Why Writing Books Lets You Make a Powerful Impact

POSTED ON Feb 16, 2023

P.J McNulty

Written by P.J McNulty

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Writing books is not only enjoyable – it’s also one of the most impactful and meaningful ways you can spend your time.

In fact, the entire reason selfpublishing.com exists is due to our core belief.

We believe that books change lives. 

In our view, books change lives not only for you as an author but for many others around you. 

By writing a book and releasing it, you show others that it’s possible to achieve their dreams. 

When asked, most people claim to have the life goal of writing a book, but few ever achieve it. 

By completing the process of writing a book, you show others its possible, giving them the inspiration and example needed to make it happen.

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Books also change the lives of the people who read them. Nonfiction is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to share wisdom on almost any area of of life. People can learn from the best to ever do something for the price of a couple of coffees.

Fiction books also change lives. They give people an escape from their day-to-day troubles and allow them to get lost in an entirely different world. 

Join us as we explore the many reasons why writing books is your best way to make an impact.

You clear the path for others to follow

As we mentioned, the majority of people when asked will state that they have a dream or goal of writing a book. 

The problem is that most of these people, when pressed on when they will write their book, will respond vaguely with something like ‘some point in the future’ or ‘when the time is right’.

Of course, that perfect time in the future is never going to materialize. There’s always something else fighting for your time and attention. Delaying the date to begin writing a book is just a form of procrastination.

Also, people are inundated with the reasons why writing a book isn’t possible for someone like them.

The traditional publishing industry operates in a way which excludes minority voices and book types from having a seat at the table. It’s an industry set up to play it safe which leads to many potential authors feeling shut out.

By successfully publishing a book yourself, you show others that self-publishing is a viable path to success. 

You give the impetus for people to get off the fence and commit to making their own book happen.

You leave a legacy that will outlast your time on this Earth

As much as we might not like to think of it, our time in this world is very much finite and flies by far quicker than we’d like it to. Tomorrow is promised to no one. 

In spite of time being our most precious and only truly finite resource, most people get stuck dealing with the day-to-day rather than thinking about the legacy they will leave.

When you spend your time writing books, you ensure that you will leave something valuable behind in this world after you’re gone. Your ideas and imagination can outlast your physical life and inspire readers far into the future.

This could be on as big a scale as writing a series of bestsellers that remain reader favorites long after you’re gone. Or, it could be something as simple as someone stumbling across your book in a goodwill store when they need it most. 

Writing a book is a form of legacy building that is open to all.

If you want to make sure you leave something valuable behind long after you’re gone then writing a book is an option you owe it to yourself to consider. 

You bring light to those who need it most

Almost everyone you walk past each day is suffering in one way or another. 

So many people are tormented by a problem that they don’t see a solution to.

That might be battling with financial problems that suck the joy out of life and make each day a struggle for survival rather than the brilliant experience it should be.

Or people might be dealing with a crisis in faith that has led to them losing all hope of a better tomorrow.

No matter what type of problem someone has, there’s almost certainly a book that could fix it. A book that you could be the one to write.

Countless people have learned skills from books that they were never otherwise taught. No matter if they’re looking to be better with money, or boost their health, or restore their relationship with spirituality, books exist that show them the best possible solution to their problem.

Fiction books also have a powerful part to play. They are able to give people valuable distraction from their problems, whether everyday stress resulting from a job and family life, or something more profound like being locked away in prison.

If you need a powerful reason to start writing books, just think about the massive impact it could have on someone else’s life. 

If even one person had their life profoundly changed for the better by your book, wouldn’t that be more than worthwhile?

You offer a unique contribution to the world

THe world we live in is set up to celebrate conformity more than your unique gifts.

From a young age of standardized testing up to corporate cultures that encourage conformity, our creative nature is stamped out of us repeatedly as we go through life.

That’s truly a shame as everyone reading this has a unique contribution to make.

In our opinion, choosing the self-publishing route is the best way to share your unique nature with the world.

You have true creative freedom to write about any subject of your choosing in your true voice and style.

This level of creative freedom only exists when you publish independently. Major publishers have a vested interest in training you to be as close to one of their successful authors as possible. Their only motivation is to make as much money as possible.Sadly, unique artistic expression falls by the wayside.

If you believe you have something unique to share with the world, you need to self-publish, and to do so with a great sense of urgency. Don’t let the corporate world drown out your unique gifts.

You create a life of freedom and self-expression

Perhaps when you think about becoming an author you see it as a one and done thing.

If that’s your goal, there’s no shame at all. Many people have a single book they want to get out into the world. Perhaps that’s the path for you.

But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s never been easier to build a career as a full-time author than it is today. Whether writing fiction, nonfiction, or both, you can release as many books as you like at a pace that suits you. Building an author platform allows you to cultivate and nurture your readership and eventually your fanbase.

The good news it that once you have momentum behind your books, they will continue to sell without any extra work from you. Putting in the effort at the start, and getting your book out into the world, is all it takes. After that, you will continue to enjoy the revenue generated by book sales no matter what you do.

Some author take this as a chance to spend the majority of their time with their family and loves ones, occasionally stopping to focus on a new book.

Others choose to travel the world, enjoying the income from book sales, while dedicating an hour or two each day to their next book.

Which path would you take?

What does your ideal life as a successful author look like?

Ultimately, writing books is the only way you will ever find out.

So why not start?

Ultimately, there’s no time like the present. 

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