Gifts for Writers: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gifts for Writers

POSTED ON Oct 17, 2019

Hunter Freeman

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Searching for the best gifts for writers can be a daunting task.

Writers of all genres love gifts that not only come from the heart, but those that are can be used towards improving the writer’s craft. 

In this ultimate gift guide, you’ll find a variety of different gift ideas to sift through, so that you can choose a one-of-a-kind item for that special writer in your life no matter what the occasion is. 

The more you encourage their passion for writing and books, the more appreciated your gesture will be.

If you're stuck on what gift to give the special writer in your life, check out this comprehensive list of gift ideas for writers.

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Here’s what we’ll cover in this gift guide for writers: 

  1. Types of writers gifts
  2. Best gifts for writers that they’ll actually use
  3. Creative gifts for writers that they’ll love
  4. Gifts for aspiring writers that they'll be inspired by

Types of gifts for writers

If you’re on the hunt for a present or gift to give a special writer in your life, it’s helpful to decide on which type of gift you should be looking for. 

# 1 – Useful writing gifts

The best gifts for writers are ones that can be used. Because writing is a huge part of every author’s life, writers are always on the hunt for products, tools, and opportunities that improve their writing craft and help them build their author careers. Useful gifts for writers will never go under-appreciated! If you’re looking for gifts for writers that will actually be used, stick to useful gift ideas.

#2 – Creative gifts for writers

Writing and creativity go hand in hand, so your writer will appreciate any out-of-the-ordinary gifts that you give. Many creative gifts for writers are often those that are artsy, handcrafted, inspirational, and provide an extraordinary twist to the practical. If you’re looking to wow the author in your life, or gift something out of the ordinary, stick to creative gift ideas. 

#3 – Inspiring author gifts

Writers are constantly looking for opportunities or experiences to draw inspiration for their work. Inspiring momentos that remind the author in times of self-doubt that they are doing the best they can are essential. Writers also struggle with writer’s block, so if you know an author that has difficulty focusing or sticking to their writing goals, choose an inspiring author gift. 

Tips for finding the best gifts for writers:

  • Consider the occasion. Why are you giving a gift in the first place? Is it for a special occasion like a birthday gift or during the holiday season? By considering the occasion, you can make sure the gift is appropriate and narrow down what you want to give.
  • Think of your relationship. Is the writer in your life a best friend, your sibling, a spouse, or a coworker? This will help you make sure you're giving a gift that's relevant to the relationship you have with the writer.
  • Set a budget. Are you willing to spend a lot of money on the gift, or do you have a specific budget in mind?
  • Keep the timeline in mind. Unless you shop in person for the gift, it's important to consider the time of the year and how that affects the mail delivery timeline. If the item is handcrafted and customizable, you'll want to allocate more time for production. If you are purchasing during the holiday season, keep in mind that shipping timelines are often delayed.
  • Determine what’s needed. Are you gifting an item that the writer needs or wants? Determine where the writer is in their career. Are they a published author who already has everything they would need, or are they aspiring author who needs a nudge to get started?

Best gifts for writers that they’ll actually use

If you're on the hunt for useful writers' gifts, there are a lot of options to choose from.

If you're not a writer yourself, it can be difficult to determine what type of items or products are practical. That's why we came up with these ideas so that you can give a gift that will actually be put to good use.

These gift ideas will make for the perfect present for anyone that loves to write and is serious about their writing – from published authors to recreational storytellers.

#1 – Book writing software

An especially useful gift for writers that type their manuscripts on the computer, a book writing software subscription is a must-have! Writers are always eager to try out new book writing tools, but investing in a program can be a difficult decision, especially for frugal writers that like to stick to the free options (like writing with pen and paper).

However, many authors actually favor book writing software and have seen their writing productivity skyrocket by using one. 

Check out these book writing software tools to peruse through the many different options you can gift your writer.

#2 – Noise-cancelling headphones

Headphones with noise-canceling technology are useful for writers that need a quiet environment to work, or for those that like to listen to music or white noise to get into their creative element. 

If the writer in your life goes to coffee shops, libraries, or other public places to write, be sure to get noise-canceling headphones that are wireless – they will appreciate the extra thought!

#3 – Notebooks

Authors that prefer to write with pen and paper will never have too many notebooks on hand, especially if they have attractive covers or are high quality. A leather-bound notebook engraved with the author’s initials will never go out of style!

Notebook Gifts For Writers

Even for writers that type their books up on the computer, a notebook will always be appreciated. Writers tend to keep a notebook handy, even for jotting down ideas that pop up when they are away from their computers. 

A leather-bound notebook engraved with the author’s initials will never go out of style!

#4 – Gift card for publishing services

An especially useful gift for indie or self-published authors that need to pay for editing and book designing services during their book's production phase, a gift card to be used for publishing services is the definition of a practical gift that writers will love.

You can take a look at these self-publishing costs to get an idea of how much money specific services might run your author. Then, you can apply any amount within your budget to a gift card for an easy, meaningful present.

#5 – Messenger bag

An essential for any bookworm or writer, the messenger bag will complete any writer’s outfit. Not only are these messenger bags stylish, but they’re practical, too!

Writers need to carry their notebooks, pens, books, research materials, and laptops with them, and the messenger bag can fit it all! 

Gifts For Writers: Writer Messenger Bag

#6 – Writers' conference ticket

A special gift for writers that requires a higher budget. If you’re really looking to blow the writer in your life away, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Writers' conferences give the opportunity for authors to build their author community, network with experts in the publishing industry, and grow and develop through learning opportunities. 

There are a number of writers' conferences that every aspiring author should attend at least once a year, and they often take place in different locations, which also provides the opportunity to travel to an exciting place. Who can argue with that? 

Writing can be solitary, especially for authors that are more introverted than not (and most are). But a writers' conference provides a sense of community, where like-minded individuals are able to meet, learn, and grow together. 

Surprise the writer with a writers conference ticket, and give them an invaluable experience that they’ll never forget!

#7 – 90-Day Author Success Journal

Designed to beat “blank page syndrome” for good, this author journal will boost your writing productivity and keep you on track to crush your writing goals.

The Author Success Journal is not just a workbook, but it's an all-“encompassing tool and execution program crafted for one purpose and one purpose only: To help you define and achieve the #1 goal for your book in 90 days or less.”

Gifts For Writers: Author Journal

#8 – A door sign

The perfect stocking stuffer gift for writers, this “Do Not Disturb” sign adds a comical twist to a functional piece. Writers will appreciate having this door knob sign handy when they don’t want to be disturbed during their creative process. 

#9 – Writer Emergency Pack 

This gift can be a lifesaver for writers in distress since it’s specially designed to help fight writer’s block. Quoted by as “Your portable tool for story resuscitation,” this pack includes 26 illustrated idea cards to help get the inspiration going.

The writer in your life will appreciate creative rejuvenation!

#10 – Custom name stamp 

Perfect for the published, or soon-to-be-published author, a custom name stamp will inspire many future book signings. It is a great gift for any writer that wants to prevent a tired hand and sell more signed copies. 

Writers can perfect their personal signature, and receive an ink stamp of their custom design in the mail. 

Gifts For Writers: Custom Name Stamp

#11 – Writer mug 

Ask any writer, and they’ll tell you how essential a warm cup of coffee or tea is to their writing process.  Why not add a dose of motivation to their drink with a mug that mirrors their personality, inspires them, or makes them laugh?

Gifts For Writers: Writer Mug

#12 – Books on writing

One of the best gifts for writers is a good ole’ book; if there is anything writers love more than writing, it’s books! So what makes a better useful gift than a book about writing? While this isn’t the most creative gift idea out there, it’s one of the most practical, and one that won’t go under-appreciated. Writers will never pass up the opportunity to read a book about writing, written by an expert author. If you need book title ideas, check these out. 

#13 – Typewriter keyboard 

Vintage inspired and reminiscent of a typewriter, this fun keyboard is a functional novelty and makes a super creative gift. Writers of all genres will love to slave away at the keyboard as they envision the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Plath hacking away at the typewriter in similar fashion. 

Gifts For Writers: Typewriter Keyboard

With an intentional design, this typewriter is said to boost productivity by combining the elements of the simplicity of generations past with the convenience of today’s digital technology. 

The clickety-clack of each typewriter key is music to an author’s ears!

#14 – Hourglass timer

Gifts For Writers: Productivity Timer

Help your writer stay consistent with making time for writing by gifting a classic desktop hourglass timer like this one. The hourglass timer features the calming aesthetic of sand, and is designed with the “work for 30 minutes, rest for 5” concept. Writers will enjoy having a tangible timer on their desktop as they commit to working on their book writing each day. 

#15 -Writer’s subscription box

The only subscription box for novelists, Go Scribbler was designed by bestselling authors. Writers of all types will look forward to receiving this gift each month since each monthly box has a monthly theme with useful tools and exclusive goodies.

Gifts For Writers: Writer'S Subscription Box

Creative gifts for writers

If you're less concerned with practical, and more concerned with adding a creative twist to your gift, consider one of the gift ideas for writers below.

These creative gifts for writers are perfect for those who seem like they already have everything, or those that need a heartfelt acknowledgment from those that love them.

#1 – Mightier pin 

Gifts For Writers: Writing Pin

Inspired by the phrase ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’, this enamel pin is a creative gift for writers of all types – from teachers, to journalists, to editors, and novelists.

Perfect for use as a collectable, the enamel pin can be securely pinned to clothing, or used as a keepsake. Just imagine your writer wearing this cute pin on their favorite sweater as they slave away at the keyboard, writing a plot-twisting scene for their next book. 

#2 – Literary candle

The ideal gift for writers that double up as book lovers, these handcrafted soy candles offer the best of both worlds. The wax is hand poured into a classic jar for a finished elegant look, and each scent is appropriately themed for each candle label.

Gifts For Writers: Literary Candle Gift

Gift your candle-loving writer with “Wuthering Heights” which draws scents from Yorkshire moors and English ivy. Or, give the scent of “Old Books” which are reminiscent of leather bindings and aged paper. Anyone who loves to write can’t deny the simple comfort a lit candle provides at a writing desk, especially when it inspires a literary scent. 

#3 – Book-inspired tea

Gifts For Writers: Book-Inspired Tea

For the writers who prefer a cup of tea instead of coffee for their writing time. Elevate the tea game in your writers life with these creative literary-inspired tea flavors!

Book lovers everywhere will swoon over these famous author themed teas and these book-themed teas featuring tags with literary quotes. 

#4 – Typewriter coaster set 

Decorative and functional, this adorable typewriter coaster set will look lovely on any author’s desktop. A small gift idea with a big creative punch, the writer in your life will always be reminded to get back to writing when they set their drink down. 

Gifts For Writers: Typewriter Coaster

#5 – Engraved pen 

Every writer has a favorite pen.  Why not gift this pen that’s engraved with their initials or pen name? Authors will love signing books or jotting down their fleeting book ideas with this memorable writing tool. 

Or, consider gifting a fancy fountain pen. Most writers will consider a fountain pen gift as a novelty rather than an essential for writing, but the use of an inky fountain pen can be like a magic wand for getting creative juices flowing during the writing process. They also look fancy, which many writers can appreciate! 

#6 – Inspirational literary quote 

Every writer loves words – especially those that inspire. Gift an inspirational literary art print like this one that’ll make the perfect statement piece in your writer’s space. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even create a customized print on your own with a favorite writing quote

Gifts For Writers: Inspirational Literary Quote

#7 – Writing dice 

Gifts For Writers: Writing Dice

With NaNoWriMo coming up, this writing dice is the perfect desktop companion for any author needing a creative push for ideas. Perfect for writers, playwrights, and screenwriters, this dice set will determine which story elements to include  – from characters to setting to plot! The complete set of 15 comes wrapped, ready for gifting to the lucky writer in your life.

Gifts for aspiring writers

The best gifts for writers that aspire to be authors are those that encourage them in their journey.

These gift ideas cover practical and heartfelt gifts that can give the aspiring author in your life the motivating nudge they need to keep reaching for their writing goals.

#1 – Publishing education course

Give the gift of education to the future author in your life. Every writer knows how tumultuous the book writing and publishing scene can be. And without a formal education, it can seem like a mammoth undertaking that cripples many would-be authors from ever getting started in pursuing their dreams. 

There are some really great self-publishing courses available, but for aspiring authors we recommend Self Publishing School, which has both fiction and nonfiction programs available. Plus, writers get their own personalized coach to help navigate the process!

Gifts For Writers: Publishing Education Course

#2 – Book writing software subscription

Here’s the secret to go from aspiring writer to published author: Get to writing! 

Related: Best Book Writing Software

Writers know how difficult actually prioritizing time for writing can be, which is why part of developing a writing routine that works includes utilizing a trusted book writing software. A subscription to a book writing tool is a useful gift that every aspiring author will appreciate. 

#3 – Positive affirmation cards 

Motivating gifts for writers such as these affirmation cards will bring a daily dose of inspiration when it’s needed the most! Many writers battle with self-doubts and imposter syndrome, especially those that are just getting started in their author career, and positive affirmations can bring encouragement. 

Wrapped Gift Box With Text Overlays &Quot;Gifts For Writers&Quot; And &Quot;;

#4 – Writers conference ticket 

Writers conferences aren’t just for published authors! Future authors can learn a lot about breaking into the industry and building an author career by learning from the experts and networking with other writers at a conference. Gift any aspiring author the opportunity of a lifetime with a writers conference ticket. 

#5 – Future author accessories

Future authors can speak their goals into the universe by owning their title! With fun swag like coffee mugs or this t-shirt, there are endless gifts that your aspiring author will own with pride. 

Gifts For Writers: Future Bestselling Author T-Shirt

#6 – Gift card for publishing services

This gift idea was mentioned in a previous section, but it's worth adding here because it makes a great gift for aspiring authors as well.

When writers are just getting started in their career, they will appreciate any support they can get, especially if they don't have a large budget for self-publishing costs.

This is why a gift card for any author services needed during the book production process is especially helpful. You can gift your writer any amount to help them with fees towards ISBNs, book cover design, editing, and more.

#7 – Author postcards

Another creative gift idea for writers, these classic author postcards will spice up any writing space and promote inspiration and creativity. These postcards feature 19 classic author quotes, and will make for motivating wall art. Writers will also love sending their author friends one of these postcards in the mail!

Gifts For Writers: Author Postcards

If you've perused through this list of best gifts for writers and are still not sold on the perfect present for the special author in your life, don't lose hope.

At the end of the day, any gift is a good gift – it's the thought that counts!

Do some more probing to determine what type of gift your writer will love, or ask them what they want directly.

If you're a writer yourself, share this list with anyone who might be on the hunt for a gift for you in the future; they will surely appreciate the help.

What gifts for writers do you recommend?

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