30 Best Fantasy Romance Books in 2024

Audrey Hirschberger
April 02, 2024 | 8 mins

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Fantasy romance books are some of the absolute most fun books to disappear into. You have the magic of a fantasy world and the guilty pleasure of a good romance novel, all rolled up into one.

What’s not to love!?

Clearly, romance fantasy books are a recipe for success, because it’s become one of the most popular book genres out there. 

Today, I’ll be introducing you to my favorite books in the genre. 

Of course, everyone likes a different spice level in their fantasy romance books, so I’ve broken my list down by young adult fantasy romance books, new adult fantasy romance books, and spicy fantasy romance books, so you can find the perfect level of heat to suit your fancy! 

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Young adult fantasy romance books

Here are some of the best young adult fiction options for lovers of fantasy romance books:

1. The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden

Fantasy Romance Books - The Winternight Trilogy By Katherine Arden

The Winternight Trilogy has some of my all-time favorite fantasy romance books. There is something so special and magical about this Russian folkloric trilogy that I return to it again and again. 

2. Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Fantasy Romance Books - Legendbord, One Of The Best Ya Fantasy Romance Books

Next on my list of the top YA fantasy romance books is Legendborn. This is a super unique take on the King Arthur legends, with major POC representation, beautiful prose, and a quirky love triangle. This is a true slice of magic.  

3. Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

Fantasy Romance Books - Daughter Of The Moon Goddess By Sue Lynn Tan

The Daughter of the Moon Goddess doesn’t follow the usual themes in romance books, but it’s so beautifully written that it had to be added to the list. We get a slightly pulled-back look at romance, but there is a love triangle – and plenty of magical warfare to go around. 

4. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Fantasy Romance Books - The Cruel Prince By Holly Black

If you enjoy bully and enemy-to-lover romance tropes, you will love The Cruel Prince. It follows Jude, a mortal girl raised in the High Court of Faerie after her parents are murdered. She must learn to survive and find a place in the court while thwarting her nemesis, Prince Cardan. 

5. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh

Fantasy Romance Books - The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea By Axie Oh

If you like whimsical romance fantasy books, The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is right up your alley. Inspired by Korean folklore, this beautiful love story features so many fantastical creatures, it feels like an underwater Spirited Away.

6. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Fantasy Romance Books - An Ember In The Ashes By Sabaa Tahir

Every list of YA fantasy romance books should contain An Ember in the Ashes. This book is an absolute triumph. It follows Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier, as they confront corruption, rebellion, and their own destinies in a brutal society inspired by ancient Rome. 

7. Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Fantasy Romance Books - Serpent &Amp; Dove By Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove is one of my favorite dark fantasy romance books, so it’s super impressive that it was Shelby’s debut novel. A witch and a witch hunter get forced into a fake marriage – and you can imagine all the shenanigans that ensue. 

8. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

Fantasy Romance Books - Wintersong By S. Jae-Jones

S. Jae-Jones’ Wintersong is a Labyrinth retelling with a whole lot of heart. While I don’t think it actually stacks up against Labyrinth, I do think it’s a fabulous romance fantasy story in its own right. You’ll never look at the demon king the same way again.

9. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by Laini Taylor

Fantasy Romance Books - Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Series By Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke & Bone series revolves around Karou, an art student embroiled in a war between angels and chimera, uncovering secrets about her origins that could reshape their world’s destiny.

10. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

Fantasy Romance Books - The Wrath And The Dawn By Renée Ahdieh

Looking for unique young adult fantasy romance books? The Wrath and the Dawn is about Shahrzad, a woman who volunteers to marry a Caliph to avenge her friend’s death. But she discovers a secret – the Caliph ritually executes his brides. 

11. Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Fantasy Romance Books - Graceling By Kristin Cashore

If you like dark fantasy romance books, you should also check out Graceling. The story follows Katsa, a Graced warrior with the ability to kill effortlessly. She rebels against the king in a quest to uncover the sinister underpinning of her kingdom’s power dynamics.

12. Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fantasy Romance Books - Fire By Kristin Cashore

Fire is a companion novel to Graceling. It is about a beautiful monster named Fire who has the ability to control minds. She has to grapple with her identity and the responsibilities that come with her extraordinary power. 

12. The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon

Fantasy Romance Books - The Bird And The Sword By Amy Harmon

The Bird and the Sword is written so lyrically, Harmon’s words are sheer beauty. Lark is a mute girl with a forbidden gift for speaking to the earth and controlling minds. When her kingdom faces peril, she allies with the king to thwart an ancient enemy. 

14. Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Fantasy Romance Books - Uprooted By Naomi Novik

Uprooted is an empowering YA fantasy romance book about Agnieszka, a young woman chosen by a powerful wizard to serve him in his tower. As she learns magic to combat the malevolent Wood threatening her village, Agnieszka unravels secrets about her own abilities.

New adult fantasy romance books 

If young adult books are starting to seem a bit, well, young, then it’s time to dive into some new adult fantasy books. These books can still feature coming-of-age stories, but with a bit more spice thrown in the mix. 

15. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

Fantasy Romance Books - Acotar The Best Fantasy Romance Books Of All Time

Sarah J. Maas is out here showing us all how to write a romance novel. She is undisputedly the QUEEN of romantasy. The ACOTAR series is one of her strongest works to date, and the books literally keep getting better and better. 

If you don’t love book one, stick with it, because everything is about to get turned on its head. 

16. Crescent City Series by Sarah J. Maas

Fantasy Romance Books - Crescent City Series By Sarah J. Maas

If you like ACOTAR, you’ll love Crescent City, and you really should read them, since they are actually an ACOTAR crossover series! Follow Bryce as she struggles with being a half-human, half-faerie princess in a world that’s out to get her. 

17. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros 

Fantasy Romance Books - Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing took the world by storm, and with good reason. This is a steamy romantic fantasy novel with magic, dragons, fabulous representation, spicy sex scenes, and…MORE DRAGONS. Pick this one up. You won’t regret it. 

18. Blood And Ash Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fantasy Romance Books - Blood And Ash Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout

If you have a book hangover from reading ACOTAR or Fourth Wing, Blood and Ash is the next best thing. The series centers on Poppy, a maiden cloaked in secrecy, and Hawke, her guard with a mysterious past. In a world divided by a war against immortal enemies, they embark on a perilous journey to uncover truth and confront ancient evils. 

19. The Green Creek Series by T.J. Klune

Fantasy Romance Books - The Green Creek Series By T.j. Klune

The Green Creek series is one of my absolute favorites. This is a gay werewolf romance, written by the same author as The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door, and if that doesn’t sell this to you, I don’t know what will. This series has a whole lot of heart. 

20. The Crowns of Nyaxia Series by Carissa Broadbent 

Fantasy Romance Books - The Crowns Of Nyaxia Series By Carissa Broadbent 

The Serpent and the Wings of Night is like The Hunger Games…with vampires. And the books just keep getting more complex and interesting. 

21. The Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

Fantasy Romance Books - The Kate Daniels Series By Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels is completely kickass, and if you haven’t met her yet, then it’s about time. This series features a fascinating magic system, epic battles, and a steamy shapeshifter romance. 

22. Hades X Persephone Saga by Scarlett St. Clair

Fantasy Romance Books - Hades X Persephone Saga By Scarlett St. Clair

A Touch of Darkness (and subsequent books) is a Hades and Persephone retelling that brings the heat. While sex isn’t pivotal enough to the plot that I would put this with the spicy fantasy romance books below, it’s certainly not young adult! 

23. Bride by Ali Hazelwood 

Fantasy Romance Books - Bride By Ali Hazelwood 

Ali Hazelwood is a very popular romance author (think The Love Hypothesis) but this is her first stab at romantasy. And boy, did she slay! Bride is a sexy paranormal romance romp between a Vampyre bride and an Alpha Werewolf. Have fun with this one! 

Spicy fantasy romance books 

Looking for some truly steamy fantasy romance novels? Then this is the section of the list for you! Here are my favorite romantasy books with smut, smut, and more smut! 

24. Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Fantasy Romance Books - Merry Gentry Series By Laurell K. Hamilton

The Merry Gentry series is a fabulously fun and devilishly dark romp through Faerie Land. Think reverse harem while fighting for your life at every turn. You will get absolutely hooked on this one, and the sex scenes are a lot of fun, too. 

25. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Fantasy Romance Books - Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series By Laurell K. Hamilton

The Anita Blake books are an urban fantasy murder mystery series that starts off pretty tame (if we can truly call Guilty Pleasures tame). But before long, our favorite badass vampire hunter has become a succubus who must have a harem of men and women to feast on so she doesn’t drain any one lover too dry. Get ready for a great time. 

26. The Bonds That Tie Series by J. Bree 

Fantasy Romance Books - Spicy Fantasy Romance Books

The Bonds The Tie are steamy fantasy romance novels we can all get behind. (Everybody loves a shadow daddy.) This is a fun reverse harem set in the middle of major wartime. Watch as Oli wins the hearts (and bodies) of each of her Bonded one book at a time.  

27. The Duskwalker Brides Series by Opal Reyne 

Fantasy Romance Books - The Duskwalker Brides Series By Opal Reyne

Opal Reyne, you naughty minx! The things she does to us with the Duskwalker Brides series are just wrong. And I mean – sleeping with enormous monsters with the most interesting male reproductive systems you’ve ever seen – levels of wrong. 

28. Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey

Fantasy Romance Books - Kushiel'S Dart By Jacqueline Carey

Kushiel’s Dart is one of those dark fantasy romance books that really sinks its teeth into you. It follows Phèdre nó Delaunay, a courtesan with a unique gift for pain. This book is full of political intrigue, and of course, some steamy, steamy romance.

29. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

 Fantasy Romance Books - Dark Lover By J.r. Ward

Dark Lover is one of the steamy fantasy romance novels that everyone seems to love, but I have to be honest, I couldn’t finish it! It has nothing to do with the story (which everyone raves about) and everything to do with the cringe-worthy character names.

I just couldn’t guys, but since this one comes so highly recommended, I’m adding it to the list. 

30. Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Fantasy Romance Books - Slave To Sensation By Nalini Singh

While Slave to Sensation sounds like something straight out of a romance book title generator, but the plot is 100% unique. In a world ruled by the Psy where any sign of desire is punished, Sascha must keep her traitorous emotions hidden at all costs…

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