17 Unique Gifts for Writers (Ditch the Bookmarks!)

BY Omer Redden | Dec 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

So, you’ve been blessed with having a writer in your circle. The friend that carries their notebook everywhere, or the family member who has more story ideas in their Notes app than Shakespeare’s monastery (you get the point!).

But each year, you’re still racking your brains on what gift to give them that isn’t so… basic. We’ve got you covered – forget the mugs and bookmarks, we’re taking it up a notch! 

Unique Gifts for Writers

#1 – AquaNotes – The Waterproof Notepad – $11.90

They say the best stories and scenarios come to us in the shower, right? But then we jump out, carry on with our day, and leave our award-winning novel idea in the bathroom. 

Well AquaNotes is a waterproof notepad that easily sticks to the shower wall so you can just write your thoughts in the moment — not bad! 

No more great stories down the drain. 

#2 – Logitech ‘PopKeys’ Keyboard Set – $47.92

I mean, who doesn’t love an aesthetic keyboard and mouse set for their desk? Offered in a range of color waves, Logitech have been going viral on social media with their electric designs that make writing so much more therapeutic. 

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up their work set up, these sets are a pretty awesome way to do that. 

#3 – The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises – $20.36

Every writer needs a little inspiration from time to time. The Writer’s Toolbox, designed by Jamie Cat Callan, includes a 64-page booklet filled with exercise to train the ‘right brain’ when approaching writing. 

From creative writing prompts to spinner palettes, this toolbox is the perfect way to help your writer out of their writer’s block and unleash the creative flow when they need it most! 

#4 – “Don’t Annoy the Writer” Mug – $11.97

Okay, we did say we were leaving out the mugs this year but this one was too good to pass on! 

Us writers have the power to control the narrative so don’t get on their bad side or might just not make it to the end of the story…

#5 – Warm tone desk lamp – $35.46

Warm tone lamps are the best way to set that relaxing tone for a late night writing session. Yellow light is much easier on the eyes and helps promote a more natural, human setting. Treat your writer friend to a calming edition to their evening writing rounds. 

#6 – Papier Personalized Notebook – $24.00

Nothing is more of a staple in a writer’s bag than a personalized notebook reiterating that they are in fact… a fully-fledged writer! 

This beautifully-designed hardback notebook from Papier can be personalized with their name, the type of paper they write best on, and the color of their choice. For a more thoughtful gift this year, a customized book will definitely do the job. 

#7 – Chair Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow – $47.92

Ever heard your writer friend complain about back pains? Chances are you have – and it’s no surprise seeing as they spend the majority of their day slumped over a laptop or tablet during a creative session.

Made from 100% pure memory foam, this gift may just be the life-saver they’ve been in need of! The FORTEM chair cushion and lumbar support pillow provides the ultimate comfort to help them do what they love, pain-free. 

#8 – Online Writing Courses – $40 for one month

Care about the future of your fellow writer? Buying them an online writing course or paying a monthly subscription to give them access to training, forums, and programs is the ultimate gift. 

Writers are always looking for new ways to build their skills and experience. Freelance Writers Den is an online community of writers offering support to one another and, for just $40, you can give the gift of self-development for a whole month! 

Talk about getting into the good books…

#9 – Vintage Pen Holder – $29.71

A vintage pen holder designed as library books with a sliding drawer underneath for other supplies? Yes please! 

Suitable for any study desk, this retro-style accessory helps to keep your writer’s supplies in neat condition whilst looking pretty awesome. 

Whether they’re a Harry Potter enthusiast, or just dig the vintage feels – why not treat them to some new desk get up? 

#10 – Writing Books They’ll Love 

Every writer knows that the number one thing they can do to perfect their craft is to read – like a lot. 

While fiction stories are easy to immerse into, picking up a book that actually gives tips and tricks on becoming a better writer can be far more enticing sometimes. Here’s some great self-development writing books to buy: 

  • “On Writing” – Stephen King
  • “The Associated Press Stylebook” – Associated Press
  • “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers” – Renny Browne and Dave King
  • “A Writer’s Guide to Persistence” – Jordan Rosenfield 
  • “Steal Like an Artist” – Austin Kleon 

#11 – Nespresso or Starbucks Gift Card

The link between F Scott Fitzgerald, JK Rowling, and TS Elliot? They all wrote their famous stories while sitting in coffee shops (oh, and they’re all great writers of course!).

That’s enough to tell us that great writers view coffee as more than just a drink. It’s the perfect compliment to an afternoon creative session as they stare dreamily out of a clouded window. 

Say “Have a Starbs on me” and let them experience the ultimate coffee shop scenes without paying those coffee shop prices!

#12 – Laptop Stand for Desk – $33.54

No more wrist pains or poor-posture days for your writer! A secure stand can raise the laptop 6 inches off the work desk to help this writer achieve a better posture and optimum comfort for longer. 

This pairs perfectly with a wireless keyboard and mouse set, similar to the Logitech one we mentioned above at number 2. 

#13 – Writer’s Desk Candle – $24.00

Combined with the fragrance of coffee beans and cocoa, this hand-poured ‘Writer’s Desk’ book-inspired candle is a gift they’ll definitely love. 

Not to mention that, by purchasing this gift, you’ll be supporting a small business that promotes small-batch production and sustainable material use! 

#14 – Personalized Engraved Ballpoint Pen – $15.10 

A perfect gift for any occasion, these engraved stainless steel pens not only hold a special sentiment but are also so handy for any writer that’s constantly on the go!

The name is professionally lasered onto the pen in a font of your choice, and then wrapped in a decorative gift box so it’s just perfect when it comes to gifting it. 

#15 – Typewriter Vintage Tote Bag – $18.00 

Style Icon and an awesome writer? This cotton tote floral typewriter bag fits their aesthetic down to a T. Perfect for those library days or a quick shopping trip, the reusable tote can hold multiple notebooks and writing essentials. 

This supplier also sells the same bag in a range of different colors depending on what you love! Check out the tote collection on Etsy. 

#16 – Portable Charger/Cable Organiser – $7.78

When all you want to do is get your headphones on and dive into a deep writing session, the last thing any writer wants is to sit there untangling every wire they own! 

Writer or no writer, this cable organizer bag is a must-have for any tech-obsessed individual who’s desperate to stay on top of things. With zip compartments to store hard drives and USB sticks, every electronic accessory has a safe home with this handy gift. 

#17 – Ultimate Productivity Planner 

Every writer often faces a battle with productivity. Whether it’s dealing with a case of writer’s block, or just having a low-energy day – it’s completely normal to experience! This productivity planner works to help them through these days so they can be back on track in no time. 

With clear spaces to write task due dates and project deadlines, it’s the ultimate friend for any freelancer or aspiring writer looking to stay on top of things. 


And that’s a wrap folks! We’ve listed the 17 most awesome and unique gifts to give the writers in your life this season, with everything from personalized accessories, to game-changing (well-needed) back support! 

Have any of your own gift suggestions? We’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below to keep the ideas flowing. 

This guest post was written by Zara Choudhry, Founder of AnonymouslyZara.

Edited by Omer Redden, Editor-in-Chief.

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