Need Some Memorable Memoir Titles? Use These Tips

If you’re writing your memoir or plan to in the future, chances are you are considering various memoir titles. Questions arise such as: what memoir topics will you choose to be inspired by? How can your title reflect the right tone and theme? How can you craft a memoir title and description that stands out among others? What are the...

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The 55 Best Biographies of All Time

There’s something special about a good biography. It can give us insight into the life of someone we admire, entertain and inspire us, and help us learn from other people’s trials. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of books out there documenting people’s life stories, be it in the form of autobiography or biography. [sps_reusable_block...

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30 Celebrity Autobiographies You Must Read 

Just as the career of each celebrity is unique, so too is the path they took to stardom. Some were born into fame, while others were born into a small town in the middle of nowhere. But they all became household names.  Check out these celebrity autobiographies to learn how 30 different icons grew up to have their name in lights. ...

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15 Autobiography Examples to Inspire Your Own

So you’re ready to write an autobiography! Congratulations; this can be a gratifying personal project. And just like any creative endeavor, it’s a great idea to start by getting inspired.  In this article, we’re sharing 15 stellar autobiography examples to get your wheels turning. We’ll also share some need-to-know info on the different...

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14 Books Like Atomic Habits To Read Next

If you’ve read our Atomic Habits book review and resonated with James Clear’s writing, chances are you’re looking for more books like Atomic Habits.  Clear, and many others like him, use writing in a unique way that encourages their audience to create lasting change. Have you ever wondered how to write a motivational book?  For...

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