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66 General Questions

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1.)ISBN- Do I use the same ISBN on the print book and on the e-book since the content is the same? 2.)ISBN- I've heard that the International ISBN Agency, BIC and BISG recommend that every separate eBook format, and every library platform should have its own unique ISBN. Can't a publisher use one ISBN to cover all eBook formats? 3.)Why does my eBook (ePub) look different than my book? 4.)What happened to my fonts in my eBook (ePub)? 5.)What is an eBook (or ePub)? 6.)Why do you need an InDesign file to create my eBook? What's wrong with a PDF? 7.)How much do you charge for your website design services? 8.)What is a CPSIA line on copyright page for children's books? 9.)What is a bleed? 10.)What is a page? 11.)Is white considered a color in printing? 12.)Should I opt to have a jacket on my children's book or is a casewrap enough? 13.)What trim size should I use? 14.)How do I pay you? Is it secure? 15.)What type of files will I receive when I order eBook conversion? 16.)What is trim size?


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