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Welcome to the Self Publishing, Inc. FAQ section. We have tried to make this popular section as easy to use and understand and as interactive as possible. Questions are divided into categories to make navigating them easy. If you do not see the answer to a question you have about the publishing process, let us know. Questions submitted through the site will be promptly answered and posted in this section for all authors to share. Remember… Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is NOT bliss.

66 General Questions

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1.)What are some good reasons for self-publishing? 2.)How difficult is it to publish my own book? 3.)What makes self-publishing an attractive option? 4.)Should I start my own publishing company? 5.)Are there ways to be sure I make money on my book? 6.)When my book sells out, does a reprint cost less than the first printing? 7.)What is a POD Publisher? 8.)What is a POD Printer? 9.)What about a Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN)? 10.)I know that paperback binding is less expensive. Why shouldn't I use it for my children's picture book? 11.)I want my book to be full-color, but it is not a children's book- is that OK? 12.)What is four-color process? 13.)What are BISAC codes and where do I get them? 14.)What is the difference between a cover, a jacket and a casewrap? 15.)Should I be looking outside the USA. to print my black-and-white book? 16.)How do I get my work copyrighted? 17.)What about bar codes? 18.)What is "text"? 19.)What costs are not included in the Self Publishing estimate? 20.)How do I find the copyright symbol on my computer? 21.)Why can't I just go to a local printer? 22.)How many books should I print? 23.)What are the different ways I can have my book printed? 24.)Domestic Printing vs. Printing Overseas: Is there a difference? 25.)What is the difference between a vanity press, a subsidy press, and a packager? 26.)What is a cooperative publisher? 27.)What is on-demand book printing? 28.)What is e-publishing? 29.)Are you really a Self Publisher? 30.)Should I get my work copyrighted? 31.)ISBN- Where does an ISBN get placed on a book? 32.)ISBN- What is an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)? 33.)ISBN- Do I really need my own ISBN? 34.)ISBN- Can't I have someone assign me one of their ISBN's? 35.)ISBN- Where do I buy an ISBN from if I do not live in the United States? 36.)ISBN- What is the difference between a bar code and an ISBN? 37.)ISBN- Do ISBNs have to be assigned to books that are not being sold? 38.)ISBN- Are different ISBNs used if a book appears in different languages? 39.)ISBN- If the price of the book changes, does the ISBN? 40.)ISBN- If changing the cover of a book, does a new ISBN have to be assigned? 41.)ISBN- If typos are being corrected, is a new ISBN necessary? 42.)ISBN- Can an ISBN be reused? 43.)What's the difference between a reprint and a new edition? 44.)ISBN- If a second edition has the same title as the first, does it keep the same ISBN? 45.)ISBN- How are ISBNs assigned to multi-volume works? 46.)ISBN- How are ISBNs assigned to books in a series? 47.)ISBN- If an ISBN is assigned in another country, does a US ISBN have to be gotten to sell the book in the US? 48.)ISBN- I got my ISBN from my printer and now I want to make sure it's in my name, how do I transfer the ISBN? 49.)ISBN- If a spouse or family member passes away, can a relative or surviving spouse use the remaining ISBNs? 50.)ISBN- If an author gets the publishing rights back, does the original publisher's ISBN remain?


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