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POSTED ON Sep 15, 2023

Christopher Ortiz

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What once would have only been possible in science fiction movies, is now becoming reality for humanity all around the world.

Even things we now take for granted, such as cell phones, airplanes and television would have once seemed like magic to generations gone by.

But in recent years, there has seemingly been a further acceleration of new technology that is driving society forward in ways one would have previously thought impossible.

Lately, that seems largely down to AI. AI is being used in a wide range of industries, disrupting them to such an extent that many experts think they will become unrecognizable.

But there is also skepticism around what actually constitutes AI and whether or not sometimes it is unjustly used by companies as a way to make their product sound more sophisticated than it actually is.

The publishing industry is no different to the above, and one company seemingly utilizing AI to change the game is

In this review, we will be taking an in depth look at who they are, what they do and whether or not their claims around streamlining the publishing process through AI software, stand up to scrutiny.

This review contains:

  1. backstory
  2. What does do today?
  3. key features
  4. How much does cost?
  5. What are the alternatives to
  6. review – our final verdict backstory

The company was founded by twin brothers Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen in 2016 and has gone through several iterations since its inception. 

Starting out as writers, they turned their works into audiobooks and began making money by selling them on Audible. Alongside this, they also started a YouTube channel and began growing their subscriber base.

In 2018, they launched the Audiobook Impact Academy to help people learn how to follow the same process of making money through audiobook sales.

The business as it is currently known,, was launched in 2020 and throughout the pandemic as people were looking for remote bases of income, the business took off as they passed $10,000,000 in revenue.

What does do today?

As per their website, today states that their mission is to become the one stop shop solution for all publishing needs. Everything from online education and coaching to marketing and ads management.

The business is defined as being an education-centric company offering online courses, coaching and AI powered software that streamlines the publishing process. 

The business model is seemingly operated through a conventional model of offering some free resources to give insight into what they are teaching and how they teach. 

From there, anyone who is sufficiently interested can join the AI publishing academy, which appears to be the start of any journey as a customer or student. key features

Training Schedules – Whether you are just starting out or are already a seasoned Amazon publisher, they aim to match their programmes with your situation.

A-Z training takes beginners through their 4-step income process from scratch. 

And advanced scaling strategies aim to show experienced publishers how to multiply income streams and sell more than ever before.

Accelerated Time Frames – If potential customers are in a rush or wish to accelerate the process, they can go through the training quicker with the aim of making first Amazon sales within 7 days of signing up. 

Unlimited Programme Access – For customers who have less free time on their hands, and wish to go at their own pace, they offer unlimited access to all the programmes so that users can complete the training on their own time.

Extensive Resources – Within the programme are a number of resources for users, including templates, shortcuts, insights and access to live coaching up to five times a week.

Support Systems – Users can access support 24/7 via multiple platforms and usually receive an answer within an hour of their initial inquiry or question.

Utilizing AI technology – The built in AI technology is designed so that even those users without expertise in this area can benefit from it, aiming to create a level of automation for customers.

How much does cost?

The stated price online is $6000 which includes the following:

A.I. Publishing Academy Course ($4,000 value)

Live Group Coaching 5x Week ($2,500 value)

​​Private AIA Community ($1,000 value)

Quality Stamp of Approval ($3,000 value)

​AI Writing Software – Beta Access ($5,000 value)

​BONUS #1 – $500 Cash Bonus

​BONUS #2 – Private Review Group

​BONUS #3 – Top 100 In-Demand Topics

​BONUS #4 – Team of Ghostwriters

​BONUS #5 – Low-Content Kickstarter

BONUS #6 – Tech & Computers 101

​BONUS #7 – Tax Savings Secrets

​BONUS #8 – Extra AIA Membership

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

This list is extensive but there are certain things that should give any potential customers food for thought.

Namely, some of the claims around the value of certain items on this list and exactly what constitutes for example ‘team of ghostwriters’ or ‘tax saving secrets’.

The seeming lack of clarity around what these entail prior to making the purchase, is not ideal.

Alongside this if one scrolls down to the bottom of their website, there is a smallprint disclaimer that states “Any success depends on many variables which are unique to each individual, including commitment and effort. Testimonial results are meant to demonstrate what the most dedicated students have done and should not be considered average.”

Whilst this is responsible for them to include and certainly no different from any financial institution such as investing in stocks, it is not unreasonable to see how people may miss this information and consider the testimonial results as a guarantee or at the least an expectation.

What are the alternatives to

There are primarily two alternatives to using The first would be to use a similar service or website, all of which operate in a similar manner.

Customers pay a fee to receive access to training and coaching with the aim of making a return on their investment through book sales on sites like Amazon and Audible.

The second alternative is for writers to submit their work to a traditional publisher with the aim of having them publish for them.

The upsides to this are no financial outlay and the prestige that can come via this route. But it is also worth mentioning that the sheer competition that comes with making a submission, results in only the finest writing being selected and takes away the autonomy that comes with self publishing. Review – our final verdict

In summary, certainly stands out amongst a myriad of competitors in the market for a number of positive reasons.

Their website is amongst the most professional to be found, with a modern and progressive outlook.

Harnessing AI technology also shows a willingness to embrace the tides of change in what can at times be a stuffy and old fashioned business.

But at the same time, the high price point and lack of insight into exactly how the AI works as well as the finer details of what customers will receive for their payment, does give one pause.

Ultimately then, is a good option for those with high levels of disposable income looking to get into this market. 

But for those who are not in this position, self publishing without any assistance from a third party or utilizing the services of another company at a better price point and without some of the flashy sales pitching, may well be a better option.

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