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Sarah Rexford
January 08, 2024 | 6 mins

Romance book title generators can take your novel from the shelf and into readers’ hands by simply using a few well-placed words. Year after year, romance leads the way as the genre selling the most books and bringing in the highest profits. 

Among the extensive list of book genres, the romance genre brings in one billion dollars annually. In fact, it reportedly makes up one-third of all fiction sales.  

You may not realize just how important your title is to bringing in those sales. After all, writers focus on how to write a romance book that will grab readers and sell. To sell well, authors include various romance tropes, engaging plot points, and of course, a love story that keeps readers turning pages.

But without an engaging title, readers aren’t likely to choose your book from the shelf. This is why romance book title generators come in handy. You can use a romance book title generator to help you craft a compelling title that encourages readers to purchase. Let’s get straight into it.

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5 Tips for writing romantic titles

Unless you work as a marketer, you may not have put too much thought into your title yet. However, your title is one of the first aspects that piques potential readers’ interest. Because of this, your title plays a vital role in your book’s success. Here are five tips to implement as you consider which title to settle on. 

1. Consider your story world 

If you are a pro at knowing how to write dark romance, your title needs to reflect this type of story world. For instance, a title such as Happily Ever After does not give readers a feel for this genre. When choosing your title, keep your story world at the forefront of your mind. 

2. Think about your protagonist 

Similar to your story world, different themes and romance tropes call for various types of protagonists. If your hero is a medieval prince, your title should allude to this character or his surrounding context. 

If you write in first person, you may want to consider creating your title in first person. Examples of this include:

  • What I Didn’t Say
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • My Life Next Door

Consider playing around with both first person and third person titles and seeing which one best fits your story.

3. Layer in mystery 

No, I don’t mean you need to include the genre of mystery in your romance title. However, it will help you to create a layer of mystique around your story…via the title. For example, notice how the title Sir Gawain and the Green Knight builds intrigue for this late 14th-century romance.

Who is the Green Knight? What is a Green Knight? And who is Sir Gawain? What is the relationship between the two?

4. Engage your target reader

While you should create your book’s marketing plan around your primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences, for romance, reserve your title for your ideal reader. 

Children’s book titles often target the buyer (parents or guardians) as well as the child. For romance, it’s usually safe to assume your buyer is the same as your target reader.

5. Search available options 

There’s nothing worse than using a romance book title generator and settling on the ideal title only to discover it’s already taken. Before moving forward, do your research. While books can use the same title, try to settle on an original one, if possible. 

Examples of famous romance book titles

Now let’s dissect a few famous romance titles. 

The Princess Bride, William Goldman

Goldman’s masterpiece is still loved by readers (and viewers) today. His title includes two nouns that directly speak to the plot: his story is about a princess but also a princess who is a bride. Simple, straightforward, and engaging, this title remains iconic even today. 

Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë

While I doubt you’ll choose the word “wuthering” for today’s romance, a romance book title generator can provide you with many alternatives. Brontë’s title incorporates action and intrigue, perfectly alluding to the theme of her novel. 

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen 

Jane Austen’s title may feel on-the-nose for those who know the story. In reality, it’s a genius way to foreshadow the character arcs of her two main characters. 

Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers

There is something to be said for titles that stand-in as a brief elevator pitch. If a potential reader asked what Rivers’ book was about, you could simply say, “Redeeming love.” This brings up questions:

  • How do you redeem love?
  • What does it mean to do so?
  • What happened that made this necessary?

Use a romance book title generator to raise questions in your readers’ minds whenever possible.  

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

You know the story: the romance between star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. The entire plot revolves around these two characters, so it works to use a title that simply uses their names. If you write a romance with a well-rounded character, you can consider taking this same route. 

Romance book title generator: how to use 

Now that you know five tips for writing romance titles and have examples of well-done titles, it’s time to use the romance title book generator

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Select your genre on the romance book title generator 

First, the generator will prompt you to choose between fiction and nonfiction. Since you write romance, simply choose fiction.

Romance Book Title Generator - What Is The Book Genre


Choose from the dropdown 

Next, the romance fiction book title generator will ask if you have a book description. Simply click YES or NO. 

Romance Book Title Generator - Do You Have A Book Description

Fill in the description/prompts 

If you click YES above, simply paste your description into the box.

Romance Book Title Generator - Description

If you click NO, answer the questions the generator presents. 

Romance Book Title Generator - Prompts

View your titles

After you fill in your description or the prompts, titles and subtitles will appear. Click TRY AGAIN for further titles.  

Romance Book Title Generator - Titles

Bonus tip

If you come prepared with a book description, be sure to include keywords that highlight your specific romance genre. If you choose to fill in the prompts, I encourage you to take the same course of action. For instance, let’s say you write YA romance set in modern day Michigan. 

In your description, you may want to include words such as the following: 

  • Teenagers
  • Young love
  • Michigan

On the other hand, if you write romantic thrillers, you may choose to use some of the words below:

  • Crime scene
  • Rescue operation 
  • Suspenseful

The specific words you choose depend on your plot points and characters, but you can use the above as inspiration. 

As far as historical romance, be sure to incorporate time-period appropriate words and phrases. Depending on your specific setting, you might use words such as horse and buggy, pony express, telegram, covered wagon, etc. 

Entering specific keywords and phrases can help the generator create titles more specific to your needs.

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