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Lisa Ceizyk
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“I went from not even ever wanting to write a book to being a #1 bestselling author after I joined…. I don’t give out business cards. I carry my book around with me. It’s amazing how such a little book can be such a networking machine.”

Lisa Ceizyk


#1 bestseller in multiple categories
Experienced exponential growth in her coaching business
Booked multiple valuable podcast appearances
Her income skyrocketed

Her Story:

Lisa Ceizyk was just 33 years old when she received the bad news from her doctor: due to her weight, she was destined to die young and childless.

Not one to give up easily, Lisa made it her mission to live, live long, and live well.

She went through six years of infertility treatments and 11 embryo transfers on her journey to motherhood. During that time, she also dedicated herself to shedding her extra weight. She would not allow her little baby to face a future with no mother.

Her hard work paid off. She became pregnant and she lost 80 pounds to reach her goal weight.

While Lisa had overcome many challenges, sharing her journey was not her original plan. She still had deep wounds to heal before she could help others with her story.

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The moment she realized healing loudly could impact countless readers:

Lisa will be the first person to tell you she never wanted to write a book.

Her path to best-selling author actually stemmed from another terrible experience. While she worked hard to get into the best shape of her life, she was being groomed for trafficking.

She suffered in silence. When she finally broke free, she thought she wanted to heal in silence too. However, she felt God speak to her:

“Heal loudly. Write a book.”

Internally, she did not believe she could ever write a book. She didn’t even have a desire to. Why would she share her story when she didn’t want to think about it herself?

“I’m not an author. I’m not a writer. I’m a speaker—and even that took some time for me to really own.”

Lisa reluctantly joined a coaching group at this time. One day, she mentioned to the coach that she was thinking about writing her story.

While her coach did not know Lisa’s story, she gave her the name of another woman who was writing a book with the guidance of the Nonfiction Author Advantage Accelerator Program. Lisa hired her and together, they worked to draft and write Lisa’s book.

But in spite of these efforts, she still didn’t know:

  • How to design a book cover that targeted her audience
  • Launch her book in a way that would bring sales

“I didn’t realize that after you publish the book, that’s when work has just begun.”

The author Lisa was working with recommended the program and team of experts to help her reach her publishing goals. She immediately got in touch.

“I knew as soon as I got on the first call. This is exactly what I need.”

Her path to best-selling author:

The first feedback Lisa received from her coach was that she needed to change her book cover in order to attract more of the right readers. But she loved her original cover and it held so much meaning for her.

Regardless of her nostalgia, her coach explained that her book’s cover did not accurately communicate what the book was about. So Lisa decided to follow her coach’s advice.

This one choice was the pivotal decision that catapulted her from published author to published bestselling author.

As soon as they changed the cover and ran some promos, Lisa’s book hit #1 bestseller status. To her surprise, Lisa went from thinking, ‘nothing’s happening with this book, what’s going on?’ to hitting #1 in several Amazon categories.

“I was #1 in a lot of different categories. Once you get that #1 bestselling banner, life changes a little.”

Lisa spent nine long months pouring out her story on paper, but it wasn’t until she changed her cover and learned how to promote her book that her hard work began to pay off.

“I went from not even ever wanting to write a book to being a #1 bestselling author after I joined”

Her transformation:

“The biggest challenges I had were my own limiting beliefs. My coach worked with me a lot on overcoming these self-limiting beliefs.”

Lisa discovered that her limiting beliefs held no sway over her sales. With her coach to provide moral support and the resources she needed to succeed, her book just kept selling.

What she loved about working with was how they helped make an already great book even better with a few new updates:

  • Professional cover design
  • Re-worked back cover copy
  • Added book subtitle
  • Updated author bio
  • Optimized Amazon description

Lisa quickly learned that one of the most important factors contributing to her success – outside of her coach’s guidance – was the accountability provided.

“A big challenge for me was staying motivated as I marketed it, but Chandler was big with helping keep us focused. He would say, ‘What’s the number one thing you want to accomplish this week?’ And we had to write it in the chat. That kept me accountable.”

Working with not only enabled Lisa to fulfill her dream of healing loudly, but allowed her book to rank as a bestseller—in multiple categories!

A Life-Changing Decision

Lisa Ceizyk started her journey never wanting to write a book. Today, she’s the #1 bestselling author of a transformative memoir and couldn’t imagine life without having shared her story.

Initially afraid to be so honest, she bravely chose to work with With the guidance of her coach, she made intentional changes and re-published her book with a proven strategy.

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The result? Her book led to the exponential growth of her coaching business. Her audiobook version increased her book sales and led to multiple podcast appearances. And these interviews continue to open new doors even today.

“My income just skyrocketed, all from a little book.”

Lisa’s memoir shares her inspiring journey to recalibrate her soul, reshape her body, and finally believe she is worth it. She didn’t want to become an author, but now, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She loves her life now and gets deep fulfillment in helping others transform their own lives for the better.


“I actually am an author. I have a book to prove it. I don’t give out business cards. I carry my book around with me. It’s amazing how such a little book can be such a networking machine. I wouldn’t have known all of that if I hadn’t joined”

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