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“After going through the process of publishing I doubled my revenue. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the assistance of giving me all the tools that allowed me to elevate myself at the level I did.”

Lisa Schermerhorn


Doubling her revenue in 1 year
Bestselling author status
Spoke on stages such as Columbia University and Harvard
Spoke on many podcasts
Gained a huge self-esteem boost
Achieved her author dream, one she had desired for 15 years

Her Story:

Lisa has over 20 years of experience as a transformational leader. She is an expert in the fields of human behavior, leadership, and personal development. In addition, she is an award-winning speaker and has spoken at Harvard and Columbia University as a featured bLU Talks speaker.

She also trained as a Why Coach, helping people discover their Why, based on Simon Sinek’s, “Know Your Why”. Lisa not only helps individuals discover their Why, but she also helps people discover the Why of their business and how to use it in their branding.

But her story didn’t start out like this.

While Lisa decided she wanted to write a book 15 years ago, she had the limiting belief that she had nothing to offer that readers would actually want to hear.

In fact, she struggled with imposter syndrome every time she sat down to write. She came to the conclusion that she was not ready to write a book on her own.

However, while attending a writing boot camp, the Founder and CEO of, Chandler Bolt, came onstage.


The moment she realized she wanted to write a book for her business:

Listening to Chandler Bolt speak was the mindset shift that changed her career. Even though Lisa Schermerhorn had dealt with imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs for so long, helped her take charge of her dream.

“I started writing right after that boot camp…and at the moment it was like okay, now I’m ready.”

Lisa teamed up with a coach at named Brett, who gave her profound advice for writing her first draft. Don’t worry what it looks like, he said. Don’t try to edit it. Just allow it to pour through you.

So Lisa wrote, and wrote, and wrote. In fact, Lisa wrote for five months straight. She describes this time as one of the most cathartic experiences of her entire life.

The limiting beliefs that had held her back were gone. Now, for the first time in her life, she was writing the book she had longed to write for so many years.

Her “why”:

“The 15 years were part of my own growth. Doing my own work and processing allowed me to also help other people.”

Those 15 years ago, Lisa realized that holding onto resentment, anger, and limiting beliefs filled up 80% of her thoughts. How could she, as a coach, mentor others when she hadn’t done her own work?

As an expert in the field of human behavior, Lisa recognized that she needed to take responsibility for her life. But now, 15 years later, she had.

Now that she had done her own work she was ready to complete her book and fulfill her dream of helping others. Equipped with the proper resources through, Lisa could beat her imposter syndrome.

Lisa’s coach provided her with the resources and encouragement she needed to write her book. “He was my biggest cheerleader. When we met on a regular basis [I realized] it’s not just me [doing this alone].”

She shared with us her favorite parts of working with

Regular access to her coach to guide her through the process
The flexibility and options that came with staying in control of her book
Step-by-step help through publishing stages she didn’t know existed
A team of editors to make her book exactly how she wanted it
Experiencing the process of how to write and publish her book
Working with a cover designer who encapsulated her message perfectly

On seeing her cover, she said, “I cried. It was exactly what I had envisioned. It’s so beautiful and it really embodied who I am.”

Lisa chose to work with and self-publish her own book because she wanted full control over her idea. She looked into other options, but met her needs perfectly. It wasn’t a question of who to work with. The answer was clear:

“As with everything that is worthwhile, it’s very important that you invest in yourself. was really easy to work with and such a huge support.”

Her transformation:

When Lisa first joined, she had no idea how much her book would mean to her readers. For so long she had believed she had nothing to offer. With hard work and the help of, she was about to bust this myth.

The first breakthrough she noticed was a boost in self-esteem. After spending so many years believing she couldn’t write a book, holding her published book in her hands was literally a dream come true.

However, she also found her credibility increased dramatically – and the growth of her coaching business followed. She landed countless podcast gigs and spoke on seven stages, including at Columbia University and Harvard.

Going into writing her book, Lisa had three goals:

  • Elevate her on speaking stages
  • Elevate her on podcasts
  • Help her obtain clients at a higher level

She met every single goal

and met an additional one she hadn’t even dreamed of. She doubled her revenue in just one year.

Lisa already has plans for follow-up books and releasing the audio version of her first book.

Global Collaboration and Satisfaction

Today, Lisa coaches high-level clients and speaks on multiple stages as a bestselling author. While she can’t deny the financial success of self-publishing her own book, she loves that she can help all around the world find freedom from limiting beliefs.
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“There was a lot of wisdom that I had no idea [about]….I recommend that if someone is thinking about it [writing a book] – check out They offer so much and everyone who I have worked with really cares. There’s so much support and kindness.”

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