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Christopher Ortiz
February 14, 2024 | 9 mins

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The freedom the Internet provides cannot be overstated. From information and education to gaming and entertainment, whatever you are interested in you will find a home for it online. One aspect that is less spoken about, is the internet's capacity to provide a platform for entrepreneurs. One such company leading in this space is Entrepreneur Press.

For over forty years, Entrepreneur Press has published quality print, digital, and audiobooks. Written by entrepreneurs and small business owners, their material aims to equip every reader with all the tools they need to make a success of their goals and dreams.

What is Entrepreneur Press?

Entrepreneur Press

Entrepreneur Press is a publishing company that publishes a wide array of books and materials with a very simple aim; helping their audience to start, run, and grow their own business.

The books they print are composed and written by entrepreneurs and small business owners, meaning the reader will receive first-hand knowledge and expertise on the topic, as opposed to hearsay or mere intellectual theory.

For example, their flagship series, “Start Your Own,” helps aspiring entrepreneurs ramp up their startup knowledge so they can hit the ground running.

Alongside this, they also have their “Ultimate Guide” series which helps educate readers on the management of the day-to-day tasks involved with small business ownership.

Finally, their tech-savvy marketing-focused “No BS” series which, as I am sure you can guess from the title, avoids dancing around the subject and instead cuts straight to the point with actionable insights for the reader.

They are also part of the wider Entrepreneur Media family, which comprises a whole manner of different mediums and formats on the same topic.

It's encouraging for any writers to know that there is scope for them to expand their ideas or works beyond a traditional publisher/writer relationship, not to mention the level of insight and expertise that comes with having such a wide teaching parent company.

What Genres Does Entrepreneur Press Publish?

As you would expect given the company name and what we have already covered, the genres Entrepreneur Press publishes are focused on entrepreneurship and what it takes to create, maintain, and expand a successful business.

There are a variety of subcategories that are also worth touching on, as it shows a level of deep understanding of the topic to be able to recognize these nuances and categorize them. Below you can see the full list for yourself;

  • Starting a Business
  • Marketing
  • Success Strategies
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Franchising
  • Legal and Finance
  • Books for Kids

As you can see not only does Entrepreneur Press cover and publish the expected topics in this field, they also think about the tangential genres as well as introducing these concepts to kids.

Given that these topics are often overlooked in their school education, for more conventional subjects, this can be a great way to help inform them about the world of business either for their future careers or just from the standpoint that it is beneficial to be as informed as possible about such a universal topic.

Which Authors Publish with Entrepreneur Press?

Entrepreneur Press publishes an incredibly diverse and wide-reaching selection of titles, which given their focus industry, will not come as a surprise. Below we will highlight a range of titles, to give you some further insight into the types of books you can expect to see or buy from them.

Career Rehab – Kanika Tolver
Breakthrough – Scott Duffy
Elephants Before Unicorns – Caroline Stokes
Simplify – Richard Koch
Start Your Own Pet Business – The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
Ultimate Guide to Shopify – Jason R Rich
The Best of No BS – Dan S Kennedy
Write Your Business Plan – Entrepreneur Press
A Basketball Story – Miles Davis
The Naming Book – Entrepreneur Press

The above list is by no means exhaustive and is based on a scroll through their website. They genuinely have a title available for any conceivable topic within this realm.

You can also tell they understand the marketing aspect conclusively as both the cover art and titles immediately grab your attention as a reader, which is so important as a writer when considering which publisher to work with.

How Much Do Titles Offered by Entrepreneur Press Cost?

Book prices with Entrepreneur Press fall into an industry-standard price point, starting at $10 and progressing upwards towards the $40 mark, depending on the specifics of cover, length edition, etc.

They also regularly feature a discount section on a selection of titles that provides incredible value for money given the high caliber of work with which they are synonymous.

Can Authors Submit to Entrepreneur Press?

Yes, there is a fairly conventional submission process which we will outline below. Before we do that, it is worth mentioning that the books Entrepreneur Press publishes are available at all fine book retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Bookshop as well as a wide selection of independent retailers.

They are distributed by the well-renowned Publishers Group West, part of the Ingram brand, which should give huge confidence to any authors considering submissions that they would potentially be working with grade-A companies within the industry.

Any submission should include the following:

Book Overview – Include the book’s title, subtitle, number of proposed pages, a summary, and schedule for completion

Detailed Table of Contents – Provide two or three-sentence summaries of each chapter

Two Sample Chapters – Provide two sample chapters, as well as the introduction or preface to the book

Marketing – Describe who the target market is for the book and why they are important. What the plan is to reach that market or markets? What kind of network and or platform the writer has to support marketing the book; for example a social media following, blog, etc? Including details for any of the following that apply to the marketing plan would also be beneficial.

⁃ Email subscribers
⁃ Media contributions or appearances
⁃ Book contributions or promoters
⁃ Book testimonials, foreword, or marketing affiliate

List of the Competition – List five current competitor titles, including the publisher year published and comparisons. The comparisons should answer the following;

⁃ Why will someone use the book over those listed?
⁃ What about the book that cannot be found in the competitors' books?
⁃ Include two sentences as to what the reader will gain and learn that they will not have before reading

Author Biography – Include three to five paragraphs about yourself as a writer, your background, and why you are the right person to write this book

Previously Published Books – For any non-debutant writers, list all books previously published, their sales history, and marketing plans for them

As you can see, the submission process is extensive but revealing and encouraging. The breadth and scope of their considerations for what they are looking for, shows they are only interested in publishing the best of the best and working with authors who are of a similar mindset into how thorough they are. Combining this with the aforementioned pedigree of the retailers and distributors creates a potentially attractive offering.

Pros and Cons of Working With Entrepreneur Press

Let's take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of publishing your book with this company:

Pros of Entrepreneur Press

Credibility and Prestige: Being published by a well-known publisher like Entrepreneur Press can enhance your book's credibility and prestige, potentially leading to more sales and recognition.

Access to Resources: Publishers often provide resources such as editing, cover design, and marketing support, which can be valuable for first-time authors or those without a large platform.

Distribution: Established publishers typically have strong distribution channels, which can help get your book into bookstores and online retailers more easily.

Expertise: Working with a publisher can provide access to their expertise in the publishing industry, helping you navigate the process more effectively.

Cons of Entrepreneur Press

Loss of Control: When you publish with a traditional publisher, you often have less control over the creative aspects of your book, such as cover design and marketing strategy.

Royalties: Traditional publishing contracts often offer lower royalties compared to self-publishing or other publishing models.

Timeline: The traditional publishing process can be lengthy, and it may take a year or more for your book to be released after signing a contract.

Market Saturation: Some publishers, especially those with a focus on specific niches like entrepreneurship, may have a large number of titles competing for attention, making it harder for your book to stand out.

Alternatives to Entrepreneur Press

Despite its strengths, there are some things worth considering that could give a writer pause or food for thought when weighing up whether or not to submit.

Firstly, the strength of the submissions process with Entrepreneur Press is how thorough it is, forcing writers to fully evaluate their work and rest assured that their potential publisher has a holistic view of the industry. However, the length of time it is likely to take for a writer to put together a submission like this is substantial.

This may not be viable for many aspiring writers, at least not because there is no guarantee that even after putting together a submission, the writer will receive any feedback or hear anything at all from the publisher.

Secondly, a writer may feel it is preferential to remain in creative control. Often in discussions with publishers, creative differences come to the fore resulting in time-consuming back and forth about how best to proceed. An author likely may not have the time or desire to engage with such a process.

Finally, if a writer has to put together such a thorough submission process, that research may, in turn, give them the knowledge and information required to pursue the route of self-publishing.

Having navigated the competitive market and marketing plan, a writer will likely have all the tools required at their disposal to make a success of it themselves. Not only does this ensure they retain creative control, but allows them to work according to their schedule and timeframe.

Entrepreneur Press Review: Final Verdict

In conclusion, we would give Entrepreneur Press a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a really solid option for writers working within the business and entrepreneurial genres. They have a level of expertise and insight into this field that would put any writer in good stead if they were to work with them.

But the length of the submission process combined with the ease of self-publishing nowadays may make it more appealing for a writer to pursue this route instead.

Ultimately, each writer will need to weigh up their circumstances and preferences before making a final decision, and indeed there’s nothing to say a writer could not submit to a publisher like Entrepreneur Press whilst also exploring the self-publishing route.

If you would like to read our reviews of other publishing companies, you can do so below:

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