The Difference Between Horror and Thriller Book Genres

Understanding the difference between horror and thriller genres is a matter of whether or not you'll get your book in front of the right people. Readers identify with and seek out specific genres. So it's important to market your book correctly, whether you're self-publishing via Amazon, have a traditional publisher and will be in bookstores, or...

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How to Write a Cozy Mystery (5 Simple Steps)

One of the hottest subgenres of mystery is the cozy mystery. Readers love escapism, and cozy mysteries are the perfect book for that: with their comfortable settings, light and easy prose, and engaging stories. With mystery novels being one of the highest-selling genres on Amazon, its high time for you to learn how to write a cozy mystery of your...

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Characteristics of Absurdist Fiction + 10 Examples

What does the word "absurd" bring to mind for you? If someone tells you an outlandish story, you might balk and say “that’s absurd!” to indicate that you don’t believe them—the story goes beyond your suspension of disbelief. So what does that mean for absurdist fiction? What is absurdism, and how do you write it successfully? Absurdist fiction...

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