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Self-Publishing Services Comparison

Your hunt for the best self-publishing services has probably left you overwhelmed…

The state of self-publishing has resulted in a surge of companies, products and services created specifically for self-published authors.

That means there is no shortage of services to help you manage, outsource, and oversee all of the moving parts on your self-publishing journey.

That also means it can be difficult to know which service you actually need, and which company will deliver the best results.

In an effort to keep authors informed on industry news and advancements, our mission is to scout out new and existing self-publishing services and review them.

In the table above, you’ll find a list of self-publishing services that we have researched and reviewed, to lighten your load and help you choose what to invest in with clarity.

What are self-publishing services?

Self-publishing services include companies, tools, and technology specifically to help authors self-publish a book.

In our comparison chart, we have identified the main types of services, organized by company and what the service or product is.

You can click on the “Full Review” link to learn more about a company. If the review link is not yet available for a particular company, that just means we’re working hard to get that review ready to publish and will update the table as soon as we can.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of self-publishing services included in our comparison chart:

  • Education. This includes self-publishing courses and educational programs that teach you how to self-publish on your own, which is usually the most effective way for authors to save money, create a quality book, and build their author business while retaining full royalties and book rights.
  • Done-For-You. A Done-For-You self-publishing service is a company that offers author services. However, be careful with this type of service because many are categorized as vanity presses, and we do not recommend these to self-published authors. Done-For-You services can be convenient, but will typically cost you more. There are some reputable companies that offer this type of service, but be sure to do your research before investing as there are many that overcharge and underdeliver.
  • Platform. A self-publishing platform is a company that allows you to upload your actual book for distribution.
  • Editing & Design. This type of service is known as author services in the self-publishing industry. It includes services such as manuscript editing, cover design, book illustration, and formatting. Every self-published author needs professional author services to publish a quality book, so investing in this type of company is a must-have.
  • Platform & Printing. This service is from companies that serve as a platform for eBook distribution, but also have book printing services. For example, Amazon’s KDP would fall under this category because it allows authors to distribute their eBook on the platform, and prints and fulfills physical book orders.
  • Marketing & Promotion. Self-publishing companies that are mainly book promotion sites will fall under this category.
  • Tools. Some of the tools listed in this category are strictly designed for self-publishing, but we also include other general tools that authors may find useful.

What are the best self-publishing services?

The best self-publishing services are those that deliver value and quality to self-published authors. However, this is subjective since every author has individual needs.

Our job is to research the company itself, check out other reviews online and from real author communities, and report on our findings.

While we try to rate the best and worst self-publishing services from the lens of the common self-publishing author, it’s important to remember that what may be the best company for one author, may not be the best option for you.

You should always have a clear idea and vision for what type of services you need, and the quality or style in which you need it, to ensure you are investing in a company that will deliver the right results.

We cover more on the best self-publishing companies here.

Rating Self-Publishing Services

While our ratings are based on research, interviews, and industry news, the ratings and reviews listed are opinions based on the information we found at the time of writing.

Our rating system is on a scale of one to five, and can be broken down as follows:

  • 1-Star Rating. Services that have consistently been rated poorly by other authors and organizations, that receive numerous complaints from various sources, and that grossly overcharge for their services and underdeliver on the quality of services rendered.
  • 2-Star Rating. Services that have a mostly poor quality rating and/or brand reputation.
  • 3-Star Rating. Services that seem to provide reasonable services, but are not the best option in terms of quality and cost for the average self-published author. This can also include services that have a mixed rating of positive and negative reviews.
  • 4-Star Rating. Services that have a majority of positive reviews from outside sources, and deliver quality service. These are companies that render services ethically and professionally, both in terms of customer service, pricing, and value.
  • 5-Star Rating. Services that consistently have positive reviews, are known for their exceptional and excellent services and value, and have relatively no visible negative reviews.

If you believe there is an error in the information we presented, authorized representatives of the companies can contact us with additional information for us to consider.

Readers are also encouraged to share their experiences (both positive and negative) via comments on the individual review articles.

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