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25 Children's Questions

1.)What is a bleed? 2.)What is the difference between a cover, a jacket and a casewrap? 3.)Should I opt to have a jacket on my children's book or is a casewrap enough? 4.)How is a title page different in a children's book? 5.)How do I prepare my text for my full-color children's book? 6.)I have a children's book with only 18 pages, what should I do? 7.)What types of originals are used for illustrations? 8.)Is there one medium for illustrations that's better than another? 9.)How about if my illustrations are computer generated? Is that OK? 10.)What size should my original art be? 11.)What is a scan? 12.)Should I provide my own scans? 13.)Should I have my book cover/casewrap/jacket professionally designed? 14.)How do I prepare my cover/jacket/casewrap for the printer? 15.)What about bar codes? 16.)What are end leaves? 17.)I know that paperback binding is less expensive. Why shouldn't I use it for my children's picture book? 18.)What can I expect in terms of timing and schedule for my children's book? 19.)Should I use gloss or matte paper stock for my children's book? 20.)Domestic Printing vs. Printing Overseas: Is there a difference? 21.)What is "text"? 22.)Why can't I have my full color children's book in Thor? 23.)What is a CPSIA line on copyright page for children's books? 24.)What is trim size? 25.)What kind of proofs will I see for my full-color children's book?


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