Self Publishing Education

Writing is a Love…
Publishing is a Business

The first step of the self-publishing process

In entering the world of self-publishing you enter virtual minefield of misinformation dominated by the vanity press that prey on the naivety of the typical self-publisher. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Education is the key. You wouldn’t think of becoming a book printer without first learning about book printing. Book Publishing is no different. Our Book Publishing Basics Program is one of the most comprehensive publishing education programs currently being offered to the self-publisher. Remember, Knowledge is Power. Your self-publishing education starts here.

Publishing Basics - Navigating the Self-Publishing Minefield – Over 100,000 copies distributed to authors and self-publishers since 2000. The 5th Edition is a video edition that can be listened to/watched from any computer or mobile device. The 4th Edition is still available as an eBook as well as printed edition.

Self-Publishing Quiz – What type of self-publisher are you? This simple quiz which yields instant results, will give you an instant snapshot of you... the potential self-publisher.

Introductory Publishing Basics Seminar This hour long seminar was presented to a group of authors just like you by Ron Pramschufer, President of Self-Publishing, Inc. This seminar is the perfect place to start your publishing journey. It can be easily listened to on any hour long drive, plane or train ride or while fixing dinner or doing the laundry.

SelfPublishing411 There is a fork, very early, in the road to self-publishing which the author needs to properly navigate, or suffer the consequences. will help guide you every step of the way. Subscribe to this website and receive helpful articles about various aspects of the publishing business. Articles are emailed to you at a rate of one or two per week and can be read at the self-publishers convenience. All articles are also posted on the website for easy reference.

Self-Publishing Consultation - Are you serious about self-publishing? The Best 20 Minutes you will ever spend Ron Pramschufer, President of Self-Publishing, Inc. and printing and publishing industry for over 40 years has agreed to meet with new authors to help them navigate a path through the self-publishing minefield. Ron has been writing articles and giving seminars on self-publishing for almost 20 years. His latest author education project was the creation of a video edition of the tremendously popular book, Publishing Basics – Navigating the Self-Publishing Minefield. After 20 minutes with Ron, there should be very little doubt in your mind about what self-publishing is and what it isn’t. He will help you identify and avoid the various self-publishing predators who prey on misinformed and under informed authors. Writing is a love… publishing is a business.  Just as you wouldn’t think of opening an automobile repair shop without learning a little something about automobiles… you are not going to be a successful self-publisher without learning a little about publishing. Start the learning process with one of self-publishing’s best.  Ron was involved with his first self-publishing project in the early 1970’s and has helped thousands of authors like you since then.