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"I really liked working with Ron Pramschufer. He didn't try to sell me anything. Rather he asked questions about my expectations for my book and helped me make good decisions for myself. In doing so, I ordered the right amount of books to meet my needs. " —Author -Monster Relationships: Taming the Beasts that are Killing Your Relationships
"Judging from my experience thus far, I would recommend SelfPublishing.com to anyone that's interested in learning about the self publishing business. I would also highly recommend your company for the first-time self publisher...like myself." —Quincella C. Geiger - Bringing Home the Baking
"The folks at RJ are absolutely top notch. They have not forgotten what customer service means. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, friendly, earger and willing to help with anything and everything. When I had a question which could not be answered by the person I had on the phone, I was sent directly to Ron. To say that my experice with RJ was anything but STELLAR would be an understatement. Everyone there gets a two thumbs up from this author! Not only will I continue to use RJ, but I will recommend them, with the highest regard, to anyone interested in quality and a professional result." —Debbie Ramsey -Eden Moon and Chance Encounter-
"Before reading your Self Publishing Basics Guide I knew nothing about self publishing. It was a wealth of knowledge and I highly reccomend it to any new author or first time self publisher" —- Author, "Breaking the Chain of Shame"
"Your staff took my project seriously and made my project their project. Your staff made my work look better than I would have ever been able to do on my own. Your staff's experience and commitment to customer service gave me a great final product." —- Bill Palmer - "To the Colors "
Denise--I want to thank you and the other RJ C staff, especially Jonathan, Bob, Jacki, and you, for all that has been done to get The Wealthy Shepherd book, by Mark Schaffner, into print. All 400 copies of the initial printing were delivered at 7:00 PM yesterday. The shiny new books look great! In fact, when I opened one of the boxes to check the contents, the UPS delivery person was so impressed with the cover and title that he said "Say, I'm interested in that!" and asked if he could get a copy. Again, thanks to all of you for being so helpful. We'll be calling for more of your services soon. —Glen Robinson , Mooresville, NC
From the minute I clicked on RJ's website and found Booksjustbooks, my experience with this company has been beyond expectations. Every question or issue was resolved quickly and efficiently by the very knowledgeable and competent staff. I will be back to have my next title printed at RJ, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in self-publishing. Certainly, research the other options, and I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion that I have: This is the best place for your printing needs. Kudos to everyone at RJ for a job well done! —Debbie Ramsey / Eden Moon
I cannot praise your company enough. Each member of your company has been extremely effective and professional. All deadlines were met. Costs were reasonable. Any and all individuals interested in writing a book or books would be foolish not to use your services. Ron, I am sure you have a lot to do with how your team works. Congratulations! I thank you very much. Bernard Gassaway —Bernard Gassaway, "Reflections of an Urban High School Principal"
As a self-publisher, the service and product provided by your company was outstanding. I will continue to publish additional books through your company and recommend your company to others. Keep up the outstanding work and service. —Angel Ramos, "Triumph of the Spirit: The DPN Chronicle"
The book's cover using the Kivar plastic sheet was outstanding--best part of the book! —Charles Bates, "Hydro to Navoceano (1830-2005)"
One of the things that were impressive was how close the quote was to the actual price. Also, the cover design is very reasonable considering the time, software and expertise needed to do it yourself. I was also VERY impressed with the deal you get on shipping. —Paul Schwartzmeyer, "To Sharazad... Where Ever You Are."
I was new to the idea of self publishing my book, but I felt very well taken care of. All of my questions were answered before my project went into production, and the final book exceeded my expectations. A process that might have been stressful and time consuming was instead pleasant, trouble free, and enjoyable. I was free to focus on the creative aspects of my work while RJ managed (and managed well) the technical and physical aspects of printing my book. —Richard Gorey, "The Great Rabbit Rip-off"
The consultation provided by the staff at RJ saved us hours of time and a lot of money. We do several publications a year through a University and we always look to RJ for all of our printing needs. — Cyndee Gustke, "New Mexico Standards Reference Guides"
You are doing a good job Ron. I wouldn't change too much now if I were in your shoes. Just ensure Authors are getting all of their concerns addressed as they come up. Perhaps a shortened questionnaire like this could go to Authors while their books are being printed to ensure all is well on their end. A happy Author WILL refer business to you. —Paul Harris, "Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen's Way"
You have made everything for a new author/publisher extremely easy. —Desiree Michele, "You Are Born of the Light"
It was a pleasure doing business with all of you. I have already ordered a second printing of my book - this time in hard cover. The family is already asking me to do a "Volume II", so, I'll be back. Thank you for making this not only a memorable experience, but a pleasant one as well. I am happy to recommend you to others. —Donna Ledford, "Coal Holler Memories"
RJ Communications is a world-class champion in the printing services industry —Louis Dvoretzky, "Oxygenated Morons and Sobering Inebriation"
If you are looking for the best place to get your book done to excellent quality with no nonsense and no hassles, this is the place to go. —Yosef ben Ruach, "Nazarene Israel"
The print quality that RJ Communications / Books Just Books got for me has been top notch. Better than the print quality I have received elsewhere when I actually paid more! —Gary Brazzell, "Case Management Directory"
I would not be a published author with my own publishing company if not for RJ Communications. They made it all "a piece of cake!" —Nancy West, Hero Dog Publications

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