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Hey Carolyn: Just wanted to bring you up to speed on the book. I'm still sifting through the edits and attempting to knock them out. Some of them are easy fixes...some of them are quite agonizing :-) But...I just wanted to say that you do fantastic work. I am super-pleased with your work and already feel like I've gotten my money's worth. Thank you very much! I hope to have this back to you in a week or two. Todd Billingsley, Run to Win —Todd Billingsley
Carolyn; Did you perform the editing of my manuscript? I would like to know to whom I may give credit in the acknowledgments. If anyone worries about losing their voice or tone through a formal editing process, they need not worry, at least if they use the professionals staffed by www.selfpublishing.com. It seems to me like I sent a badly wrinkled shirt to you and you returned the same shirt to me having pressed it and made it look as good as possible: but it was still the same shirt. You may use this testimony if you wish. The editor asked a question about the Diaspora and I would say the Diaspora was the dispersion of Jews throughout the Roman empire, and not the persecution which caused the dispersion. I have changed the manual to be clear on these facts. Thank you (or the actual editor if not you). I am going through the book post-editing for a final run-through. Thanks so much. It has been an enlightening process, Roderick Cole, Walking in Kingdom Grace —Roderick Cole
My edit has been a totally positive experience and I am blown away by Carolyn's professionalism. You bet [my book] will be more aerodynamic. Plus the edit has made me see little gaps and rough spots in the story line that I am addressing. Johnny Armstrong, Shadowshine —Johnny Armstrong
Ron: First of all, I'm so glad I found a reference to selfpublishing.com in a _____ forum; I now know that I was going down the wrong road with that other service. Regarding the Editorial Analysis, I was very happy to see that comments include good points as well as corrective points. The editor made note of items I hoped would get the readers' attention and that was nice to have validated. Reviews from friends and family are one thing, but having someone review this who doesn't know me and "get it" makes me think I might actually sell some of these books. LOL. The summary write up is fantastic and really breaks down what the editor found. I've written training documentation for years (and years, and years) and a thorough review is very valuable for making the final document something that is useful. Overall I have found everyone at SelfPublishing.com helpful and full of great answers to my questions. My Book Coach, Phil, has been invaluable to me especially with his marketing background. Donna Keeley, Having a Whaley of a Time —Donna Keeley
Hi Carolyn: Thank you so much for your help with "Run to Win." Your involvement has produced exactly what I was hoping for...a much tighter, readable book (and hopefully enjoyable). Off to design we go! All the best, Todd Billingsley, Run to Win —Todd Billingsley
"Your site and staff are fantastic! They had answers for every question, addressed every issue I had and solved any problem that came up. I had a certain vision for my book and they understood that every step of the way and did everything to make sure that my vision became a reality. The final outcome was even better than I had expected!" —Emoni Haydes - Quest for Solitude
"At the beginning, I was unsure whether to go with RJ Com. I liked Ron and was leaning that way. Then I spoke for two hours with Sana Shabazz-- she had published with them herself. She spoke in glowing terms of their sevice. That convinced me. I found that the staff at RJ Com is personable and responsive. The book design was beautiful and the layout really sharp-looking. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to self-publish." —Author - Husky Football in the Don James Era
wish I had SOMETHING to complain about as I've run out of superlatives on your wonderful staff and how comprehensive the help was in guiding us from conception to delivery. We have used BJB services twice now, and both times the process was exceptionally easy. The final product was everything we has hoped for. Quality was paramount as this was a religious publication for regular use, paid for by members. We had unanimous approval by all who contributed. Our thanks to all! [email protected] —Author - Psalms and Selected Scriptures
"Aside from the book's topic, a major reason why my self-published book sold so well -- it's now in its fourth printing! -- is that it was professionally designed and printed by Books Just Books." —Author - Our Town, Our Time
I have used www.booksjustbooks.com as an information resource as well as printing avenue for both editions of my non-fiction title. The service and response have been outstanding. —Linda VandeVrede-Press Releases are not a PR Strategy
"I highly recommend self-publishers take advantage of the excellent services provided by RJ Communications." —- Leon M. Kelly/Confessions of a So-Called SEX OFFENDER-
"I've made comments above somewhere so those ones should do, however, everyone was more than positive and proffesional and if ever I know of someone who needs a place to print books of any sort I'll tell them of you. People were very helpful and not to prissy just right on all sorts of levels, I wish you all great raises for this year." —Author - Wake Up America
"The folks at SelfPublishing I believe are the best in the business. There are no surprises, everything is laid out for you, even for the novice. Folks like me publishing their first book and others that may be on their 20th book are treated with respect and given insight into all aspects that are needed to not just get our books published but into the publics hands. I appreciate all their help. From the operator answering your phone call to the very top. Each person treats you as an individual and not just one of the masses. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to publish." —Author - THE FIERY FURNANCE OF CANCER
The folks at RJCommunications took the fear out of self publising for me. —Author - Death of a Hustler
" My initial plunge into the self-publishing arena has been very gratifying, and RJ has been extremely helpful as well as supportive. Dana Cole's editorial work was very helpful and reflected a breadth of review and analysis that I hadn't expected but greatly appreciated. Jonathan's work on the design was also well done....love the product (and of course hope readers will too!). " —Peter Dumas - Seasons in the Fall
"I've been recommending your website to anyone interested in self-publishing." —Author -Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery
"I hoped for excellent service, and your company over-delivered. I'm recommending you to other people I'm going to start working with. Worked mostly with Jonathan who was great both professionally and personally." —Arnie Z. Goldberg - "Why Jews Don't Camp, Plus 24 Other Hilarious Stories About Everyday Life"
" I was extremely happy with the results. It was easy, efficient and the end product was excellent. I definitely plan to use your services for my next book!" —Mary Ann Winiger - A Revolution of One
"Having been back in the US a few years after many years abroad I have been extremely frustrated with almost every business and/or agency I have dealt with until I found you. It is obvious the management is good because the customer service is good." —Author - MIGHTY MERRY TOO
"Jonathan Gullery and Bob Powers were absolutely the best supporters in thisself publishing venture. I cant wait to do it again with my next book!! " —Author - The First Lady

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