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Most printers can print books although most printers are not book printers. Even if you are lucky enough to find a book printer, are you lucky enough to find a book printer who does not want to fill your garage with books with little concern whether or not you, the self publisher, can sell them? We deal with a group of offset, offset web and digital book printers. Our only concern is getting you back for a reprint after you have sold your first printing. We buy book printing in large enough bulk that we can print and sell the self-publisher books for less than the printer can sell to the self publisher direct. The proof is in the over 105 million books we have printed for thousands of different satisfied self-publishers. Click the trim size below and have a book printing price within seconds. Try different sizes, different quantities. You are in control with our online Instant Book Printing Pricing.

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Searching for the perfect book distribution channel for your self-published book is not unlike searching for the Holy Grail. Unless you have a marketing plan and a fair amount of money behind you, and in many cases, access to media and traditional bookstore distribution, sales will be a disappointment. This is not to say you won't be successful. It's just to say that you are going to most likely be swimming against the tide trying to distribute and market books in a traditional manner. The one thing that I am absolutely positive of is that there is no easy way to sell books and there is definitely no one place you can throw money, and expect your books to disappear. Your success is going to be directly related to the effort you put in to selling your book, no matter what programs you select. If you don't want to put in the time and effort to market your books, don't buy too many copies. 100 books sold are better than 1000 books in your closet.

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