real examples of how it can improve your writing and what it can do for you. We'll also go over how much it costs, what devices it works with, and ultimately if it's worth using as a writing tool....

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Novel Factory Review: The Ultimate Software for Writers?

Read this before using Novel Factory If you’re writing a fiction novel, there are a lot of resources and tools at your disposal. You may have heard of Scrivener, the writing software that has helped thousands of writers complete their books and become bestselling published authors. But…as great as Scrivener is, there is another writing software...

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