Travel Book Types (for Aspiring Travel Entrepreneurs)

P.J McNulty
November 29, 2023 | 7 mins

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For travel entrepreneurs, writing a book offers a unique avenue to share experiences, insights, and expertise.

As a travel blogger, service owner, or industry expert, a book not only chronicles your journey but also enhances your brand and business.

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These are the 12 types of books that travel entrepreneurs can author, each providing a distinct perspective and opportunity to engage with a wider audience.

1. Comprehensive destination guides

Destination guides authored by travel entrepreneurs are invaluable for readers seeking a blend of popular spots and hidden treasures. These guides can delve into various aspects of a destination – from its history and culture to its culinary scene and entertainment options. Beyond just listing places to visit, you can offer practical advice on navigating the locale, respecting local customs, and finding off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Additionally, these guides can include personal anecdotes, making them more relatable and engaging. By providing a mix of practical information, personal insights, and cultural context, your guide can become a go-to resource for travelers, enhancing your credibility and opening up partnership opportunities with local businesses and tourism boards.

2. Engaging travel memoirs

Travel memoirs allow you to share your personal experiences and the transformative power of travel. These books can be structured around a particular journey or a series of travels, offering insights into the challenges faced and the growth experienced. You can discuss how travel has changed your perspective, the life lessons learned, and the memorable interactions with locals.

A well-crafted memoir not only serves as an inspiration for others but also strengthens your personal brand. It allows readers to connect with you on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and interest in your other travel ventures. Memoirs can also open opportunities for speaking engagements and workshops, where you can share your stories and insights in a more personal setting.

3. Adventure travel chronicles

Books focusing on adventure travel can captivate readers with tales of exhilaration and endurance. Whether it's scaling mountains, exploring underwater caves, or trekking through jungles, these narratives can be both thrilling and educational. You can include detailed accounts of the planning and execution of these adventures, offering tips and advice for those looking to embark on similar journeys.

These chronicles can also discuss the environmental and cultural impact of adventure travel, encouraging responsible and sustainable practices. By sharing both the highs and lows of such experiences, you can offer a balanced view of adventure travel, appealing to a broad range of readers from seasoned adventurers to novices.

4. In-depth cultural exploration books

Books focusing on the cultural aspects of travel can offer readers a deeper understanding of the destinations you cover. These can range from in-depth analyses of historical sites and traditions to personal experiences with unique cultural practices. You can explore how culture shapes the way people live, eat, celebrate, and interact.

Such books are not just travelogues; they are educational resources that foster appreciation and understanding of global diversity. They can attract readers interested in anthropology, history, and sociology, making them suitable for academic settings as well as general readership. This type of book can also lead to collaboration with cultural experts and institutions, enhancing your credibility as a travel expert.

5. Sustainable and eco-travel guides

Writing about sustainable and eco-friendly travel practices is increasingly relevant. You can share your experiences with sustainable travel, offering insights into how to travel responsibly. These guides can cover topics such as eco-friendly accommodations, conservation efforts at various destinations, and how to minimize one's carbon footprint while traveling.

By highlighting the importance of sustainable travel, these books can appeal to a growing segment of environmentally conscious travelers. They can also serve as a guide for travel businesses looking to adopt more sustainable practices. Collaborating with environmental organizations and participating in eco-travel forums can further amplify your impact and reach.

6. Travel photography books with a narrative

Travel photography books that combine stunning visuals with compelling narratives offer a unique way to tell travel stories. These books can range from focused themes, like landscapes or cityscapes, to a more eclectic mix of images capturing the essence of various destinations. Accompanying narratives can provide context to the images, sharing the stories behind them and offering insights into your experiences capturing these moments.

This genre can appeal to a broad audience, from photography enthusiasts to casual travelers. It also offers potential for exhibitions and collaborations with art galleries or travel magazines. A well-produced photography book can become a coveted item for collectors and a visually stunning representation of your brand.

7. Culinary travel journeys

Culinary travel books can take readers on a gastronomic journey around the world. These books can include a mix of recipes, stories about local food traditions, and your personal experiences discovering and enjoying various cuisines. You can also delve into the cultural significance of certain dishes and how they are prepared and enjoyed in different regions.

This type of book can attract food enthusiasts and travelers alike, offering a taste of different cultures through their culinary delights. It can lead to opportunities like hosting culinary tours, cooking demonstrations, or collaborations with food and beverage brands. Culinary travel books can also be used as a platform to discuss broader issues like food sustainability and cultural preservation.

8. Solo travel handbooks

Solo travel guides can offer a mix of personal stories and practical advice. These books can cover a range of topics, from preparing for a solo journey and overcoming challenges to making the most of the experience. You can include tips on budgeting, safety, and making meaningful connections while traveling alone.

Writing about solo travel can inspire others to explore the world independently, and your book can become a trusted resource for both first-time and experienced solo travelers. It can also lead to speaking opportunities and workshops focused on empowering solo travelers.

9. Family travel companions

Family travel books can provide valuable insights and tips for traveling with children. You can cover topics like planning family-friendly itineraries, keeping kids engaged and entertained during travels, and balancing adult and child interests. Including personal anecdotes and experiences can make the book relatable and practical for families planning their travels.

This type of book can resonate with a growing market of family travelers, offering a combination of guidance, reassurance, and inspiration. It can lead to collaborations with family-oriented travel brands, resorts, and publications, positioning you as an expert in family travel.

10. Comprehensive budget travel guides

Budget travel books can guide readers on how to explore the world affordably. These guides can include tips on finding deals, traveling off-season, using travel rewards effectively, and discovering low-cost or free experiences in various destinations. You can also discuss how to travel sustainably on a budget, combining cost-saving strategies with eco-friendly practices.

Appealing to budget-conscious travelers, especially millennials and students, these guides can help demystify the notion that travel is always expensive. They can lead to partnerships with budget travel agencies, hostels, and travel gear companies, enhancing your brand's reach in the budget travel market.

11. Luxurious travel chronicles

If your niche is luxury travel, a book detailing exclusive experiences and destinations can captivate a high-end audience. You can discuss the world of bespoke travel, from private jet journeys to exclusive island retreats. Including insights into the luxury travel market, trends, and what constitutes a truly luxurious experience can add depth to your book.

This type of book can attract affluent readers and establish you as an authority in luxury travel. It can open doors to collaborations with high-end travel brands, luxury resorts, and exclusive events, enhancing your brand’s prestige in the luxury travel market.

12. Insightful travel business books

For those with experience in the travel industry, a book sharing business insights can be highly beneficial. You can cover topics like starting a travel business, adapting to market changes, digital marketing strategies for travel brands, and creating memorable customer experiences. Sharing your journey and the lessons learned can be both inspiring and educational for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This type of book appeals to budding travel entrepreneurs and can establish you as a thought leader in the industry. It can lead to speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, and collaborations with travel start-ups and educational institutions.

As a travel entrepreneur, you possess a wealth of experiences and insights that can translate into compelling written works.

Contribute to the world of travel

Whether your focus is on sharing practical advice, inspiring through personal stories, or offering a visual feast through photography, there is a book within you that can broaden your reach, enhance your brand, and contribute meaningfully to the world of travel.

Embrace the journey of authorship and let your book be a passport to new opportunities and lasting impact in the vibrant world of travel.

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