How to Write A Foreword for A Book

If you've been wondering how to write a foreword for a book, we have the exact guide you need. What is a book foreword? A book foreword introduces the reader to the author of the book and is written by someone other than the author or editor. This makes it different than a preface, which is written by the author as an introduction to the book. A...

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How to Write an Acknowledgments Page

Are you looking to write an acknowledgments page for your book?If you've never written a page like this before, it might seem overwhelming. Who should you thank? What tone should you take?Here's how to write an acknowledgments page: Where do acknowledgments go in a book?  What do you write in acknowledgments? Step 1 - Start with the most...

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Editorial Review: How To Get Them, Why They Matter

Reviews are an essential part of marketing, and editorial reviews are no less important. Reviews help you with your rankings, are a simple way to convert word of mouth marketing to social media, and provide credibility for your book. However, just as it’s difficult to make sales it can be difficult to get an editorial review. Getting those...

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