Lioncrest Publishing Review – Are They Worth It?

Christopher Ortiz
February 07, 2023 | 6 mins

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Self-publishing used to be thought of as a defeat or a failure in the literary world. A final resort for writers whose work was either not of a sufficient grade to be accepted by a mainstream publisher, or unlucky enough not to catch the eye of the right people. 

Then, in 2007, everything changed. Whilst the movement was already in progress, the release of the Amazon Kindle opened up a whole new world for e-books and Amazon self-publishing. It further accelerated the transition away from brick-and-mortar bookstores to readers consuming their books either fully virtually or on an electronic device. 

With this, also came what now seems to be the unstoppable rise of self-publishing. With a direct-to-market offering and a self-published e-book option readily available, writers all over the world realized the need for a middleman publisher was no longer a prerequisite to becoming an author. Instead, they could go it alone.

And whilst initially, this avenue was fraught with uncertainty as the groundwork was laid and the conventions established themselves over time, in 2023, it’s a relatively straightforward process, and the success of a self-publishing writer is now almost entirely down to the quality of their work as opposed to their ability to market themselves. 

With this uptake, however, a gap in the market opened up to bridge these two worlds; hybrid publishers. Hybrid publishers offer the chance for writers to maintain the freedom of self-publishing and the benefits that come with it, whilst providing them with the expertise and knowledge of a publishing house to make their work as successful as possible. 

One such company offering this service is Lioncrest Publishing. In this review, we’ll take a look at who they are, what exactly it is that they do, and whether or not a writer considering self-publishing would benefit from enlisting their services. 

Who are Lioncrest and what do they do?

Lioncrest Publishing is a non-fiction publishing imprint of Scribe Media, a publishing company founded in 2014 by CEO and entrepreneur, J.T. McCormick. Lioncrest Publishing was launched in the 2010s with a focus on publishing non-fiction books that aim to make a positive impact on the world.

UPDATE: In light of recent events, it's important to note that Scribe Media, the publishing services firm, abruptly laid off most of its staff on May 24, 2023 and started selling off assets. The company's CEO later resigned and remaining leadership cited unforeseen business circumstances as the main reasons for this drastic action. The future of the company and all related companies is uncertain. You can read more detailed information about the Scribe Media controversy here.

The imprint has since published bestsellers and award-winning titles across a range of genres, including business, personal development, memoir, and social issues. Lioncrest's mission is to empower authors to share their unique stories and ideas with the world through high-quality, professional publishing services. As per their website, they self describe themselves as a company that helps “navigate the complicated and difficult world of professional book publishing, ensuring you get the best book possible”. 

In essence, a writer who is looking to self-publish or does not want to submit to a conventional publishing process, can enlist the services of Lioncrest and use their expertise to complete their book, for a fee.

Can authors submit to Lioncrest?

Well, given their nature as a hybrid publisher, authors do not submit in a typical way. Instead, they contact Lioncrest with an outline of their book and can then engage in discussions about how best to move forward and other specifics. 

Lioncrest Publishing offers a range of publishing packages and services with varying costs, depending on the specific needs of the author and the level of service they require. The cost of their services can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the project, the level of editing and design needed, and the marketing and distribution services required.

As such, Lioncrest does not have a fixed or set fee for its services. Instead, they offer customized packages and pricing based on the individual needs and goals of each author. Interested authors can contact Lioncrest directly to discuss their publishing needs and receive a personalized quote for the services they require.

What type of books do Lioncrest Publish?

As mentioned above, Lioncrest focuses on nonfiction, including business, self-development, and memoirs. A list of featured titles, as shown on their website, can be found below to give further insight into the types of work typically published by Lioncrest.

  • Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
  • Shift The Work – Joe Mechlinski
  • The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish
  • Never Lose a Customer Again – Joey Coleman
  • Advice to my Younger Me – Sara Holtz
  • Becoming Unshakeable – Patti Montella
  • Chasing the High – Michael G Dash
  • The Second in Command – Cameron Herold 
  • The Reality Revolution – Brian Scott
  • Play Forever – Kevin R Stone

As you can see from household names telling their life story to new writers on a myriad of topics, almost all nonfiction books will potentially have a home at Lioncrest.

What are the alternatives to Lioncrest Publishing?

Broadly speaking, there would be three main alternatives to Lioncrest publishing.

Firstly, if a writer felt that their work did not align with Lioncrests ethos, but still wanted to pursue the hybrid publishing model, there are many companies offering similar services. Some, like Lioncrest, specialize in particular genres, and others are open to any, so there will always be something available for every writer wishing to pursue this path.

Secondly, a writer could consider making a submission to a conventional publisher. The prestige and potential for a financial reward that comes with having one’s submission accepted are enormous, but the stiff competition and elongated submission processes themselves are often off-putting.

Finally, a writer could consider self-publishing without enlisting any extra help in the form of a hybrid publisher. This would save them the financial outlay of paying a fee whilst maintaining the benefits of self-publishing. 

Lioncrest Publishing Review – Final Opinion

In summary, Lioncrest has established itself as a hybrid publisher of some repute to have multiple household names work with them. However, it’s unlikely that ordinary writers would be treated in the same way, and there are some things that should give pause for writers when considering using them or not.

Firstly, there’s a lack of testimonials or case studies to be found. It’s always helpful to see with data and hard evidence the type of impact a company's services have had, and yet there doesn’t seem to be this information readily available.

Secondly, a Google search for the company shows they currently hold a 3 out of 5-star rating, which is well below average for this type of company. There are many others who have much higher reviews which beg the question why.

Finally, the pricing is a concern.

Although it’s good to have flexible pricing that is tailored to each individual writer, without any sort of guide price it’s quite unhelpful for writers who are often time constrained and may not wish to engage in lengthy back-and-forth conversations only to discover that the pricing is beyond their budget or set at a price point that they consider unreasonable.

Lioncrest may well be worth pursuing for writers with ample time on their hands whose work fits into their ethos, but for those without, it’s likely that there will be other options more aligned with their goals.

Final Review: 2.5 Stars

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