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Self-Publishing School Review: A Report at Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School

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If you’re looking for a Self-Publishing School review, it’s probably because you’re an aspiring author looking for a self-publishing course on how to write and publish a book.

As you research how to write a book, you’ll come across several self-publishing companies. And more than likely, one of them will be Self-Publishing School.

A quick Google search that includes the term “self-publishing” will likely land you on one of the company’s resources, whether it be a blog article, a YouTube video, or an advertisement.

Or even other reviews of Self-Publishing School!

So, let’s take an honest look at this self-publishing education company.

A note about this self-publishing company review…

We’ll review other self-publishing companies in a different article. For this particular post, we’ve only got our eye on Self-Publishing School, simply because wanted to provide a detailed report on each course offering.

A Note To Our Readers:

We want you to make informed decisions when it comes to how and where to invest your money. That’s why our mission is to help educate authors on the various self-publishing companies and services that are on the market today.

Our reviews are meant to be unbiased, 3rd party reviews. In full transparency, we are part of the Self-Publishing School family, an online education company for authors and entrepreneurs looking to write and publish a book.

First off, it’s important to understand that this isn’t an in-depth review of one specific Self-Publishing School course.

What are Self-Publishing School’s product and course offerings? There are a few! And we’ll cover each one in this article.

If you didn’t know already, the company has a variety of author education programs, all geared towards authors, including:

  1. BAB Self-Publishing – Where nonfiction-specific authors can write, market, and publish their books within 90 days, all with 1-on-1 coaching from expert bestselling authors.
  2. Fundamentals of Fiction – Aspiring fiction authors will learn the ropes of fiction writing and publish their first fiction book with 1-on-1 coaching from a bestselling fiction author.
  3. Sell More Books – Authors who have already published a book will learn how to market their books and maintain consistent, 4-figure sales months.
  4. Course Building for Authors – Authors who wish to advance their book into a business will learn how to make courses and what it takes to sell them using the same exact methods Self-Publishing School uses itself.
  5. PR & Speaking for Authors – Authors who have published a book and are ready to take their book promotion and business to the next level will benefit from this program, which teaches you how to land more publicity and speaking opportunities as an author.
  6. Author Advantage Live – A writer’s conference specifically for self-published and independent authors where you will learn, strategize, and network to build a book business.

With that said, this is a collective review of Self-Publishing School’s online courses, so that you can decide which program might be right for you.

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Is Self-Publishing School legit?

Yes – Self-Publishing School is a credible online self-publishing company that offers comprehensive courses for authors.

Self-Publishing School is an online education company geared toward aspiring authors, and those that are already self-published. The courses are built up around Amazon self-publishing.

If you’ve decided to go with self-publishing versus traditional publishing but aren’t sure where to start, Self-Publishing School is worth checking out.

The team’s mission is to help you bring life to the book you’ve always wanted to write.

And to help you start doing the work needed to share your book with the world.

Self-Publishing School takes an interesting angle with their inclusive approach. Their message is that you don’t need to be the world’s best writer to publish a bestseller.

In fact, the company’s CEO, Chandler Bolt, makes it clear that he hated writing. Yet today, he’s a six-time bestselling self-published author.

In a booming self-publishing industry, Self-Publishing School was listed as one of INC 5000’s fastest growing private companies in America.

Small but mighty, Self-Publishing School may be on track to dominate the industry amidst other self-publishing companies.

Here’s a peek at the company’s “About Us” page:

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How is Self-Publishing School different from other self-publishing companies?

When considering self-publishing companies and which program to take, it’s important to understand the different types of business out there.

You can scour the internet to find a list of the best self-publishing programs in the industry, but chances are, each will serve a different purpose.

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion, we’ll explain the difference between the various company types on the market today.

These are the main types of self-publishing companies:

  • Self-publishing platforms: This is where self-published authors actually upload their book to. Think Amazon self-publishing (KDP) and Apple’s iBooks.
  • Self-published author services: These are self-publishing services that provide authors with the services needed to publish a book. Think of it like a one-stop shop for book editing, designing, and illustration services.
  • Self-publishing education: These are companies that teach authors the skill of how to self-publish a book successfully. Self-Publishing School falls under this category.
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Who is Self-Publishing School for?

If you want to learn a tried-and-true method of how to write and publish a bestselling book with Amazon self-publishing, then Self-Publishing School might be right for you.

If you have the drive to do-it-yourself, but want a bit of handholding and mentorship, then you can definitely benefit from one of their courses.

Types of people that can use Self-Publishing School programs are:

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to uplevel their business and gain new leads
  • Writers who want to publish multiple books and build passive income
  • Authors who want to create a sustainable business
  • Anyone who wants to share their story

Self-Publishing School Review: The Programs

As mentioned above, Self-Publishing School offers a variety of programs geared toward helping authors expand their personal book businesses. Let’s dive in a little deeper into each of the Self-Publishing School programs.

Become a Bestseller Online Course

Hailed as the company’s flagship program, VIP 2.0, guides you through the entire self-publishing process. It includes step-by-step tutorials and personalized coaching sessions.

This self-paced course is most similar to other online programs from other self-publishing companies on the market today in the sense that it is an introductory course for beginners new to the self-publishing scene.

With its three phases (Writing, Book Production, and Marketing and Publishing), it’s a comprehensive program that covers the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing a book. And it’s geared towards non-fiction writers who want to do it in as little as 90 days.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to write a book, and how to publish an eBook and physical book on Amazon.

The Self-Publishing School coaches, regarded as industry experts and authors, help support you with individualized, private sessions throughout the duration of students’ publishing processes.

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An additional perk included is access to the company’s private Facebook group community, where you can connect with a robust self-published author community. There are also weekly live sessions, and members lean on each other for support and encouragement.

This VIP course recently received a facelift, so it’s been updated with new content and features.

For example, depending on which program you enroll in, a goodie box will arrive on your doorstep shortly after. This includes a physical workbook full of guided exercises, which really sets the company apart in this Self-Publishing School review.

If you want to write a nonfiction book, this comprehensive starter course might be valuable to you.

self-publishing school box

Fundamentals of Fiction Course

Like VIP 2.0, Fundamentals of Fiction is an online introductory course that will guide you through the self-publishing process from start to finish.

However, this course is particularly for aspiring fiction authors.

This self-paced course includes components that make it suitable for novel writing, as opposed to non-fiction writing. Tutorials on storytelling fundamentals, and development can be found in this course.

If you need fiction development lessons, such as writing the setting of a story, and using figurative language, then this might be the course for you.

Many other self-publishing companies have introductory courses that teach you how to write and publish a book, but it’s important to take a course that’s geared towards your book’s genre.

This ensures that you’re going to get the most out of the course, because the content is more aligned to your individual needs.

Like VIP 2.0, this course also includes personalized coaching sessions, and access to the Mastermind Community along with a private Facebook group for only the fiction authors.

If you want to write a fiction novel or a children’s book, this course may be especially beneficial for you.

Sell More Books Course

Think of this program as a graduate-level course; it’s the next level up from the starter programs.

The Sell More Books course is designed to help you do exactly that – sell more books. It’s for authors who already have a book, and are ready to dive in deep to their book marketing strategy.

The instructional materials and training videos cover book launches, email marketing, building an author brand, and advanced marketing strategies.

Also recently updated, the content is up-to-date and will be continuously expanding. It also includes a physical “playbook”, which is a planning and strategy guide that walks you through the course.

Just like the other two courses, this one is also self-paced and includes one-on-one coaching sessions.

If you’ve published your book and want to grow your business and increase your passive income, then this program might be for you.

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Course Building for Authors

The newest course available from Self-Publishing School, Course Building for Authors is also considered a graduate-level program.

Contrary to its name, it’s not just for authors, but also for entrepreneurs, influencers, and industry experts looking to create and sell their own online course.

Online courses are all the rage right now, and there are a ton of “how to create a course” courses out there. But this program is unique for a couple reasons.

First, building a course is a huge opportunity for authors looking to build a sustainable online business.

Second, you’re learning from one of the few self-publishing companies that has actually built its entire foundation on the premise of online courses. So, it’s safe to say that the Self-Publishing School strategies have been successful thus far.

Included in this course is a physical workbook that you can use to follow along with the online videos, complete with exercises and bite-sized information on each section.

If you’re looking to grow your business and have the passion to share your knowledge with others, then this program might be for you!

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Children’s Book School Program

This new Self-Publishing School program is specifically for aspiring children’s book authors.

It includes the online course, 1-1 expert coaching with a bestselling children’s book author, and a mastermind community.

If you want to learn the entire process on how to write, publish and launch an award-winning book for children, this program might be for you.

PR & Speaking for Authors Program

A more hands-on, advanced course for authors looking to grow their platform, master public relations and land speaking gigs.

This program includes a course, 1-1 coaching, and complete guidance on how to land more speaking gigs and interviews.

Full-Time Fiction Marketing Program

The newest course from Self-Publishing School, this program is specifically for the published fiction authors who want to create and implement an advanced marketing plan to generate a full-time income.

It includes the online course, 1-1 coaching with an expert fiction author, and complete guidance on building out your marketing plan.

How much does Self-Publishing School cost?

You can go to the Self-Publishing School website here to view pricing, as they may vary for their range of programs. These costs include the complete self-publishing course, group coaching, individual coaching, mastermind community membership, and any supplemental materials, including live group workshops.

Since there are a few different course offerings, the price varies depending on which product you are interested in.

You’ll want to consider the course you purchase along with the package you choose to determine the cost of Self-Publishing School.

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Self-Publishing School Reviews: The Good

There are a few reasons why Self-Publishing School has a leg up in the self-publishing education industry, such as:

1). Comprehensive, without information overload

There is a ton to know about the self-publishing industry, and it’s rapidly changing.

The starter courses are great at giving you the nuts and bolts with actionable steps.

Sure, one could argue that you can learn all there is to know with tons of research and trial-and-error, but all that takes time and effort.

If you don’t have the time to waste on that, these courses are a great start.

2). Designed to achieve a specific result

Each course is developed to help you reach a certain goal. Other self-publishing companies offer “one size fits all” programs, which doesn’t always get you the results you need.

Whether you’re wanting to write and publish a book in 90 days, grow your book revenue, or create your own course – each program delivers a different result.

Which means you can really hone in on what results you want to get out of the course.

3). Continuous improvement

Content is frequently updated, old courses are being redesigned, and new courses and products are sure to come down the pipeline.

This is exciting because even if you don’t find anything you’re looking for with their current course offerings, keep an eye out because Self-Publishing School will likely be rolling out new products in the future.

4). Extra perks

What truly makes Self-Publishing School stand out from competing self-publishing companies is the additional resources. The extra perks that come along with the programs, such as the workbooks and community access, are extremely valuable resources.

With so many online courses on the market today, Self-Publishing School is one of the few that actually mails you a box of goodies when you enroll in eligible courses.

5). Personalized, one-on-one coaching with a self-publishing expert

With the “online course” phase booming right now, self-paced courses oversaturate the market. While it’s convenient to be able to take them at your own speed, this isn’t always effective.

Too many people pull the trigger on self-paced courses, only to never actually finish the course.

Many of us need someone to hold us accountable, and some of us just need that extra push or hand-holding.

With Self-Publishing School’s coaching system, you get the extra support and guidance needed to successfully work through the process, which isn’t provided by other self-publishing companies.

6). Active, hands-on team

The team is super passionate about what they do, and are active in the Mastermind Community. As a result, they listen to feedback and continuously work to improve the company.

Whether you need guidance in the program, have a question, or a technical support issue, there will be someone ready to assist you.

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Self-Publishing School Reviews: Room for Growth

No program out there is perfect and Self-Publishing School is no exception. While their results are outstanding, we found a few areas for improvement in our Self-Publishing School review.

1). Price

The price is high compared to other self-publishing companies. But keep in mind that the other self-publishing companies are likely not including the coaching sessions, extra benefits, or additional support that come with Self-Publishing School.

The prices are not listed on the site itself, so if you’re considering Self-Publishing School, book a call to discuss all the details. Which leads us to our other point…

2). You have to apply first

Unlike other self-publishing companies where you can enter your payment information and instantly get access, Self-Publishing School has a “vetting” process, so to speak.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be inconvenient for students that are ready to pull the trigger, which is why it’s worth nothing in this Self-Publishing School review.

First, you’ll have to schedule a phone call with one of their publishing strategists to discuss whether it’s a “mutually beneficial” idea to have you take their course.

While this can be off-putting for some, the call can be helpful for you even if you decide not to join the program.

And the company is always adding new features, so maybe there will be a digital application option in the future.

3). Focused on Amazon KDP publishing platform

For the courses on self-publishing, the material centers on the Amazon publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

It makes sense, since Amazon dominates the self-publishing market today. Many self-publishing companies also focus on Amazon self-publishing, so it can be an industry standard.

But for some people who want to focus on other platforms, you’ll likely have to do some extra research.

4). No “Done-For-You” packages

Since Self-Publishing School is an online education company, they actually aren’t like some self-publishing companies on the market that provide actual author services.

If you’re looking for a one stop shop to have your book self-published, edited and designed, then Self-Publishing School isn’t for you.

5). Video quality

The bulk of the course content is in video format, which is standard for online courses on popular platforms like Teachable.

But some of the Self-Publishing School videos can be a bit lengthy. Many of the videos follow a screen-share format, where the speaker is talking to you directly, so at times it’s not the most engaging.

Some videos also don’t seem to be scripted, so it can be similar to a casual conversation, which means the speaker may get sidetracked.

If you are a visual learner, and process information more through reading, this might be inconvenient for you. But, many of the videos include transcripts so that you can read along if needed. You can also increase the video speed to skim over parts quickly.

6). Lacks writing development support

Writing is hard! If you’re a writer at heart, you know the struggle with writing.

Actually writing a book and getting the words onto paper is more than half the battle for the author’s journey.

While Self-Publishing School courses can help you simplify the ideation and writing process, they don’t currently have a writing development course. There are sections within the programs to help you with certain aspects of writing, but it isn’t too comprehensive.

#7 – Reputation Management

Admittedly, one of the major areas of improvement for Self-Publishing School is in the company’s brand management.

There are several poor reviews on the company on various sites, including BBC.

However, it’s important to note that many of these reviews are from the same individuals, who seem to be angry from their experience with SPS and are very motivated to write negative reviews.

If you’re considering working with Self-Publishing School but are a little hesitant due to the reviews, I recommend you continue during research on the company from outside sources, pay attention to who is writing the review (if it’s the same person you are seeing on different platforms), and go straight to the source.

Book a free call with the Self-Publishing School team as part of your research, voice your concerns with the team, and determine your own opinion based on your experience and research.

Our Final Thoughts for This Self-Publishing Review

Now that you have a more detailed birds-eye-view with this Self Publishing School review, we hope that you have more clarity on what the company offers, and which course might be right for you.

Even though we laid out some of the pros and cons to the company, it’s important to consider your own needs and preferences.

For some people, some of the negative things mentioned in this article, aren’t necessarily a bad thing. So it really boils down to your own individual needs, and what you’re looking for.

If you are leaning towards joining Self-Publishing School, the next step is to schedule a call with one of their publishing strategists.

It’s cost- and risk-free, so you’ll be able to see if it’s a program worth joining.

And remember, before working with any self-publishing companies, do a bit of research before deciding.

Writing a book is life changing, and becoming an author is a choice you have the power to decide on.

Guide yourself in the right direction, invest in yourself when you’re ready, and put in the required work.

With that formula, you’ll be well on your way to being a self-published author in no time!

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P.J McNulty