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Erik Westrum
Nonfiction, Leadership, Self-Help
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“It’s inspirational to see a lot of people being able to write the book that they never thought was attainable… At the end of the day, knows what they’re doing.”

Erik Westrum


Authority and thought leadership in his field
Bookings as a keynote speaker
The ability to reach 1,000s of people with one book
He launched an online course and coaching programs

His Story:

Erik Westrum is a former professional hockey player who has been passionate about helping others since he was a young child. He describes his purpose in life in just four words: Be A Servant Leader.

But his path to becoming a professional athlete was rife with challenges. To overcome these, he implemented a set of strategies that enabled him to consistently perform at elite levels – regardless of what he wanted to achieve.

When he retired from hockey, he discovered that the tools he used to achieve success as an athlete directly transferred to almost all other areas of life.

But how could he lead others to the same levels of performance?

He was just one person with a big mission. And that’s when he revisited an idea that had been floating around in the back of his mind for years…maybe it was time to take action.

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The moment he finally decided to write a book:

Erik wanted to write a book for five or six years before he took the leap. During this time, he was constantly writing down notes.

He reflected a lot on motivation. What inspired him to go into professional hockey? To go into business? And to go back to school? He wanted to share his stories of success and failure as a guide to help others find eliteness in their lives.

Then he discovered A self-motivated go-getter, he took himself through all of the steps Chandler Bolt covers in Published. He got clarity on his ideas, created a mind map for his book, and even completed his initial draft.

But with the book done, he realized he didn’t know where to go next.

“[I thought] ‘I’ve written a book, but now what?’ It’s kind of like when you get to that phase, that’s when a lot of the harder work really comes in.”

Erik could motivate himself to achieve great results when he knew what steps to take, but he didn’t know what steps were needed to become a successful author. Since he was already following the methodology, joining the Author Advantage Accelerator Program and working with a book coach was a natural fit for him.

“Even as an elite high performer, you need somebody in your corner. I thought I was at the end goal line, but I was actually just starting the process.”

Erik quickly realized that successfully publishing a book is a team effort.

With the proper guidance, he discovered he needed to change the title of his book as well as some of the content. Working with his coach allowed him to take his story to the next level.

“Going through the process truly transformed the book. Going through the different steps with [helped change the book from] where I thought it was to where it ended up.”

Why He Chose Us:

Erik prides himself on being a high performer. He wanted to continue pushing himself – and do it with the best support he could find.

“I looked at all those different [publishing] options. What resonated with me was the relationship from the first call to the coaching and the amount of resources and tools.”

Some of his favorite parts of the program were:

  • Support with finishing his book
  • A strategy to align his brand and lifestyle
  • A professional book cover
  • The option to delegate work when necessary
  • Getting to be actively involved in the entire process

Erik firmly believed that his story mattered and needed to be told. He wanted the ability to share it – and his strategies – with as many people as possible. That way, he could help even those that he didn’t have the opportunity to coach one-on-one.

“There are people who are famous and there are people just coming off the streets that don’t have a name. No matter where you are, it’s about your story, your journey, your goal, and your direction.”

His transformation:

From the beginning, Erik dreamed of launching multiple trainings in different formats. He understands that some people are self-motivated and will prefer reading his book and putting it into practice without outside guidance. Meanwhile, other people execute change best with a course, small group coaching, or individual training.

This understanding – coupled with the skills he learned with, Erik successfully created and launched:

  • A book establishing him as a thought leader
  • An online course
  • Individual training options
  • Group coaching programs

He loves sharing his roadmap to success with everyone who reads his book.

“I’ve had a ton of success, but even more failure. To be able to show that roadmap of how to get there [to the finish line], that was the goal, purpose, and plan before it even became what it is today.”

His book changed many things. His business revenue shot up. He was getting regularly booked as a keynote speaker. And he gained more freedom to build the life he wanted – and spend time on the things that matter most.
That looks like spending time with his kids, coaching, and speaking.
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Through trial and error, Erik achieved professional athlete status. With the help of, he shared his story and became a self-published author. Now through his book and suite of coaching offers, he provides the tools for others to achieve their dreams as well.

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“I think that’s what does a really good job of, is being the guide and getting the best return on your investment.”

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