Best Books On Writing: 18 Writing Books to Help You Improve Your Craft

On the hunt for the best books on writing? Start by adding these books to your “To Be Read” list. Reading these writing books could very well change how you approach your craft altogether.  It is Stephen King, the international bestselling champion of 65 (and counting) novels, that said: “Good writers read.” Related: Writing Quotes […]

Amazon Author Central: Optimize Your Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Central is a powerful platform for authors, especially if you are self-publishing… Want to gain more visibility and increase your readership? Optimizing your Amazon Author page can help with this immensely. But before you rush ahead to get your book launched and marketed, it’s important that you take time to set up your […]

How to Copyright a Book Quickly [FREE Copyright Template]

Researching how to copyright a book is a smart move as a modern author, and one that you shouldn’t shy away from even though it sounds legally complex. The issue of book copyright is a concern you should not only be thinking about as a self-published author, but also be taking action to prevent. No […]

How to Publish an eBook: Step-By-Step eBook Publishing

You want to learn how to publish an eBook on Amazon, and it’s no wonder… In 2017 alone, there were 266 million eBooks sold! That statistic alone proves why eBook publishing in 2020 is a must for any author. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, also known as KDP, is the most widely used self-publishing platform […]

14 Essential Book Marketing Ideas for Every Author

Book marketing… some authors shudder at the concept, and reasonably so. Marketing your book can be terrifying, especially if it pulls you out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territory.  You’ve just written a book and courageously shared your words for all the world to see. That in itself is a fear many don’t […]

How to Write a Book in 12 Simple Steps [Free Book Template]

You’re ready to learn how to write a book… And as a first-time author, you’re nervous about this new journey because you want first-time success (who doesn’t?). But today’s publishing industry has become noisy. There is endless information out there on writing a book, and with the rise of self-publishing, it can be overwhelming, to […]

Book Printing Services: Author’s Guide to the Best Book Printing Services

Looking for book printing services? If you’re at the stage in your self-publishing journey when you’re ready to release your book into the world, it’s time to think about book printing services. These are specialist companies that take your manuscript and turn it into softcover or hardcover print books. There’s something special about the moment […]

Self-Publishing Courses: Top 5 Online Publishing Courses for Authors [UPDATED]

Why are there new self-publishing courses popping up on the market each day? Because the self-publishing industry is hot, and gaining traction at record speeds! The time has never been better to write and publish a book, especially in the booming world of books and publishing. The perfect student for a self-publishing course might be […]

Self-Publishing in 2021: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing Success

Self-publishing is taking the book world by storm… so what is self-publishing exactly? If you’re a writer researching how to publish a book, you’re taking the right step by weighing all of your publishing options. Self-publishing has become a household term for writers and authors all around the world, thanks to technology. Being a writer […]