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Direct to POD?

Direct to POD is a program developed by for individual authors
who prefer to write and publish, black and white books, without spending the time to learn about the publishing business.

What is it?

While this goes counter to twenty years of preaching, “Writing is a Love, Publishing is a Business”, it is perfect for some and very, very good for other authors who just want their book to be “In print”. While this program has some similarities to today’s vanity presses like Author House, I Universe and Xulon press, it has none of the negatives associated with this type of publishing.

What you Get

  • Always be the publisher…
  • Always own the ISBN to your title
  • Always own your printing files after your initial printing and upon completion of payment.
  • Always earn ALL the publisher profit (not just the author’s royalty)
  • Always be able to purchase books at the publisher printing price, not the author discount price
  • Always have the flexibility to change from this program to any more comprehensive, traditional self-publishing or traditional publishing program

FIRST BOOK Cost Approach

The Direct to POD approach concentrates on helping the author get to the point that printed copies can be ordered. The old saying printers use: "the first book costs a lot but they get pretty cheap after that" applies here. The packages offered are all based on the cost of the first book. Once the author/publisher has received that first copy, they will be free to order 100, 1000 or 1,000,000. Remember... as with all programs... you're the boss.

Order Now

Trade Book – Basic Package - $295/Mo (for 5 months)

What You Will Get

  • Self-Publishing team to see you through the process starting with a 20 minute “non-sales” consultation with experienced publishing professional.
  • Private customer service area
  • ISBN (Naming you as the publisher)
  • Text formatting for standard 5 x 8 or 6 x 9 trim size up to 320 pages and 20 b&w illustrations
  • Custom cover design
  • One paperback printed proof copy included (additional copies maybe be ordered after the proof copy has been approved at the publisher purchase price)
  • EBook (Mobi Kindle file) for inclusion in the Amazon Kindle store
  • 1 Year inclusion in the Thor POD distribution program which makes your title available to the largest online bookstore network in the world, including
  • Standard title website with unique domain name and “Buy Me” button connected directly to
  • 5 easy payments, charged to your Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

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