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Shannon Clark
June 04, 2024 | 8 mins

When asked to dig into Dean Graziosi reviews and lend my own opinion on the topic, I started where I always do: with research.

A Google here. A YouTube search there. Social media. You get it.

Fortunately for me, the man has been in the game for a while. And there was a plethora of Dean Graziosi reviews to find. So let's start from the top.

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Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi Reviews - Single Image Of Dean Graziosi At A Virtual Event.

When I think of Dean Graziosi, the first thing that comes to mind is real estate entrepreneur.  

Back in the early 2000s, the internet was still getting its sea legs, and most online users were just focused on ditching dial-up so their multi-player games would run faster.

Not Dean Graziosi.

He was too busy carving a place for himself in real estate industry to let an infantile internet get his way. Broadband would have to catch up with him later.

“It doesn't matter how fast you can go, it doesn't matter how much passion you have, and it doesn't matter how much energy you put into something. If you don't have a vision and clarity on the destination you want to reach, you'll simply never get there.”― Dean Graziosi, Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity

Why does this matter?

It’s an important observation because there are many people online these days with slick websites, and “perfect” branding, who know just the right words to say to get you to buy what they’re selling, but they lack experience and a true understanding of the pain points of the audience they are selling to. What looks pretty and shiny on the outside may have a hollow center and low ROI.

I’ve probably been in the online business as long as Graziosi, and I’ve seen a LOT of people come and go. It’s the ones who know how to ride the waves of uncertainty that have staying power. And Graziosi seems to have the ability to maintain his equilibrium in spades. 

So, what does this say about the man behind the brand?

My first impression is that he’s been strategically crafting a world of his own choosing for decades, and it doesn’t appear that he allows much to get in his way, even the Wild West of the internet when it was still in its infancy. He hasn't chased technology. If anything, technology had to catch up with him. He was producing video courses before YouTube was a household name. This is only one of the many reasons he's had staying power.

In this post, we’ll do a Dean Graziosi review of sorts, taking a closer look at some of what he has built over the years. We’ll thoughtfully consider if he is still relevant in a rapidly growing and shifting educational space and how he has impacted his community of followers over the years through his leadership. 

Early beginnings and career

Graziosi doesn’t hide the fact that he had it tough financially growing up. He shares on his website that he and his family moved around 20 times before he was 19. He’s also been transparent about the marital instability he saw between his parents when he was a child. 

When you listen to Graziosi talk about his life, and why he made the choices he did, you never get the impression that he wants you to feel sorry for him. If anything, it’s more of a sense that he wants to show everyone that where you start isn’t a true reflection of where you’ll end and that you have more impact on your life's outcome than you might think.

“Successful people live by a different set of rules and success habits and they don’t conform or accept mediocrity.”―Dean Graziosi, Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity

Graziosi started in real estate in his early 20s and published his first training course in 2002 called “Think a Little Different.” In 2006, he penned his first book, Totally Fulfilled, which was published by Vanguard in 2006.

After achieving success in his course and first book, he continued to write books and build his real estate empire. A common theme you’ll find in his books and courses is the importance of mindset shifts to get to where you want to be in life.

Books & Courses by Dean Graziosi (+ reviews from readers)

I've already shared some of my thoughts. let's check out the wider Dean Graziosi reviews – starting with his impressive list of books and what readers have to say.

Here’s a list of Dean Graziosi books, some of which are on the New York Times Bestseller List and all of which have a 4-star rating on Amazon (or higher).

1. Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity

Dean Graziosi Reviews - Millionaire Success Habits - Book Cover

This was my first Dean Graziosi book and after reading it, it won't be my last! The book was chocked full of wisdom and I love how he used real-life examples and illustrations from his own life to make many of his profound points…”  – A.R. 74  (from Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi review)

2. Dean Graziosi’s Profit From Real Estate Right Now!: The Proven No Money Down System for Today’s Market

Dean Graziosi Reviews - Profit From Real Estate Right Now - Book Cover

3. The Underdog Advantage: Rewrite Your Future by Turning Your Disadvantages Into Your Superpowers

Dean Graziosi Reviews - The Underdog Advantage - Book Cover

“This book was an eloquent balance of inspiration and relatable stories, mixed with actionable advice, and thought-provoking questions at the end of every chapter. Dean made me laugh, made me cry, and made a major impression. You can feel the passion in the pages and makes you feel like you can truly tap into your inner superpower and do anything. This is for anyone who feels like they have a disadvantage in life, and how to get you to reaching your full potential!” – Amazon Customer (from The Under Dog Advantage by Dean Graziosi reviews)

4. Totally Fulfilled: More Money, More Freedom, More Smiles, Less Stress

Dean Graziosi Reviews - Totally Fulfilled - Book Cover

5. Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today

Dean Graziosi Reviews - Be A Real Estate Millionaire  - Book Cover

“Love this book! So much great information and actually applied it! It's not just basics but has detailed strategies and formulas for different situations of real estate purchasing or selling.” – S. Balaney (from Be a Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi reviews)

6. Dean Graziosi reviews – Millionaire Success Habits – Book Cover. 30 Days to Real Estate Cash

Dean Graziosi Reviews - 30 Days Real Estate Cash - Book Cover

Beyond his wildly successful list of books, Graziosi offers courses that include:

  • Real Estate Millionaire Monthly!
  • Millionaire Success Habits Monthly
  • The Set For Life Blueprint!
  • The New Way To Real Estate Wealth!
  • The Automation Blueprint 
  • The Real Estate Profit System 2.0!

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The Best Books on Passive Income

Other brands and accomplishments

You thought we were done with our Dean Graziosi review? Think again!

He has a list of other business endeavors as well, including the Dean Graziosi Show podcast, Graziosi Inner Circle Mastermind, and Project Next. He also partnered with Tony Robbins to create the platform and host the live event “The Game Has Changed” in June 2024.

His past events include:

  • Mastermind World Summit (with Tony Robbins)
  • Start Over Challenge
  • Power of Pivot Immersion
  • Build Your Brand Challenge
YouTube video

This is only a small slice of what Graziosi is doing. In my research, I also found the following in his list of accomplishments.

  • Dean Enterprises (his production company)
  • Live event partnership with EvTech event company (2010)
  • The Dean Graziosi Success Academy (founded in 2003)

According to a Profit Magazin article, “Dean also owns a company called JBB Enterprises, LLC that manages his real estate holdings. Dean personally closes hundreds of real estate deals each year.”

So, are there Dean Graziosi reviews about these other programs and offers? With such a rich portfolio of products and services, I wanted to see for myself.

Additional Dean Graziosi reviews

TrustPilot Reviews for Dean Graziosi’s products have an average rating of 4.3.

Here’s a small sample:

Dean continues to provide value with each training or event he does. He is authentic in how he shares from his heart, and he doesn't promise something he can't deliver upon.” – C. Roe

“Dean and Tony and the Team are awesome. Videos are informative with lots of action taking suggestions. Technical staff are careful with your content. Great in-place help videos. My favorite part though is that I can learn any time even if I get interrupted while watching an event or video. This is a game changer. Dean provides extra bonuses to keep interest in paying for his subscriptions.” – L.C.  

I look forward to Dean's weekly emails, Monday messages and monthly Inner Circle. I apply many of the ideas and skills to my own life. Whether it is the reminder to take time to think of something for which to be grateful or strategies that can be used in business or personal situations, I always walk away with a nugget of wisdom or even a “that's exactly what I need to do” moment. I appreciate Dean's candidness, as well as the prompt responses from his staff whenever we have a question or concern.” – B.  Noble.  

This is just a handful of the many positive Dean Graziosi reviews to be found.

Now, to be honest, not every review is positive, but those are few and far between. For the negative reviews that I did find, Graziosi’s team was responsive and seemed eager to make things right. 

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Final thoughts 

There are a lot of people online making promises that sound great, but the only way to really know if they can deliver is to do the research.

How long have they been in business? Have they written any books or offered courses? If so, were they well received? Did they get good reviews? What about customer service? Do they take care of their clients and customers?

When you are looking for someone to help you carve out the destiny that you want for your life, don’t accept anyone at face value. Look under the “flash” to see what’s really there.

Dean Graziosi has paved a path of hard work and dedication to personal growth and development that you can trace back almost to its beginnings. Don’t take my word for it, check out his YouTube channel and scroll down until you get to the 15 years ago mark.

Start there. 

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