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Shannon Clark is a former independent book publisher with a deep understanding of the industry and a love for the writers who keep the wheels moving. She’s a copywriter, content specialist, and developmental editor for business owners, and she partners with companies of all sizes to show them how to use books to grow their businesses.
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A 100% Honest Hawes and Jenkins Review

Just a decade ago, self-publishing options were sorely limited, and many of today’s popular self-publishing companies were just getting started.  Now, there are self-publishers of all shapes and sizes taking up space in every nook and cranny of the publishing world....

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Bargain Booksy Review

When book lovers are looking for a great deal on ebook downloads, Bargain Booksy is a one-stop shop for book deals below $5. This is a fantastic deal for the consumer, but what about the author? Do authors benefit from having their book listed on Bargain...

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