How to Print a Book: 10 Essential Tips to Know

Authors spend a huge amount of time and energy writing their books, but for many self-published authors the final hurdle—learning how to print a book—can be an afterthought...and a daunting one at that. Most self-published authors opt for an e-book, allowing them to bridge the gap between aspiring author and self-published reality. However, with...

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What Is Hybrid Publishing: 4 Great Ways To Assess This Option

It's crucial to understand all forms of publishing, including hybrid publishing. Why? Millions of new titles are published every year, millions of copies are sold, and new authors join the writing industry left and right. Researching the general forms writers can use to publish not only helps you decide which method is best for you, but also...

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How to Make A Hardcover Book Easily on Amazon

If you've finally finished the hard work of writing and editing your book, you might be wondering how to make a hardcover book. While ebooks are certainly on the rise, printed books are still the preferred format amongst readers. Printed books out-sell ebooks 4-to-1, which is why any author should consider making sure their books are available in...

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