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What Is NaNoWriMo?: Your Guide to Joining in 2023

With November rolling around again, NaNoWriMo writers are gearing up for another year. But what is NaNoWriMo? And should you be joining it? In 2021, 427,653 writers participated in NaNoWriMo programs. 406 bookstores, libraries, and community centers hosted Come Write In sessions. It’s kind of a big deal! So what does NaNoWriMo stand for? In this...

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How To Write An Autobiographical Fiction Novel

Learning how to write an autobiographical fiction novel may be one of the most creative tasks you take on this year. This genre stands out among both autobiographies as well as fiction due to combining elements of both.  If you want to: Share your story Delve into creative writing at a fiction level Communicate your message to two...

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What is a Cozy Mystery? Everything You Need to Know

If you browse the mystery section of your favorite bookstore, you’ll see novels with incongruous titles like “Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder” and “Beachfront Bakery: A Killer Cupcake.”  Though these covers may make you chuckle, these authors know what they’re doing. They’ve tapped into a type of fiction genre that many folks love: the cozy...

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The 14 Most Popular Types of Fiction to Write

So you’ve decided you want to become a fiction writer. Congratulations! It’s one of the most enjoyable creative pursuits out there. The world needs more fiction, and it’s a better time than ever before to start, thanks to the ease of self-publishing. But there are so many types of fiction - so what if you don’t know exactly what to write? It’s...

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How to Write Short Stories: 8 Steps for Success

So, you’re trying to learn how to write short stories. You might be a brand-new writer, or an established novelist looking to try out a new medium. Maybe you’ve been trying to write a novel for a while and you’re finding it’s just not working for you.  Whatever the case may be, learning how to write a short story takes some practice. That's...

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Fiction vs Nonfiction: Definitions & Comparisons

If you’re brand new to writing, you may feel like you’re at a bit of a loss. Where do you even get started? And should you write fiction vs nonfiction? What is fiction and nonfiction anyway? Maybe you took a creative writing class and just enjoyed writing poems, or maybe you’ve always had learning how to write a book on your bucket list. You may...

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How to Write a Horror Story in 10 Not-So-Scary Steps

Learning how to write a horror story requires calling upon our deepest fears and orchestrating terrifying moments that readers didn't see coming. Don’t look now, but do you see that shadow in the corner? Is it real or your imagination? How fast can you race to the door and escape? The lights have suddenly gone out, and you feel someone in the...

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The Difference Between Horror and Thriller Book Genres

Understanding the difference between horror and thriller genres is a matter of whether or not you'll get your book in front of the right people. Readers identify with and seek out specific genres. So it's important to market your book correctly, whether you're self-publishing via Amazon, have a traditional publisher and will be in bookstores, or...

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