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Jackie Pearce is a copywriter and screenwriter from Colorado.
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Freedom App Review (2023 Update)

Most of us struggle to focus with it is time to focus and get writing. That is where apps like Freedom can come into play. Freedom is an app that blocks distracting sites from your devices so you can get work done. If you want to take your career as an author and...

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4 Simple Exposition Techniques For Authors

In a book, the exposition is the introduction to a story. It sets the foundation for the story ahead, introduces the characters, lays out the setting, sets the mood, and explains the time that the story takes place. It is an essential part of your book to make sure...

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7 Important Types Of Poems You Should Know

When it comes to poetry, not everyone knows there are different types of poems or knows the difference between them. Some poems have specific rules and others do not have any rules at all. Whether you are trying to learn what makes them different for a class you are...

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20 Scary Story Ideas For Your Next Novel

For authors who love to write scary stories, it can be hard to feel like you are coming up with a unique idea. However, with horror, you do not always have to come up with some type of story that has never been told before. Sometimes you can take a familiar storyline...

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