Best Seller Publishing: Review of Rob Kosberg’s Best Seller Publishing

P.J McNulty
May 13, 2020 | 11 mins

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Is Rob Kosberg’s Best Seller Publishing program worth it? 

Is publishing a book really a game changer for entrepreneurs? 

How do you know which program is worth investing in for maximum ROI? 

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s finally decided to join the book publishing train, you’ve likely had all those questions (and more). 

More and more entrepreneurs are waking up to the multitude of benefits that come from publishing a book. 

But how should you make it happen? Should you try to traditionally publish, go with a self-publishing course, or choose a done-for-you program like Best Seller Publishing?

If you’re thinking of investing in Best Seller Publishing, headed by Rob Kosberg, you need to keep reading. We’ve found out everything you need to know, including what Best Seller Publishing teaches, how much it will cost you, and some alternative options you may wish to consider. 

A Note To Our Readers:

We want you to make informed decisions when it comes to how and where to invest your money. That’s why our mission is to help educate authors on the various self-publishing companies and services that are on the market today.

Our reviews are meant to be unbiased, 3rd party reviews, but we will speak up if there is a scam or a clearly better option.

Let’s not pull punches – the world is going through an unprecedented set of circumstances. The Coronavirus crisis doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, and its economic implications will be felt far into the future. The choices you make now will determine whether you come out of this on the winning side or not.

So is Best Seller Publishing the best option for your future success? Let’s find out!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Rob Kosberg Best Seller Publishing review:

  1. What is Best Seller Publishing?
  2. Best Seller Publishing programs and prices
  3. Is Best Seller Publishing for you?
  4. The pros & cons
  5. Other Best Seller Publishing reviews
  6. Alternatives to Best Seller Publishing
  7. Final rating

What is Best Seller Publishing?

Best Seller Publishing is a book publishing program from Rob Kosberg, for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. It is intended to help people who are already established in their field increase their profile and generate more income and impact as a result.

The major name behind Best Seller Publishing is Rob Kosberg. Rob is the author of multiple books on business and entrepreneurial writing and is an accomplished entrepreneur and public speaker.

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Best Seller Publishing is based out of Pasadena, California, but works with people from around the world. They claim to have helped over 1,000 authors publish their books and have worked with some genuine celebrities such as one of the judges from Shark Tank. 

So what exactly is on offer at Best Seller Publishing, and how much will it cost you? 

Best Seller Publishing programs and prices

If you've researched Best Seller Publishing, you'll probably have realized that there isn't a lot of publicly available information out there. 

To find out anything at all, you have to book a call with one of Rob Kosberg's team. Best Seller Publishing openly describes their programs as closed-door, as you can see in the image below. 

Best Seller Publishing Strategy Session Call

Despite the somewhat secretive nature of the programs at Best Seller Publishing, some limited information is publicly available. We’ve also received anecdotal information from our network of authors about how much the programs cost, which we’ll get into more.

But first, what is the main system taught by Best Seller Publishing? What does it cover?

All of the aspects of Best Seller Publishing’s program center around the concept of Publish, Promote, Profit. This is the title of Rob Kosberg’s main book, and also the guiding principle for their educational programs and done-for-you publishing process.

From what we can tell, Best Seller Publishing offers an education-only program, called BSP University, as well as a program involving done-for-you services at a higher price point. 

Let’s take a look at both of these. 

BSP University

BSP University is an educational program teaching Best Seller Publishing’s target audience of coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to publish a book and leverage it to boost their impact and income.

It’s taught across the following five modules:

  1. Audience Attraction: Rapid Results Book Mapping. Training on how to determine your book title, intended audience, and the benefits someone will get by reading your work. 
  1. Hybrid Ghostwriting: Simple & Easy Book Creation. The Best Seller Publishing approach to creating a book is covered in this module. What exactly is hybrid ghostwriting? Rob Kosberg has described it as the author having a 30-minute session with a ghostwriter in which they tell a story and convey the main points they wish to get across. This verbal session with the ghostwriter is then used to create a chapter of the book. Around eight weekly sessions are needed for a full book.
  1. Foolproof Publishing: Success by Design. The third module covers practicalities relating to book publishing such as how to upload a book to Amazon, the categories to pick for it, and some tips for book cover design.
  1. Best Seller: Book Launch System. This module contains information and templates on launching a book and marketing it in a way that leads to bestseller status. This involves a list of book promotion websites and social media marketing tips, among other elements. 
  1. Monetizing Your Book Now. Information on how to publicize your book including advice on how to book speaking engagements and try and get on conventional media such as TV and radio. 

So how much is access to BSP University? 

The program is available for a one-time payment of $997 or a monthly subscription of $97.

Best Seller Publishing Price

While this information might be useful, we genuinely believe a lot of it is available for free online. There’s nothing in any of the modules that justifies the price tag. 

If you sign up for the course, you also get lifetime access to a weekly coaching call. However, this is a group call and is probably more like a webinar than anything resembling deep 1 to 1 coaching. 

Publish. Promote. Profit. – done for you program review

So what about the headline done-for-you program offered by Rob Kosberg and Best Seller Publishing?

As stated earlier in this review, Best Seller Publishing is a self-described “closed door program”. As a result, there’s not a lot of explicit information about the course contents or its price available online. 

However, we’ve asked some applicants who wish to remain anonymous about the price they were quoted to take the program. 

If you’re reading this as a student of Best Seller Publishing, we’d love to get your take on its value and utility in the comments section.

The guiding philosophy behind the program is once again Publish, Promote, Profit. Here’s the info we have on each of the three phases.

#1 – Publish

This is a done-for-you version of the process taught in BSP University. This phase consists of:

  1. Working with a project manager to determine your book’s concept, title, and what each chapter will contain.
  2. Sessions with a ghostwriter as part of the hybrid ghostwriting process to ensure each chapter is true to your voice.
  3. Editing and proofreading carried out for you.
  4. A graphic designer will create a book cover based on your brief.
  5. Book formatting and interior design carried out for you.
  6. Account set up on book distribution platforms.

Rob Kosberg has said that an average chapter takes 30 minutes with a ghostwriter to create as well as about an hour's prep time beforehand. The process is roughly eight weekly sessions for an average book. 

This might be useful if you happen to be a successful entrepreneur with a lot of money to invest, but even then you can probably hire a ghostwriter and cover designer for a lower amount

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You’ll also have a wider selection of creative talent to choose from than that provided by Best Seller Publishing. 

#2 – Promote

The Promote phase of the program involves launching and marketing your book. How exactly?

  1. A soft book launch intended to get reviews and some sales momentum by launching at a low price point.
  2. Adverts on 60-70 book websites. The BSP team write the ad copy and handle the logistics of placing the ad.
  3. Press releases to promote your book to the media.
  4. Social media marketing to get the word out online.

The process described above is largely solid. Getting reviews and building momentum around the time of launch is effective, but hardly groundbreaking. Promotional activities such as press releases and social media marketing are typically less effective for the vast majority of authors. 

#3 – Profit   

The final stage of Publish, Promote, Profit involves creating a media one sheet for your book and pitching for you to appear on various media platforms such as TV and radio.

While it’s clear that Best Seller Publishing has a track record of securing major media appearances for their authors, it’s less clear on how much of this is down to the BSP team. 

Seeing as most of their clients are already successful and high-profile people, it’s not too difficult to imagine they might have been able to secure a good level of media exposure on their own. 

If you’re like the vast majority of aspiring authors, appearing on media outlets is unlikely to do much for your book. It boosts your profile and gives you bragging rights, but this doesn’t directly translate into sales. 

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So how much will the done-for-you program from Best Seller Publishing cost?

We’ve heard from our author sources that the current price is between $45,000 and $60,000.

This is an eye-watering amount and one of the highest-priced programs we've come across. 

Very few aspiring authors will be prepared to invest that much, and even those that can need to think long and hard about value for money and potential ROI.

How much does Rob Kosberg’s Best Seller publishing program cost?

The Best Seller Publishing program price is $45,000 to $60,000.

If you want to invest in just the online course, it is significantly less, but you are only getting access to online video modules.

Is Best Seller Publishing for you?

So, now that we’ve taken a closer look at what’s on offer at Best Seller Publishing, who exactly is the program right for?

To their credit, BSP is upfront about the fact that this program isn't for your average aspiring author. It's for already-successful individuals with a lot of money to invest who are looking to become celebrities in their field.

If you are an established figure with $60,000 to invest in getting a book created, by all means, consider Best Seller Publishing. They've worked with some legit names and have success in securing high-profile media appearances.

To add a caveat, even if you happen to have the financial resources to publish with Best Seller Publishing, consider your options carefully.

For a fraction of that price, you can work with a ghostwriter and get a top-notch cover designed

Rob Kosberg’s program: pros and cons

Let’s cover the benefits and disadvantages of Rob Kosberg’s Best Seller Publishing program. 

Keep in mind that we are considering these pros and cons from the lens of the average self-published author and entrepreneur, so what we consider a pro or con may differ from your opinion.

The Pros:

  • Rob Kosberg. There's no denying that Rob Kosberg is a tried and tested entrepreneur with some successful books out.
  • Ease. If you would rather spend $60,000 and do as little of the work on your book as possible, this program is an option. 
  • Platform. If your goal is to turn your book into a platform, this program will show you how to do that. 

The Cons:

  • Expensive. Even for everything that’s included, $60,000 is likely to be out of reach for a lot of people.
  • Elitist. Best Seller Publishing is intended for established names such as Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank. It's not for your average aspiring self-publisher
  • One-off. Paying the price for this program will result in a single book. Wouldn’t it be better to learn everything for yourself and then have the knowledge needed to produce multiple books over your author career?
  • ROI. While there's a lot that works in this program, such as carrying out a soft launch, there's a lot that won't pay off for the vast majority of authors, such as press releases. 

Other Best Seller Publishing reviews 

So what are other reviews saying about Best Seller Publishing and Rob Kosberg?

If you’re familiar with our review articles here at, you’ll know that we like to give you a snapshot of what people are saying elsewhere.

However, when it comes to this program, there’s not a lot being said!

For what it's worth, Rob Kosberg's book, also called Publish. Promote. Profit., has a solid reputation on Goodreads.

Best Seller Publishing - Publish. Promote. Profit By Rob Kosberg Goodreads Review

Rob’s books also have some good reviews on Amazon. 

Best Seller Publishing - Publish. Promote. Profit By Rob Kosberg Amazon Review

You can also check out the testimonials found on Best Seller Publishing's site, but these, of course, are going to be slanted positively. You'll also notice that these are from major names who already had a lot of success before working with Rob Kosberg.

Best Seller Publishing Testimonial

Alternatives to Best Seller Publishing 

At, we’re fully committed to being upfront and honest about our affiliation with Self-Publishing School. That’s because we truly believe in what they offer and have seen the success their students have.If you're interested in the benefits of Rob Kosberg's program, want to write a book, but aren’t sure about such a large investment, you might be interested in an author education program from Self-Publishing School.

They teach you everything you need to know at a fraction of the price.

With the money you would save, you would have enough left over to invest in a ghostwriter and cover designer and still spend a lot less than Publish, Promote, Profit requires.

We’d like to highlight three options from Self-Publishing School.

  1. Become a Bestseller. Covers a large amount of the same topics as Publish, Promote, Profit such as how to create and launch your book successfully. Only $5997. Guarantees your bestseller status.
  1. Course Building for Authors. How to create a course from your book, with your first 10 course sales guaranteed. Costs $6997 and gives you a revenue stream that's ignored by Best Seller Publishing.
  1. PR & Speaking for Authors. Teaches you how to land lucrative PR and speaking gigs off the back of your book. Your first 5 PR and speaking opportunities are fully guaranteed. The price of the program is $4997. 

Now you could take any one of these courses and experience a similar level of reward to that provided by Best Seller Publishing for a lot lower investment. 

But, you could also take all three! That would be a total investment of $17,991, less than a third of the cost of Best Seller Publishing. You’d have money left over for a ghostwriter and cover designer. You’d also have a stream of revenue not provided by Best Seller Publishing – a lucrative online course with your first 10 sales guaranteed!

Final rating 

Our Rating
Overall, we award Best Seller Publishing with Rob Kosberg 2.5 stars out of 5 simply because it is not a realistic option for the average aspiring author. 

A lot of the information in the course is solid, and the done-for-you nature of it will appeal to a lot of its target audience of entrepreneurs and coaches.

However, the price tag means this is true for the 0.1%. $60,000 is simply a huge amount of money to invest during an unprecedented global downturn.

For the vast majority of people reading this, you are likely to get a far better outcome by choosing a lower-priced course

What are your thoughts on Rob Kosberg's Best Seller Publishing?

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