Book Trailers In 6 Easy Steps: Complete Guide For Authors 

If you are close to launching your book or brainstorming ways to market it well, you may have come across the term book trailers. While trailers are commonly associated with the film industry, they are sometimes used for books as well. Book trailers are a great way to create hype and drop hints about what your book will be about. But what exactly...

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What Is Hybrid Publishing: 4 Great Ways To Assess This Option

It's crucial to understand all forms of publishing, including hybrid publishing. Why? Millions of new titles are published every year, millions of copies are sold, and new authors join the writing industry left and right. Researching the general forms writers can use to publish not only helps you decide which method is best for you, but also...

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How to Make A Hardcover Book Easily on Amazon

If you've finally finished the hard work of writing and editing your book, you might be wondering how to make a hardcover book. While ebooks are certainly on the rise, printed books are still the preferred format amongst readers. Printed books out-sell ebooks 4-to-1, which is why any author should consider making sure their books are available in...

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Book Cover Design Software – Your Best Options

Being an author involves a ton of decision making.  Self-published or traditional? If you’re self-published, you have to pick an editor. You’ll also have to decide on what company you use to print your book, when you’ll launch your book, and how your book will be distributed.  You’ll also have to decide on your own cover. Will you make...

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