The 20 Best Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors

Shannon Clark
June 21, 2024 | 10 mins

In book publishing, there’s no such thing as “build it and they will come” unless you already have a platform and an audience primed and ready to buy. For most authors, building a following takes time, and that’s why book marketing services are a critical part of the publishing process. 

The good news is that the self-publishing industry is growing, so there are a lot of companies available to help self-published authors at every stage of their books’ development, including book marketing services. 

You can be the best writer in the world, but if no one knows about you or your book, all you’ll hear are crickets, and who wants that?

Over 4 million books were published in 2022, and that’s not revenue. That’s 4.2 million individual books. So unless you just wanted to tick “write a book” off of your bucket list and be done, then publishing your book is just the beginning of your journey.

Below we’ll take a look at the book marketing services available to self-published authors and their benefits.

Why do authors need book marketing services?

Book Marketing Services - Woman Holding A &Quot;Buy Some Good Books!&Quot; Sign.

Can you skip book marketing services and just figure marketing out on your own? Well, that depends.

Just like everyone is not equipped to design their own book cover, not everyone has the knowledge, tools, and skill set to market a book effectively, especially in a crowded market.

This doesn’t mean that as an author, you shouldn’t do everything you can to get your books into the hands of your readers. It simply means that if you need help, it might be worth it to take a closer look at your options. 

Are book marketing services and PR the same? 

Book marketing services are not the same as public relations (PR) which can be confusing. Book marketing is what you do to get your book in front of your audience, which means that you control the narrative. PR is getting other people to talk about you and your book. The strategies are different, but the desired outcome is the same: more book sales.

What types of book marketing services are available? 

Here are some book marketing services that authors can use to get their books in front of readers.

1. Amazon digital marketing

As the largest book retailer in the world, Amazon marketplace provides authors with an opportunity to get seen by millions of visitors; however, it’s not enough to just get your book uploaded and into their inventory. Amazon is similar to any search engine. Without the right marketing in place, your book will not show up at the top of search results.

If you want your book to be seen, it’s imperative that you have at least a basic understanding of Amazon display ads. And you’ll want an ongoing strategy in place. 

2. Author bios

Author bios are succinct third-person descriptions that tell the world who you are, what you write about, and why—typically in 100 words or less.

Optimized bios are typically found on the back cover of your book, in the About the Author section inside of your book, or as part of your signature whether it’s a byline in an article or at the bottom of an email. This is not to be confused with the author bio on your website which tends to be longer, more personalized, and often in first-person. 

3. Author website

Author websites are critical to every author’s brand because they give a reader somewhere to go after they’ve read your masterpiece.

Social media is fine, but it’s like rental property. It doesn’t belong to you. When the property owner is ready to raise the rent and change the locks on the door, there’s nothing you can do. This is not unlike when a social media platform changes its algorithm and visitors suddenly don’t see your posts in their feed anymore.

Having an author website allows you to engage with readers on your terms, and when you add them to your personal email list, you can reach out to them at any time with the assurance that your email is landing in their inbox.

4. Book launch

A lot goes into book launches. From pre-planning and pre-sales to book discounts and launch strategies. There are many moving parts, and every platform does things a bit differently. Having someone who has experience with book launches and knows how to optimize them for maximum impact is someone you want to have in your corner. 

5. Book marketing planning/strategy

Whether you choose to market your book alone or with some help, starting with a marketing plan specifically designed for your book helps to keep you on track. When you have a marketing plan in place, you’re not running around aimlessly, burning extra energy, trying to figure out where you are, where your book is, and what comes next. 

6. Book reviews

What readers think about your book matters, and getting unbiased reviews goes a long way toward getting potential buyers interested in your book. 

7. Book tours and other events

As a self-publisher, do you know how to set up a launch party, book event, or tour? Hiring a professional who understands marketing, planning, coordinating, and logistics, can take some of the extra work and stress off of you.

8. Alpha, beta, and ARC reader services

ARC (advanced reader copy) readers are not always considered book marketing services because they come before the book is published; however, they are a critical part of every author’s marketing strategy.

Getting your book in the hands of readers before the book is published helps smooth out the rough edges of your book, but more importantly, provides early reviews that you can share on book retailer platforms to support your launch. 


9. Book club marketing

As with book promotion sites, getting your book in front of a lot of people is a great way to ramp up book sales. Book clubs offer books (usually at steep discounts) to readers in exchange for a monthly subscription; however, authors can benefit greatly from the exposure by using it to build their audience and encourage future sales.

10. Book fairs and conventions

Book Marketing Services - Book Convention With Books On A Table For Sale

Are you up on all of the book conferences, fairs, and book exhibits? If not, no worries, not many authors are because they are too busy writing their books; however, these events are great ways to get your book seen and into the hands of eager readers. 

11. Book teaser

Book teasers are short videos that get your audience ready for your book’s release. The 30-ish second snippet is designed to increase anticipation for your book, so having a professional one can have a positive impact on future sales.

12. Book trailer

As with book teasers, book trailers are one of the book marketing services that authors overlook, but this 30-90 seconds (some are longer) mini-movie opens up your book’s story and lets potential buyers get a glimpse of your book to get them excited.

13. Coaching

While book coaches are great for accountability and motivation, the right coach can also walk alongside you during your book’s presale, launch, and post-launch phases. These times can be hectic and stressful for authors, so having someone on your team who understands how the book publishing process works, can help to allay any fears and keep you on the right track. 

14. Courses

Savvy self-publishers often want to know the inner workings of the publishing process, and while outsourcing services is great, courses can help you learn how everything works so that you’re better equipped.

15. Content marketing

Book readers are loyal, and when they find an author they like, they want to engage with them and often become their biggest supporters. As an author, for your readers, the content you create outside of your book matters. Quality, strategically planned content can be the difference between alienating your tribe and endearing them.

16. Digital advertising

Advertising probably comes in a close second to promotion when you think about book marketing services. Advertising or outbound marketing is when you pay to have your messaging placed on online platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn or industry websites or retailers like Amazon.

Ads can be costly, so finding an experienced marketer who understands the nuances of advertising and how to get the best ROI (return on investment) is key.

17. Email marketing

As mentioned in #3 (Author website), having an email list of your own puts the control of your brand into your hands. Because readers sign up to receive emails from you and give you permission to send them, email marketing is a great way to engage with your audience. Unlike social media, with email marketing, the email list belongs to you. 

18. Metadata optimization

Metadata is the relevant information about your book to help people find your book online. Your book’s metadata gives search engines everything they need to point someone in your direction. This includes your author name, publisher information, ISBN, the book’s publication date, and your book’s description, which includes specific keywords that point searchers to your book.

19. Promotional material

Promotional materials are what most people envision when it comes to book marketing services. Press releases, products, bookmarks, business cards, flyers, reader’s guides, and more are all examples of promotional material you can use to get your book’s details into the hands of your readers. 

20. SEO – or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of those book marketing services that every author needs because it is critical to your book’s online success. The internet superhighway is packed with travelers, and if you don’t have enough SEO gas to get you to the front of the line on Google, then you’ll be stuck in No Man’s Land where no one can find you.

SEO is a necessary marketing strategy that is constantly changing, so it’s important to learn SEO yourself or find someone who understands how works so they can optimize your content and make it easier for readers to find you.

What book marketing services does offer? 

Glad you asked! has garnered a reputation for being the go-to resource for everything self-publishing. As we continue to grow and expand our offers, we are dedicated to creating a one-stop shop for all of your self-publishing needs. 

As you can see above, there are a lot of book marketing services to consider during your publishing process, and luckily for you, at, we offer all of them!

Some of our book marketing services include:

  • Author Advantage Accelerator program (AAA) – Our Author Advantage Accelerator program includes a writing coach who can help you stay on track during book development and beyond. If you’ve ever felt imposter syndrome or just needed an extra nudge, a book coach can give you the boost you need. 
  • Author Accelerator Elite program – Our Author Accelerator Elite program offers everything in our AAA program, with added marketing support and your first 100 Amazon book reviews guaranteed. It’s the perfect package for anyone who wants to publish their book with zero hassle.
  • Launch support – We have a detailed timeline and checklist for our authors to ensure a successful launch and as many reviews as possible! We’ll teach you how to set up a launch team to ensure a successful book launch. 
  • Book promotion website – When it comes to your book, you have to go where your readers hang out. Book promotion websites are a great way to get you in front of hundreds of thousands of interested buyers. With this feature, we’ll research and pay to have your book promoted on 10 book promotion websites. That’s over 300,000 or more potential viewers!
  • 90 days of social media – Not sure what to put on social media? Your assigned coach will help you develop the ideal strategy for your boo and then our team will create 30 posts during those 90 days so that you can take your hands off and finally inhale…and then exhale. 
  • Editing – Our courses come with multiple rounds of editing included, so you can ensure your manuscript is in perfect shape before production.
  • “From the Publisher” Amazon A+ Content – Amazon A+ content includes beautiful graphics, reviews, and book information displayed on your book’s product page. Our graphic design team will create engaging A+ Content for your book that stands out and gets noticed. 
  • Top 50 PR Hitlist for Launch – bundles its marketing services with a PR strategy that gets you the contact information for 50 PR opportunities along with templates to help you with your outreach. We target the people in your niche who we should reach out to with your press kit – and we help you make your press kit too!

Final thoughts on book marketing services

Self-publishing is a smart choice but a heavy undertaking. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are tons of companies available today that specialize in book marketing services for independent authors and self-publishers, so do your research. The best one for you will ensure that you don’t feel like just a number and that you are treated with dignity and respect. 

Authoring is hard work, so you want to align yourself with a company that gets it and does whatever it can to keep you informed by providing you with the tools you need to be successful. 

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