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Outskirts Press Review: What to Expect & If It’s Worth It

POSTED ON Apr 17, 2020

Angelica Hartgers

Written by Angelica Hartgers

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In your quest to publish your book, you've likely come across a number of different publishing companies.

Some that do it for you, others that guide you through the process…

No matter what you're looking for, we're here to help make your decision easier by providing you a high-level overview of some publishing companies.

Self-Publishing Company

In this post, we're covering a full, in-depth review of Outskirts Press.

A Note To Our Readers:

We want you to make informed decisions when it comes to how and where to invest your money. That’s why our mission is to help educate authors on the various self-publishing companies and services that are on the market today.

Our reviews are meant to be unbiased, 3rd party reviews, but we will speak up if there is a scam or a clearly better option.

Here's what we'll cover in this Outskirts Press review:

  1. What is Outskirts Press?
  2. What does Outskirts Press offer?
  3. How much does Outskirts Press cost?
  4. Outskirts Press buyer reviews
  5. Outskirts Press alternatives
  6. Final Outskirts Press review rating

What is Outskirts Press?

Outskirts Press is a publishing company that started in 2002, with the purpose of helping authors develop, publish, and market books, with features including cover design, formatting, printing, distribution, and extensive book marketing services.

According to their website, they have resources for publishing in black and white, in color, as well as a “one-click” feature for convenience.


What does Outskirts Press offer?

One look at their website and you can get a feel for the fact that they offer a wide range of publishing offers, from publishing to marketing, “creative” including cover design, ghostwriting, and more as well as a “learn” section with some free resources.

Let's cover each section and what they offer specifically for them.


First, we have their publishing offers, including all black and white, full color for children's books, cookbooks, and more, as well as a one-click publishing suite and e-book only options.

Each of their package options comes with a specific number of formats, up to 10 included authors' copies, cover design options, ISBN and barcode, author volume discounts, and more depending on which package option you choose.

Outskirts press has a large number of publishing package options, ranging from book type to book genre.

For this review, we're going to focus on their main publishing packages, the black and white interior option.

Outskirts Press Ultimate Package:

  • 58 paperback/hardback formats
  • 10 author copies included
  • 20 professional cover choices
  • Matte or glossy cover options
  • $1500 Best Book of the Year eligibility

Outskirts Press Basic Package:

  • 16 paperback/hardback formats
  • 6 included author copies
  • 10 cover design choices
  • glossy cover option
  • Optional case-bound hardback option
  • Digital download in PDF format

Outskirts Press Economy Package:

  • 1 paperback format
  • 3 included author copies
  • 5 cover choices

All of the above options also come with the following included in their packages:

  • “industry leading profit margins”
  • Standard interior black and white formatting
  • Personalized back cover
  • ISBN and barcode
  • RWD-enhances author webpage with social media integration
  • One-on-one author support
  • non-exclusive contract
  • Custom publishing profile
  • Books-in-print listing
  • Digital author gallery
  • Standard press release

You can see a full breakdown from their website in this screenshot:

Outskirts Press Review Packages

Outskirts Press also has publishing options in other genres and styles as well. Here's a list of all their publishing packages with links to check out their features:


In addition to their publishing options, Outskirts Press also has some marketing choices.

These range from Apple/iPad/iPhone ebook marketing package to Barnes&Noble packages, book teasers, video trailers, and more.

Click here to learn more about their marketing author services.


When it comes to creative services like copyediting, cover design, writing consultations, and more, Outskirts Press has a few options for you.

Self-Publishing Company

How much does Outskirts Press cost?

Let's go over a breakdown of what their services cost for each of their offer categories. The overall price ranges for Outskirts Press vary quite a bit, with package options as well as a la carte services.

– Publishing: $999 – $9000

Black and White Interior:

  • Ultimate $1995
  • Basic$1399
  • Economy$999

Full-Color Interior:

  • Children's Books$9000
  • Full-Color Publishing$1999

One-Click Publishing Suites:

  • One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suite for Non-Fiction$6000
  • One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suite for Fiction$5000
  • One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suite for Spiritual Books$6000
  • One-Click Publishing & Marketing Suite for Children’s Books$9000

You can check out the rest of their “one-click publishing suites” for genre-specific products here.

E-book Publishing Services:

  • Apple iPad/iPhone ebook$699
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK e-book$349
  • Amazon Kindle ebook $349
  • Ebook Bundle (Kindle/Nook/iPad) $1199

As you can see, Outskirts Press has a wide range of pricing, from $300 – $9000+ for various publishing packages.

– Marketing: $300 – $900+

Outskirts Press has such a wide variety of a la carte marketing services, it's difficult to list every single price point for each.

That being said, I'll break down some of their most popular packages' pricing:

  • Apple iPad/iPhone ebook$699
  • Amazon Kindle ebook$349
  • Book Video Trailer Distribution$499
  • Social Media Set-Up and Strategy Toolkit$799

In our findings, these marketing packages (if you don't use their publishing services) range from $300 – $900+ depending on which you choose.

You can check out the full list of options here, where you can click “browse” in order to see full pricing.

– Creative: $149 – $1200+

If you're looking for copyediting, cover design, and more of the creative book production portion of publishing, here are some those prices look like:

  • Professional Copyediting (down payment) – $285 down payment and $.019 per word – A 40,000-word manuscript would run a total of about $760
  • Professional Custom Cover Design$499
  • Private Label ISBN$199
  • Writing Consultation$149

This pricing is pretty set with only the services listed above, as a la carte items, meaning if you don't purchase their publishing packages above.

Outskirts Press Reviews: From the People

We want to give you the full extent of the experience many have had with this publishing company, so we wanted to include some Outskirts Press reviews from the Better Business Bureau and other outlets, ranging over the past few years:

Outskirts Press Review 2
Outskirts Press Reviews
Outskirts Press Reviews 3
Outskirts Press Reviews 4
Outskirts Press Reviews 5

You can check out another professional Outskirts Press review by The Independent Publishing Magazine here for another take.

Outskirts Press Alternatives

With self-publishing becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more options for publishing companies to work with.

Here are our top recommendations for Outskirts Press alternatives:

The above are some highly-rating publishing programs you might consider if you want an alternative to Outskirts Press.

Final Outskirts Press Review Rating

So overall, what would we rate Outskirts Press out of 5 stars? Do they fulfill on their promises, offer fair prices, and get their clients results?

Our Rating
Based on our research, user reviews, and overall findings, we'd rate Outskirts Press 3.5 / 5 stars.

Looking for the criteria we used to make this overall decision? Here are some pros and cons.


  • Services offered: There's a wide range of different services offered at Outskirts Press. From full publishing packages to a la carte items you can mix and match, you're likely to find something that works for you.
  • Specialization: In addition to the above, Outskirts Press also has packages that are narrowed to a specific genre, like their Christian packages, spiritual packages, children's books, and more.
  • Ease of purchase: Unlike some other publishing companies, you can usually find what you want, add it to your cart, and checkout fairly simply without needing a phone call or other means of communication.


  • Prices: Some of the packages with Outskirts Press come at a steep-price, like the Children's Book package running $9,000. We've found many other publishing programs offering the same for far less, like our own Fundamentals of Fiction, Story, Children's, & Memoir program.
  • Inconsistent experiences: From the number of reviews you'll find, they vary severely. Many are 5-stars, while several others are 1-star, wishing they could give none. This inconsistent experience leads us to believe that there isn't a given standard for each client.
  • Unclear “best path”: While there are many options to go with when it comes to their packages, it's very hard to determine which will be best for you. And if you're inexperienced with publishing, you probably don't know which you need to match your unique author goals. This can lead to purchasing the wrong program, following it, and ending up disappointed because it doesn't get you where you want to be.

Overall, this Outskirts Press review was meant to inform you and give you as much high-level information we could in order to provide you with the tools to make a decision that best fits your needs as an author-to-be.

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Have you worked with this publishing company?

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