Book Cover Design Software

Being an author involves a ton of decision making.  Self-published or traditional? If you’re self-published, you have to pick an editor. You’ll also have to decide on what company you use to print your book, when you’ll launch your book, and how your book will be distributed.  You’ll also have to decide on your own cover. Will you make...

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Premade Book Covers: Pros, Cons, and Where to Find Them

If you’re a self-published author, you’re probably already familiar with how hard it is to produce a book.  Traditionally published authors get free edits, cover designs, formatting, and printing, but self-published authors have to manage production by themselves. This isn’t as bad as it sounds—being able to do everything on your own means...

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Book Formatting Software: 9 Options to Get the Job Done

Have you ever opened a book and found the formatting to be awkward? Maybe the margins are inconsistent, so the block of text on the page looks like it’s been stamped at an angle. Maybe there are strange inconsistencies with spacing or font size. Maybe it’s in a font that’s hard to read.  These kinds of things will feel unprofessional and...

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How to Title a Book: Fiction & Nonfiction

If you polled every writer and asked them the worst part of writing a book, they’d almost universally say titling it. I’ve never heard a writer say they’re good at titles. Titling a book is hard! If you’re among the majority that struggle to title your stories, let’s talk about how to title a book. TABLE OF CONTENTS Do titles of books matter that...

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