Amazon A+ Content Guide for Authors (With 4 Examples)

Jackie Pearce
August 16, 2022 | 6 mins

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If you’re a seller on Amazon, creating A+ content can help your book or product stand out. This Amazon A+ content guide will help you get the most out of your listing and give it the much-needed boost you need.

Once you’ve taken the time to write your book and publish it on Amazon, you want to make sure you can get as many eyeballs as possible on your books or other products.

Amazon A+ content essentially gives your listings different customization options. You can include more pictures, information, brand stories, videos, and more.

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This Amazon A+ content guide will help you understand why you need to create this content and how it can help you sell more books.

What is Amazon A+ content?

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your sales and rankings on Amazon, creating A+ content is a great way to go about it.

According to Amazon, what A+ content is and can offer is: “A+ content offers brand owners a way to engage with customers to showcase the detail page with supplemental marketing content on their branded ASINs.”

Essentially, it gives you more options when it comes to showing off your products. Which, for authors, is often your book.

When you give potential readers more information or can have your book rank higher in search results, as you can imagine that could do wonders for your book sales.

You might even choose to sell merchandise or other goodies that go along with your books and having A+ content can give them a boost as well.

By using Amazon’s A+ content, you’re also able to insert brand story content, which allows you to share the history of your authoring, your book’s values, and the various other stories you sell as well.

Any product you see on Amazon with extra pictures in the description, author information, brand information, or anything else outside the usual bullet points is often A+ content.

Why should you use Amazon A+ content?

By adding A+ content to your pages, you can increase engagement and overall sales.

By showing your book and all of its features, you can also help people understand exactly what they’re ordering, which can help decrease the number of potential negative reviews.

As you can imagine, being able to include more descriptions and marketing materials about it also increases the chance of them buying.

Lots of people prefer to see things visually and this type of content helps them do that.

Following the Amazon A+ content guide and implementing all of Amazon’s suggestions can help increase discoverability so people can find your offerings.

On top of that, Amazon will directly recommend including more A+ content on products that are receiving high traffic. That way, you can add or improve some of your content already there to take advantage of the eyeballs on your pages.

Inside your product descriptions, you can also include things such as keywords for your images and tags, so people hunting for topics related to your books give you a better chance of appearing first.

Increase your search rankings

Not only does Amazon A+ content increase your search rankings on their site, Google also indexes A+ content as well.

Having Google able to index your products means there is a whole new way for people to find your books. People can now find your products by searching on Google, not just Amazon.

You’ll want to spend the time to make sure you’re using the right keywords for your book or products to show up in front of the right people.

You can start by listing out the genre your book falls into, what kind of related things people would search and find your book, and what themes your book covers.

For example, Harry Potter would want to include keywords such as wizards, fantasy, adventure, coming of age, British school story, thriller, and so on.

What can you include with A+ content?

There are quite a few things you can include with your A+ content, but there are two main things you can now include which is the brand story and enhanced product descriptions.

Brand story

Brand story allows you to upload 1 module that includes 19 pre-formatted cards (in a carousel experience) so you can tell your story.

This allows potential readers to get to know more about you and the types of stories you write, which can hook them as someone who might want to read your work.

Enhanced product descriptions

If you’ve seen most Amazon descriptions, they mostly only allow bullet points and the main images.

A+ content allows you to customize and improve the layout. You can include custom paragraphs, charts, different feature lists, comparison charts, custom headers, and more.

This gives you a lot of customization options so you can make a better impression.

How to qualify for A+ content

To qualify for Amazon A+ content you must be:

  • A professional seller
  • Registered as the brand owner of that ASIN
  • An emerging brand owner who has already been approved for certain selling programs (examples include Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives)

Once you qualify, you can either choose to upload your own images or have Amazon help build the page for you.

Keep in mind, Amazon only offers their built-for-you program to select vendors and it isn’t guaranteed to be an option.

However, it’s a grey area whether you own the rights to the things that Amazon creates whereas you own the copyright to the ones that you create.

If owning the rights to your images is important to you, you might want to choose to make it yourself.

Examples of Amazon A+ content

Before you create any A+ content, you should read through the Amazon A+ content guide.

That will give you a much better idea of what you should and should not include. You don’t want to get your brand in trouble by ignoring or violating the guidelines.

Example 1: Pawprints on Our Hearts by Kerk Murray

Amazon A+ Content: Pawprints On Our Hearts By Kerk Murray

Pawprints on Our Hearts by Kerk Murray is a great example of what Amazon A+ content looks like.

When you’re scrolling along the Amazon page, it can give you so much context into who an author is and what the story is about.

It also allows you to insert things such as editorial reviews and videos so you can showcase what others have said about your work.

You can see the full page in its entirety: here.

Example 2: On The John Devotional by Omer Redden

Amazon A+ Content: On The John Devotional By Omer Redden

As you can see on the Amazon home page of Omer Redden’s book, On the John: A Devotional for Dads (the above image), there is so much more added to the product description.

You’re able to see what other people think about Omer’s work and also who he is as an author.

That way, you get a much better idea of who is he, his perspective, and what his books might include.

You don’t have to put anything about yourself in particular, but if you think it would help build a connection with your readers, that might be helpful to include.

Example 3: Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell

Amazon A+ Content: Everything Is Spiritual By Rob Bell

In all three of these examples, you can see that the A+ Amazon Content should match the color scheme and design of the book cover.

In Rob’s example, you can see that he uses a couple of big-name testimonials, as well as a one-sentence author bio to establish authority and a one-sentence tagline to tell you what the book is about.

Example 4: Published by Chandler Bolt

Amazon A+ Content: Published By Chandler Bolt

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Other things to know about Amazon A+ content

If you choose to upgrade your content even more, you can upgrade to Amazon A+ Content.

It’s only exclusive to certain brands, so focus first on improving your A+ content before you get an offer for the next level up.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Go make your Amazon A+ Content and get your book in more people’s hands.

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