IA Writer Review: Should You Use It?

Christopher Ortiz
April 13, 2023 | 5 mins

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In today's digital world, the demand for high quality writing software is growing rapidly. Upon emergence, such software was almost seen as a novelty or a gimmick, attempting to replicate science fiction imaginations with cheap imitations. As time has progressed, however, these tools have evolved and become incredibly sophisticated. Today, it hardly feels like a year goes by without a product release that has everyone scratching their heads about how impressive it is. But with so many competing products, it is vital that any writer considering utilising them does their homework to establish whether it is truly beneficial or not. 

One such tool that has gained significant attention in recent times is IA Writer. In this review, we will take a close look at IA Writer and explore its features, benefits, suitability for different users and ultimately whether or not a writer looking for such a tool should go with IA Writer.

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This IA Writer review explores:

  1. What is IA Writer?
  2. Who would benefit from using IA Writer?
  3. IA Writer pricing
  4. What are the alternatives to IA Writer?
  5. IA Writer review – final thoughts

What is IA Writer?

IA Writer is a text editor software designed to help writers improve their productivity and creativity. The software is developed by iA Inc., a company known for its focus on simplicity and usability in software design, based in Japan. IA Writer has a clean and minimalistic interface, which makes it an excellent tool for distraction-free writing. As per their website, they self describe as ‘a focused environment where you can write freely’.

One of the standout features of IA Writer is its ability to create a seamless writing experience across different platforms. The software is available on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android, ensuring that users can access their work from any device. This cross-platform functionality also makes collaboration and sharing of documents easy, which is especially useful for team projects.

Another notable feature of IA Writer is its focus on markdown language. Markdown is a simple and lightweight markup language used to format text documents. IA Writer's integration of markdown allows users to create beautifully formatted documents with ease. The software also has a syntax highlighting feature that makes it easy to identify and fix errors in markdown language.

IA Writer also has a unique “Focus mode” feature that allows users to concentrate on a particular paragraph or sentence. This feature highlights the selected text and fades out the rest of the document, providing a distraction-free writing experience. This feature is particularly useful for writers who need to focus on a specific section of their work or have trouble with writer's block.

Who Would Benefit from Using IA Writer?

IA Writer is a potentially excellent writing tool for anyone who needs a clean and minimalistic interface to work on their writing projects. Its cross-platform functionality makes it ideal for writers who work on multiple devices or collaborate with others. Additionally, the software's markdown language integration makes it a good option for writers who want to format their documents without the complexity of traditional word processors.

IA Writer's Focus mode feature is especially useful for writers who struggle with distractions and writer's block. This feature allows users to focus on a particular section of their work, providing a distraction-free environment to improve productivity and creativity.

IA Writer Pricing

All platforms that IA Writer is available for have trial agreements and paid one off pricing, full details of which can be found below.

  • Mac OS – 14 Day Trial – $49.99
  • iOS – Trial Not Available – $49.99
  • Android – 30 Day Trial – $29.99
  • Windows – 14 Days – $29.99

Their website does state however, that subscription based pricing is going to be arriving across all platforms in the near future. As is the case with any product like this, any writer considering making a purchase is best served by utilising the trial period to have a first hand look into whether or not the product is of use to them as well as making a comparison with IA Writers competitors.

What are the Alternatives to IA Writer?

While IA Writer is an excellent writing tool, it may not be suitable for everyone. There are several alternatives to IA Writer that offer similar features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular alternatives to IA Writer:

1. Ulysses: Ulysses is a text editor software designed for writers who need a powerful writing tool with a simple and intuitive interface. Ulysses has similar features to IA Writer, including markdown language integration, cross-platform functionality, and a distraction-free writing mode.

2. Scrivener: Scrivener is a writing software designed for long-form writing projects, such as novels or academic papers. Scrivener has advanced outlining and organizing tools, making it an excellent choice for writers who need to manage large documents.

3. Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processors available, offering a wide range of features and customization options. While it may not have the simplicity and distraction-free environment of IA Writer, it is a powerful tool for writers who need advanced formatting and editing features.

IA Writer Review – Final thoughts

In summary, then, IA Writer is best described as a platform designed to make the writing process more streamlined and efficient. As a product, it offers a variety of tools and features to help writers focus on their work and create their best content. It has notable strengths including its design, ease of use and cross platform integration. 

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using IA Writer. For example, the platform may not be suitable for writers who require advanced formatting options, such as multi-column layouts or complex tables. Additionally, some writers may prefer a platform that offers more robust collaboration features, such as track changes or commenting tools.

Not to mention the fact that some writers may not wish to engage with this type of technology, as it is viewed in some quarters as being against the spirit of the tradition of writing. Those that this is not the case for however, may well find it a beneficial tool to have in their arsenal.

3 Stars

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