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The internet revolutionized the publishing industry. Before, writers were limited to selling their books in brick-and-mortar stores, and now virtual offerings are available to all. In turn, self-publishing has exploded in popularity. Many companies have come out of the woodwork to help with the process – which leads us to this MindStir Media review.

With so much information available online for writers looking to self-publish, it's easy to get lost in the weeds and bogged down in deciding which path to pursue. It makes sense then, that a number of companies now offer self-publishing services to help writers on their journey, in what is often referred to as the “hybrid publishing” model.

But much like the various options involved in self-publishing, the hybrid publishing model is so popular that it can be hard for writers to ascertain which companies' services are the best available.

Therefore, this MindStir Media review will aim to break down and analyze the company's offerings, the pros and cons of the company, and if there are any MindStir Media complaints to be aware of.

What is MindStir Media?

MindStir Media is a self-publishing company operating under the hybrid publishing model that aims to help people from all walks of life self-publish, distribute, and market their books. They have experience self-publishing books on Amazon and other retail outlets in virtually every genre.

MindStir Media has published a number of bestsellers and some of their notable projects include books by Sho Kosugi, Arnold Kane, and Don Miller. 

They are also ranked number 1 among self-publishing websites & best self-publishing companies as per Penny Matters and BestTechie. Their number 1 status, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt, as various review sites and list aggregators hold different rankings.

Authors at MindStir Media receive ongoing mentoring from USA Today/Wall Street Journal bestselling author (and MindStir Media founder) J. J. Hebert. As well as this, a dedicated, friendly author representative (aka project manager) is also assigned to every MindStir author to help with the book publishing process.

MindStir also provides book designers, editors, illustrators, and marketing experts to authors who require services rendered by those professionals. MindStir authors retain their publishing rights — and copyright — and enjoy royalty rates from 50-100%.

Books published by MindStir Media are available through renowned booksellers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and thousands of other retailers in over 100 different countries.

Next in this MindStir Media review, let's take a look at the packages the company offers in detail.

What Packages Are Available at MindStir Media?

MindStir Media offers a number of different package options for writers looking to use their services. A full breakdown of these can be found below.

Custom Package – $3,299

This is the introductory package that comes with their professional custom book design service, meaning writers receive a one-of-a-kind front/back cover and interior according to their vision.

This service does not use pre-designed cover templates or themes; everything is custom and original. They also provide exclusive mentoring from a bestselling author, unlimited image insertions, back cover copy editing, ISBN and barcode, global book distribution, one-on-one support, and quarterly royalties.

Pro Package – $5,299

Everything in the Custom Package plus the following upgrades and extras;

  • Author sets retail price
  • Author sets wholesale discount
  • 10 free copies
  • Higher paperback & ebook royalty rate
  • Author website ($1500 value)
  • Press release creation and distribution to NBC, CBS, and FOX websites ($799 value)

Gold Package – $8,249

Everything in the Pro Package plus the following extras and upgrades;

  • Professional proofreading of your entire manuscript ($2000 value)
  • More free copies
  • A higher royalty rate
  • Paperback return program ($500 value)

Platinum Package – $11,899

Everything in the Gold Package plus the following extras and upgrades;

  • More free paperback copies
  • 100% paperback royalties ($1000 value)
  • 100% ebook royalties ($1000 value)
  • Social Media Publicist program ($1500 value)

Emerald Package – $13,099

Everything in the Platinum Package plus the following extras and upgrades;

  • Google advertising for 60 days ($1000 value)
  • 5 guaranteed author interviews ($600 value)

Endorsed Package – $17,199

Everything in the Emerald Package plus the following extras and upgrades;

  • Twitter Blast to 500k Twitter followers ($1500 value)
  • An endorsement/blurb from USA Today bestselling author J.J. Hebert
  • Ingram iPage listing advertising your book to thousands of booksellers and librarians ($1500 value)

As well as the above there are various other endorsement package options as well as similar packages for hardcover books which we are not covering in this MindStir Media review.

MindStir Media Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of working with MindStir:

Pros of MindStir Media

Assistance with Publishing Process: MindStir Media offers a range of publishing services, including editing, design, and distribution, which can be helpful for authors who are not familiar with the publishing process.

Author Retains Rights: Authors retain the rights to their work when publishing with MindStir Media, which can be important for maintaining control over the content.

Royalties: Authors receive royalties on book sales, though the exact amount can vary depending on the publishing package chosen.

Marketing Services: MindStir Media offers marketing services to help promote the book, which can be beneficial for authors looking to reach a wider audience.

Cons of MindStir Media

Cost: Publishing packages with MindStir Media can be expensive, and authors should carefully consider whether the services offered justify the cost.

Limited Distribution: While MindStir Media offers distribution services, the reach may not be as extensive as traditional publishing houses, which could impact the book's potential audience.

Quality Concerns: Some authors have raised concerns about the quality of editing and design services provided by MindStir Media, so it's important to research and possibly seek reviews from other authors.

Royalty Rates: While authors do receive royalties, the rates may be lower than what could be achieved through traditional publishing or self-publishing platforms.

Other MindStir Media Reviews

If you do a search online, most MindStir Media reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a couple of the glowing MindStir Media reviews:

Positive Mindstir Media Review
Mindstir Media Reviews

Of course, not all MindStir Media reviews are positive:

Negative Mindstir Media Review

As you can see from the MindStir Media reviews above, most people have a positive experience with the company, but certainly not all of them do! You should do your research and think carefully before you decide to partner with this company, or the next MindStir Media complaints could be coming from you!

Alternatives to MindStir Media

After reading the MindStir Media complaints in the previous section, you're probably wondering if there are any alternatives to the company. So that's what we'll cover next in this MindStir Media review! Broadly speaking there are three main alternatives to working with MindStir Media.

The first of these would be to work with another hybrid publishing company. A writer may consider this if they think that their work is better aligned with a company due to things like location, price points, ethos, or the genre published. 

The second option would be to pursue a traditional publisher/writer relationship, whereby they submit a manuscript or proposal to a publisher and await to see if it is accepted. This route can be lucrative both financially as well as the prestige that comes with such an option but the competition is fierce and ultimately leaves the fate of the writer and their work in others' hands.

Finally, a writer may continue to pursue self-publishing on your own. This naturally places more responsibility and pressure on the writer. That being said, the lack of any fees, combined with complete creative control regarding the schedule and their own work, makes learning how to self-publish a book incredibly attractive. 

Ultimately each writer will be best served by weighing up the pros and cons of each in tandem with their key aims to ascertain which option is best.

MindStir Media Review: Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, MindStir Media operates at the center of the hybrid publishing world. Their services are exactly what you would expect a company like theirs to offer and there is a reassuring confidence and familiarity with how they operate. However, there are a couple of things that should give every writer food for thought when evaluating their options.

The first of these is the price point, with all of their packages costing at least four figures and the upper tiers being five, this is a considerable expense that many writers will simply not be in a position to afford.

Moreover, there are a number of claims that do appear grandiose or exaggerated which naturally creates some doubt, or at the very least the feeling that a writer is being sold to as opposed to partnered with.

The best course of action then might be to explore MindStir Media’s services via their free consultation as advertised on their website. This would provide a no-risk opportunity to have a more in-depth discussion that wouldn’t result in any commitment from the writer. 

Many writers may however feel that even this step is unnecessary due to the price points of the packages on offer and therefore may be best placed to pursue self-publishing in another form. We would overall rate this company a 2.5 out of 5, as we feel you can get more for your money elsewhere.

If you are hoping to spend a little less money, and are open to learning how to self-publish your book, you can reach out ot the team at selfpublishing.com and we can teach you how to successfully edit, market, and publish your book without the hefty price tags associated with MindStir. Contact our team for your free strategy call today.

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