How To Install Grammarly: Quick And Easy Steps

POSTED ON May 4, 2023

Jackie Pearce

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Grammarly is a great tool for anyone who writes anything online and wants to make sure their grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style, and word choice are all the right ones.

If you want to use it all the time to make your writing better, you might have wondered how to install Grammarly on your computer and devices.

Yes, Grammarly is available across multiple devices and systems so you always have high-quality writing at your fingertips.

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What Does Grammarly Do?

If you have not heard of Grammarly, it is a tool that helps people communicate clearly.

Grammarly can help provide grammar tips, different word choices, make your writing stronger, and help navigate your tone of your writing work.

For that reason, it is a popular tool for people to download and use so they can make their writing better.

It works on over 500,000 websites and apps, so you have crystal-clear writing where and when you need.

Why Do Authors Need Grammarly?

Even if you have been writing for years, it is easy to make simple mistakes that are easy to overlook.

A tool like Grammarly (especially their advanced paid options) can help you fix your writing and make it top-notch.

If you want to self-publish a book, you will also need as much editing advice as you can get, which is why authors should use Grammarly to look over their writing before it is published.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Grammarly has a free plan so you can get basic grammar, spelling and punctuation tips.

Grammarly has recently began to roll out AI assistance, which you will only get so many prompts per month, depending on your plan.

Some of the paid plans include:

  • Consistency in spelling and punctuation
  • English fluency
  • Full-sentence rewrites
  • Formatting
  • Word choice
  • Word and sentence variety
  • Tone suggestions

Check this page for their most up-to-date pricing options: Grammarly plans.

Why You Should Install Grammarly

If you write anything on a computer or device, making sure it is correct can give the right impression to people.

It is important to give a good first impression and making sure your writing is high-quality is a great way to do that.

The last thing you want is to email someone important to a next step in your career and send an email full of typos and mistakes, potentially ruining your chances at opportunities.

Grammarly is a great option to help keep your writing up to professional standards and making sure writing mistakes will not get in your way.

Even professional writers can sometimes miss out on simple writing mistakes and errors along the way, so having a tool like Grammarly can help a lot.

How To Install Grammarly

If you are looking to install Grammarly, you will need to figure out which devices and browsers you want to install it on.

Each installation process for each of them is different than some of the others, so you will need to know what you want before you figure out how to install it.

Below, we will go over each of the options and how to install it so you have Grammarly where you need it most.

How To Install Grammarly On A Desktop Computer

To install Grammarly on your desktop computer, you will first need to go to their desktop download web page.

The desktop version works on desktop applications as well as in your browser. That allows you to use it also in your word processors, email software, and almost anything else you have installed on your computer.

That link above should help direct you to the right software you need between the Mac and the Windows version.

If you install it on your desktop, you do not need to worry about copying and pasting your text into a different application to see if it is to the standard you need your writing to be.

How To Install The Grammarly Browser Extension

First, you will need to know which browser you intend to install Grammarly on.

Grammarly is currently available on:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Then, you will need to go to this web page to find the steps to download it to your browser.

Each browser will generally make you install it from the browser's store, so for example, the Chrome browser has their own extensions store for you to install Grammarly.

How To Install The Grammarly App

Grammarly has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. This also includes various tablets or iPads, but double check your device and its compatibility before you depend on it.

Both applications will help you

To find the Grammarly apps for your device, you will need to either go to the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and search for Grammarly.

From there, you should be able to quickly and easily install it on your device. This lets you edit your writing across various other apps and even in your text messages.

If you use your phone to publish on social media and build your author brand, you will love having a tool like Grammarly to help you publish error-free writing.

Can You Install Grammarly For Free?

Yes, you can install Grammarly for free.

If you want some of the advanced options and more things to include, you can also upgrade your subscription to get more advanced features.

However, if you want to stick to the basic suggestions and options out there for simple things to fix with your writing, the free plan will cover almost all of the things you need.

Other Writing Software?

Looking to find out what writing software is best for you and your writing career?

The right software can help you write better and faster than ever before, so knowing what to use can help a ton.

This assessment can help you find the right software for you so you can make writing and editing easier than it would otherwise. Check it out:

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