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Christopher Ortiz
December 18, 2023 | 8 mins

What once would have only been possible in science fiction movies, is now becoming a reality for people all around the world. AI is being used in a wide range of industries, disrupting them to such an extent that many experts think they will become unrecognizable. Which brings us to this review.

In recent years, there has been a swift acceleration of new technology that is driving society forward in ways one would have previously thought impossible. But there is also skepticism around what actually constitutes AI – and whether or not it is unjustly used by companies to make their product sound more sophisticated than it actually is.

The publishing industry is no different. is attempting to use AI to change the game. But is legit? And is it actually a good idea to use it for your book?

In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at who they are, what they do, and whether or not their claims about streamlining the publishing process stand up to scrutiny.

A backstory for this review was founded by twin brothers Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen in 2016 – and has gone through several iterations since its inception. 

Starting out as writers, they turned their works into audiobooks and began making money by selling them on Audible.

Alongside this, they also started a YouTube channel and began growing their subscriber base.

In 2018, they launched the Audiobook Impact Academy to help people learn how to follow the same process of making money through audiobook sales.

The business as it is currently known,, was launched in 2020. Throughout the pandemic, as people were looking for remote bases of income, the business took off – and they passed $10,000,000 in revenue.

What does do today?

As per their website, states that their mission is to become the one-stop solution for all publishing needs. Everything from online education and coaching to book marketing and ad management.

The business is defined as being an education-centric company offering online courses, coaching, and AI-powered software that streamlines the self-publishing process. 

The business model is seemingly operated through a conventional model – offering some free resources to give insight into what they are teaching.

From there, anyone who is sufficiently interested can join the AI Publishing Academy, which appears to be the start of any journey as a customer or student.

Now let’s get to the review, starting with the features they offer. review: Key features

It’s time to look at the key features of the company for our review. Here are some of the features they offer:

Training schedules

Whether you are just starting out or are already seasoned at Amazon self-publishing, they aim to match their programs with your situation.

A-Z training takes beginners through their 4-step income process from scratch. And advanced scaling strategies aim to show experienced publishers how to multiply income streams and sell more than ever before.

Accelerated time frames

If potential customers are in a rush or wish to accelerate the process, they can go through the training faster with the aim of making their first Amazon sales within 7 days of signing up. 

Unlimited program access

For customers who have less free time on their hands, and wish to go at their own pace, they offer unlimited access to all the programs so that users can complete the training on their own time.

Extensive resources

Within the program are a number of resources for users, including templates, shortcuts, insights, and access to live coaching up to five times a week.

Support systems

Users can access support 24/7 via multiple platforms and usually receive an answer within an hour of their initial inquiry or question.

Utilizing AI technology

The built-in AI technology is designed so that even those users without expertise in this area can benefit from it, aiming to create a level of automation for customers. review: Cost

One of the reviews on TrustPilot says:

“Price is like free… oops nope actually $2000

So they get you to click saying it’s almost free so I listen to an hour-long infomercial and then say it’s 2000+$ so not basically free not even close…… if you’re going to keep me on the hook for one hour and say it’s basically free then throw $2000 price tag at people I guess that is bait and switch.”

So it seems like some customers have felt a bit swindled. Of course, there are plenty of positive reviews, too.

It also appears that the company has since made their prices more transparent, so hopefully this means they are listening to the concerns of their customers.

The stated price online (as of writing this review) is $6000 which includes the following:

  • A.I. Publishing Academy Course ($4,000 value)
  • Live Group Coaching 5x Week ($2,500 value)
  • Private AIA Community ($1,000 value)
  • Quality Stamp of Approval ($3,000 value)
  • AI Writing Software – Beta Access ($5,000 value)
  • 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

This list is extensive but there are certain things that should give potential customers pause in this review.

Namely, the claims around the value of certain items on this list.

They also claim to offer a “team of ghostwriters” and “tax-saving secrets.” But there is a real lack of clarity around what exactly these entail – and you can’t find out more without making a purchase. So do some digging through other reviews to see what clients say.

In addition, if one scrolls down to the bottom of the website, there is a small print disclaimer that states “Any success depends on many variables which are unique to each individual, including commitment and effort. Testimonial results are meant to demonstrate what the most dedicated students have done and should not be considered average.”

While this is responsible for them to include, it is not unreasonable to see how people may miss this information and consider the results in other reviews as a guarantee (or at the least an expectation). review: Pros and cons

Okay, now let’s break down the pros and cons of using

Pros of

  • Comprehensive training: offers a range of training courses covering various aspects of self-publishing, from conceptualization to distribution and marketing.
  • Success stories: Numerous students have reported success stories, attesting to the effectiveness of the platform in helping some people achieve financial independence through self-publishing.
  • Inclusive community: The private Facebook group fosters a supportive community where self-publishers share tips and experiences, providing valuable networking opportunities.
  • Refund policy: Despite the high cost of enrollment, offers a full refund within a specified time frame for those unsatisfied with the course outcomes, demonstrating confidence in their product.

Cons of

  • Mixed reviews: The platform has received mixed reviews, with some users praising its detailed insights, and others express dissatisfaction with the program’s effectiveness and customer service.
  • High cost: Enrolling in the flagship program can be expensive, which might deter potential users, especially considering the availability of free information on self-publishing elsewhere.
  • Effectiveness concerns: Some users find the lessons challenging to understand, hindering their progress through the course. There are also complaints about customer service, including lengthy response times.
  • Billing anomalies: A few users have reported anomalies in billing practices, contributing to their dissatisfaction with

Is legit?

So, after all that, is legit? is indeed a legit company. But we wouldn’t recommend using them. Some negative reviews suggest that there are fake testimonials, and while the company is not a scam, we would proceed with caution.

Success stories certainly exist, but the mixed reviews, high cost, and availability of alternative options suggest potential drawbacks. We encourage you to explore other avenues for online success before committing to


What are the alternatives to

If, after reading this review, you are thinking it might not be the company for you, here are some great alternatives:

Self-publishing courses

Self-publishing courses allow you to learn from successful authors to understand the full self-publishing process. This can help you to gain skills in the specific areas you need help in – instead of resorting to the hefty price tag of

You can choose courses based on your career stage, covering basic or advanced topics like how to promote a book.

A reputable self-publishing company

There are companies out there (like that can help you learn how to self-publish your book in 90 days or less. No AI needed. (Although it can certainly be included!) They can teach you all the tricks you need to become a bestseller.

Do some research to figure out which publishing companies might be a good fit for you.

Uploading directly to retailers:

You can directly upload your book to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for free.

You can also directly upload to retailers such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Rakuten Kobo.

Printing on demand:

You can avoid excessive fees by using print-on-demand companies. This allows you to retain control over the appearance of your print copy. Some recommended POD companies include KDP Print, IngramSpark, and BookBaby.

Traditional publishing:

For some people, traditional publishing can be a great option. Of course, there are many pros of self-publishing vs traditional publishing, since the elite publishing houses often come with slower processes, lowers odds of success, and diminished creative freedom. review: Our final verdict

We think it’s great that is looking to the future and harnessing AI. But at the same time, the high price point, lack of insight into exactly how the AI works, and the fine details of what customers will receive for their payment do give one pause.

If you have high levels of disposable income to throw at publishing your book, and don’t mind a potential flop, could be a convenient option for you.

But for those who are not in this position, there a plenty of better alternatives. You want to look for a company with more transparency – one that helps you to create a truly quality end product. At, we do just that. We have so many services for authors (and a TON of free tools and tips) to help you become a better writer and self-publish with confidence.

Whether you want help with writing, editing, finding the right book cover, or acing your book launch, the team at can help. Book a free strategy call today to see how we can assist you in self-publishing the book of your dreams.

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